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Introduction, Instructions, Codes & Compilers Notes

Putnam County, New York was formed on June 12, 1812 from the four southern townships of Dutchess County. The county is in the mid-Hudson Valley lying between the Hudson River on the west, Connecticut on the east, Dutchess County on the north, and Westchester County on the south. The county seat is the Village of Carmel.

The data is an extract of the 1925 State Census of Putnam County, New York with data from the surrounding areas, and with a single consolidated alphabetical index. Associated persons from Connecticut are not included since a 1925 census was not taken.

To facilitate use, each township or city has been assigned a two letter place code, such as CA for Carmel, and each family group within a township has been assigned a three digit number, in order, starting with "001". Sometimes a small letter has been placed after the number, such as "122a".

The entries in the INDEX appear as follows:

CA1-201 Baake, Albert 17

Column 1: The two letter town/city code followed by a single digit or letter ED#.
Column 2: The family group number.
Column 3: The person's name in alphabetical order Last, First MI. A symbol is placed directly after the name to indicate race or color, if different than white:
* - Black
** - Colored/Mulatto
# - Chinese

Column 4: Gives the age at last birthday and generally in years. But sometimes in months, weeks, or days as denoted by "m", "w", or "d", respectively.

When you find the individual(s) you are interested in researching further, note the Town, ED# & FG# - this will help guide you to the appropriate entry in the 1925 Census Microfilm until such time as the Actual Census Data is linked for each town in the repeating Data Table provided at the left side of each Alphabetical Surname Page.

As the Actual Abstracted Data for Each Town is uploaded the Town Code for each Town will be hyperlinked in the repeating Data Table on the left of each Alphabetical Surname Page. By clicking on the Town Code noted in the index code for the person you are researching you will be taken to the page for that particular Town's Data - you will then scroll or use your find funtion to locate the specific data for the Town ED# and FG# noted in the Alphabetical Surname Indexed Entry.

If you wish to browse the Data by Town you will be able to go to the Town Data Index, once the Town Data link has been activated and do so by clicking the appropriate Town Link!

The chart below gives the Two Letter Town Code for each of the towns included in the
1925 Putnam County Census Plus Alphabetical Surname Index.

Town Codes

For These Towns the Alphabetical index will have all names included, as well as the corresponding Data when uploaded.

BK - Town of Beekman, Dutchess County
CA - Town of Carmel, Putnam County
EF - Town of East Fishkill, Dutchess County
KE - Town of Kent, Putnam County
PA - Town of Patterson, Putnam County
PH - Town of Philipstown, Putnam County
PV - Town of Putnam Valley, Putnam County
PW - Town of Pawling, Dutchess County
SE - Town of Southeast, Putnam County
SM - Town of Somers, Westchester County


# Mx - Miscellaneous (These places will only have selected names in the index and corresponding data.)

BC - City of Beacon, Dutchess County
BE - Town of Bedford, Westchester County
CT - Town of Cortlandt, Westchester County
DV - Town of Dover, Dutchess County
FK - Town of Fishkill, Dutchess County
MP - Town of Mount Pleasant, Westchester County
NC - Town of New Castle, Westchester County
NE - Town of Northeast, Dutchess County
NS - Town of North Salem, Westchester County
PO - Town of Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County
ST- Town of Stockport, Columbia County
WA - Town of Washington, Dutchess County
WP - Town of Wappinger, Dutchess County
YK - Town of Yorktown, Westchester County











The entries in the DATA appear as follows:

BC-046 Hawks, George H 51 - - - Foreman Hat Shop
BC-046 Hawks, Helen W 28 AU 12 Chus HW
BC-046 Hawks, Helen D 7 - - - School
BC-046 Hawks, Florence D 3 - -
- -

1925 INDIVIDUAL CENSUSES. All notes are by the compiler.

Definition Of Columns:

1 - Place Code: Assigned by Compiler to facilitate Indexing - See Town Codes Table Above

2 - Family Group Number: in numerical order and assigned by the compiler to facilitate indexing. Starts with "001" for each town or city and is sometimes appended with a small letter such as "525a". The Place Code and Family Group Number are connected by a hyphen such as "CA-001" and "CA-525a".

3 - Name: of each person whose usual place of abode was in this family on June 1,1925. A symbol is placed directly after the name to indicate race or color, if different than white:

* - Black ** - Colored/Mulatto # - Chinese

4 - Relationship: to the head of the family. See Table 1 - below

5 - Age: at last birthday. Generally given in years, but sometimes in months, weeks, or days as denoted by "m", "w", or "d", respectively. The age is occasionally followed by a "+" as in "60+" which means the person is at least 60 years of age.

6 - Nativity: the country of birth is given only for those persons not born in the U.S. The U.S. is given in a few instances for clarity. See Table 2 - below

7 - Number Of Years In U.S.: generally in years but sometimes as a decimal such as "3.5 for 3 1/2 years", and sometimes in months as denoted by "m" or in weeks as denoted by "w".

8 - Citizenship: this column denotes whether the foreign born is a citizen or an alien and gives naturalization data per the below listed codes. No entry is to be taken as a citizen.

A - alien

Afpa - alien, first papers

C - citizen

Cfa - citizenship by father

Cf&s - citizenship by father & soldier

Chus - citizenship by husband

Chuw - citizenship by husband; now widowed

Cmar - citizenship by marriage

Cns - citizenship by naval service

Cpar - citizenship by parent

Csol - citizenship by soldier

Cwd - citizen; now widowed

UK - unknown

Cyear:** - citizenship conferred in the year given; sometimes the enumerator collected the number of years since naturalization. The place of naturalization, if given, is indicated after the colon as listed below. See Table 2 for place abbreviations.


C1924:CA would be read as, "became a citizen in 1924 at Carmel."

Cxxxx:WP would be read as, "became a citizen in White Plains but year is not given."

C1900 would be read as, "became a citizen in 1900 but place is not given."

C12y:BK would be read as, "became a citizen 12 years ago in Brooklyn."

9 - Occupation: trade or profession, or kind of work, for each each person listed. See Table 3 for abbreviations/notation used by the compiler. Some abbreviations were used by the enumerator and may not be listed in Table 3 below.


A - Aunt

AB - Adopted Brother

AD - Adopted Daughter

AO - Adopted Orphan

AS - Adopted Son

ASi - Adopted Sister

At - Attendant

B - Brother

Ba - Bachelor

BL - Brother-in-law

Bo - Boarder

BR - Brother, Religious

Bu - Butler

C - Cousin

CC - Charity Child

Ch - Chauffeur

Ck - Cook

Cp - Companion

Ct - Caretaker

D - Daughter

Di - Director

DL - Daughter-in-law

Dm - Dairyman

ED - Employee's Daughter

Ep - Employee

ES - Employee's Son

F - Father

Fa - Farmer

Ff - Farm Foreman

Fh - Farm Help/Farm Hand

FL - Father-in-law

Fo - Foreman

Fr - Friend

GA - Great-Aunt

Ga - Gardener

GC - Grandchild

GD - Granddaughter

GF - Grandfather

GGD - Great-Granddaughter

GGS - Great-Grandson

GM - Grandmother

GN - Grandnephew/Grandniece

GS - Grandson

Gt - Guest

Gu - Guardian

Gv - Governess

H - Head

Hb - Herdboy

He - Help/Helper

Hk - Housekeeper/Housekeeping

Hm - Hiredman

Hn - Herdsman

Ho - Houseman

Hu - Husband

In - Instructor

Km - Kitchenman

La - Laborer

Li - Living Together

Lo - Lodger

M - Mother

Ma - Maid

Me - Mechanic

ML - Mother-in-law

MS - Maid's Son

NC - Nurse in Charge

Ne - Nephew

Ni - Niece

No - No Relation

NR - Not Related

Nu - Nurse

Pa - Partner/Pardner

Pf - Professor

Pm - Pantrymaid

Pp - Principal

Pr - Priest

Pt - Patient

Pu - Pupil

Ro - Roomer

RS - Religious Subject

S - Son

SC - Servant's Child

SD - Stepdaughter

SF - Stepfather

SGD - Step-Granddaughter

SGS - Step-Grandson

SI - Religious Sister

Si - Sister

SL - Son-in-law/Sister-in-law

SM - Stepmother

SS - Stepson

St - Seamstress

Su - Superior (religious)

Sv - Servant

Sy - Secretary

Te - Teacher

U - Uncle

Vi - Vicar

W - Wife

Wa - Waiter/Waitress

WGF - Wife's Grandfather

WGM - Wife's Grandmother

Wm - Workman

Wo - Worker



AA - Australia

AB - Albany, NY

AL - Alabama

AM - Asia Minor/Anatolia

AR - Argentina

ARB - Argentina: Buenos Aires

AS - At Sea

AU - Austria

AUH - Austria-Hungary (now separated)

AY - Army Service

BG - British Guiana (now Guyana)

BK - Brooklyn, NY

BL - Belgium

BM - Bermuda (English)

BP - Bridgeport, CT

BR - Brewster, NY

BS - Boston, MS

BWI - British West Indies

BX - Bronx, NYC, NY

BZ - Brazil

CA - Carmel, NY

CB - Carbondale, PA

CC - Concord, NH

CD - Caux Devore, MS

CG - Chicago, IL

CH - China

CN - Canada

CNC - Canada: British Columbia

CNN - Canada: Newfoundland

CNQ - Canada: Quebec

CNS - Canada: Nova Scotia

CP - Camp Polk

CR - Costa Rica

CS - Colorado Springs, CO

CT - Connecticut

CU - Camp Upton

CZ - Czechoslovakia (now separated)

DK - Denmark

DT - Detroit, MI

DU - Dutchess Co., NY

DY - Danbury, CT

EG - England

EGB - England: Bevington

EGW - England: Wales

EU - Europe

EZ - Elizabeth, NJ

FI - Finland

FR - France

FRA - France: Alsace

FV - Falls Village, CT

GE - Germany

GEB - Germany: Bohemia

GEV - Germany: Bavaria

GH - Goshen, Orange Co., NY

GR - Greece

HF - Hartford, CT

HG - Hungary

HK - Herkimer Co., NY

HO - Holland (Netherlands)

HP - Hopewell, Dut. Co., NY

HU - Hudson, NY

IA - Iowa

IL - Illinois

IN - India

IT - Italy

JA - Jamaica

JC - Jersey City, NJ

JP - Japan

JV - Java


KG - Kingston, NY

LI - Long Island, NY

LX - Luxembourg

ME - Maine

MG - Morgantown, WV

MI - Michigan

MN - Minnesota

MO - Missouri

MP - Mahopac, Putnam Co., NY

MS - Massachusetts

MV - Mount Vernon, NY

NB - Newburgh, NY

NC - New York State Court

NE - Newark, NJ

NH - New Hampshire

NJ - New Jersey

NM - New Milford, CT

NO - Norway

NX - New York State

NY - New York City

NZ - New Zealand

OR - Orange Co., NY

PA - Philadelphia, PA

PD - Portland, ME

PE - Providence, RI

PF - Pittsfield, MS

PG - Portugal

PGA - Portugal: Azores

PI - Philippine Islands

PK - Poughkeepsie, NY

PL - Plainfield, NJ

PN - Pennsylvania

PO - Poland

PR - Prussia (now part of Germany)

PS - Persia (now Iran)

PT - Patterson, Put. Co., NY

PU - Putnam County, NY

RM - Rumania

RU - Russia

RUP - Russian Poland (now returned)

RW - Racine, Wisconsin

SA - South America

SC - South Carolina

SL - Scotland

SLE - Scotland: Edinburgh

SN - San Antonio, TX

SP - Spain

SR - Syracuse, NY

SS - St. Louis, MO

SU - Suffolk Co., NY

SV - Sullivan Co., NY

SW - Sweden

SY - Syria

SZ - Switzerland

SZZ - Switzerland: Zurich

TK - Turkey

TR - Trenton, NJ

TT - Tarrytown, NY

UK - Unknown

US - United States

UT - Utica, NY

WA - Washington State

WE - Westchester Co., NY

WI - West Indies

WP - White Plains, NY

YK - Yorktown, NY

YN - Yonkers, NY





Ad. - Advertising

Agt. - Agent

Amer. - American

App. - Apprentice

Asst. - Assistant

Bky. - Brooklyn

Bldg. - Building

Bus. - Business

City - Refers to N.Y.C.

Clk. - Clerk

Comm. - Commercial

Const. - Construction

Cont. - Contractor

Dut. - Dutchess

Elec. - Electrical

Emp. - Employer

Eng. - Engineer

Exh. - Exhibitor

Exp. - Express

Fac. - Factory

Fin. - Finish

Gen. - General

H. - House

HK - Housekeeper/Housekeeping

Hub. - Unknown (by enumerator)

HW - Housework/Housewife

Hwy. - Highway

Ingr. - Ingraver

Ins. - Insurance

Insp. - Inspector

Inst. - Instructor

Lab. - Labor/Laborer

Mach. - Machinist

Mdse. - Merchandise

Mech. - Mechanical

Mem. - Member

Metro. - Metropolitan

Mfg. - Manufacturing

Mgr. - Manager

NYCCR - New York Central RR

O.A. - Own Account

Op. - Operator

Pres. - President

Presb. - Presbyterian

Pro. - Professional

Prop. - Proprietor

Pub. - Publisher

Rec. - Receiving

Rep. - Representative

Res. - Reservoir

RR - Railroad

Sec. - Section

St. - Street

Sta. - Station

Sten. - Stenographer

Super. - Supervisor

Supt. - Superintendant

V.P. - Vice-President





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