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The foregoing is a true copy of the Holy Bible of the Family of Freeman J. Christian and Minnie B. Hayes. Attest: Elizabeth T. Massin, Notary Public October 20, 1971

This is to certify
That Freeman J. Christian and Minnie B. Hayes were united by me in the bonds of Holy Matrimony at Shrub Oak on the 25 day of July in the year of our Lord 1897 in Presence of Lucius L. Earl, Elizabeth Hovenden. Signed Henery C. Earl D.D.


Minnie B. Hayes to Freeman J. Christian - July 25th 1897
Bertha M. Christian to Clyde W. Kenyon - June 27th 1917
Arthur Sewall Christian to Nina Ellen McCormick - July 24th 1923
Glen T. Boynton to Pearl L. Christian - July 30th 1924
Alexander F. Thompson to Florence Ruth Christian - August 10th 1927
Theron John Christian to Dorothy Rowe - March 5th 1932
Thedore Koehler to Evelyn Flora Christian - October 17th 1935
Wilfred Bourassa to Helen Charlotte Christian - August 22nd. 1936


Freeman J. Christian born December 26th, 1875
Minnie B. Hayes born June 17th, 1881
Bertha May Christian born June 10th, 1898
Florence Ruth Christian born August 10th, 1900
Arthur Sewall Christian born May 1st, 1902
Pearl Luella Christian born February 9th, 1905
Evelyn Flora Christian born May 21st, 1907
Theron John Christian born November 24th, 1910
Helen Charlotte Christian born September 15th, 1914


Minnie B. Christian died June 2nd, 1931
Alexander F. Thompson died March 11, 1940
Freeman John Christian died May 22, 1949
Florence R. Thompson died April 25, 1963
Pearl Luella Boynton died February 12, 1965
Wifred H. Bourassa died December 6, 1970
Glen T. Boynton died March 26, 1966
Clyde W. Kenyon died August 31, 1971

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Alexander Christian Bible Records

The New Testament Of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ Translated Out Of The Original Greek;
And With The Former Translations Diligently Compared And Revised New York:
American Bible Society Instituted In the Year MDCCCXVl 1850

On the back side of this page is the following writing:
Borned in Tompkins Corners, Putnam Co. NY
Births of Children Alexander and Mary Christian
Georgiana Christian, borned May 14, 1880
Ida May Christian borned July 8, 1882 died 1884
Joseph Christian borned Nov. 24, 1884
Infant borned Sept. 4 died Jan. 1883
Robert Christian borned June 18, 1888
Samuel Christian borned Jan. 29, 1890
Sadie Christian borned May 20, 1895
borned in Tompkins Corners, Putnam Valley, NY
Alexander Christian died Nov. 6, 1896 aged 65
Mary E. Christian died Jan. 24, 1939 age 85

Georgianna Layton
married Oct. 28 1909
Admiral Layton

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Submitted by "Verne Greene"
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"Verne Greene"
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