Putnam County Deed Abstracts

Elizabeth Dusenbury by Exec. to Gilbert Hadden et al

Deed on file in Putnam Co., NY, Liber 49, pp. 591-592, from Saxton Smith, of Putnam Valley, Executor of the will of Elizabeth Dusenbury, deceased to Gilbert Hadden, Sarah F. Hadden, Elizabeth Hadden and Charles H. Hadden, all of Putnam Valley. Deed was dated 1 May 1871, recorded 25 May 1871. Consideration was $4000. Witness was Harrison Chapman. Land was in Putnam Valley:

#1 Beginning at a stake and stones in the line of land late of AMOS CONKLIN, deceased thence north 73 degrees west 37 chains 76 links to PEEKSKILL HOLLOW ROAD by a stone bridge and near the corner of the locust? nursery? thence southerly with said road to land late of NICHOLAS PURDY, deceased thence south 60 1/2 degrees east with said Purdys land to butternut tree thence north 21 degrees east 12 chains 31 links to the end of an old stone wall on the northwest corner of GILBERT HADDENS land: thence with same south 87 degrees east 6 chains 10 links to land late of Amos Conklin, deceased thence with same northerly to the place of beginning. Containing 53 1/2 acres.

#2 Adjoining the above premises. Beginning at the northeast corner of the aforesaid lot and running northerly with land late of said Conklin to a stake and stones opposite a white ash tree marked thence westerly to the end of a stone wall in the woods on the north side of the lot called the old pasture lot thence westerly as the fence now stands to the west end of the same thence westerly to another piece of wall to the east end of same on the north side of old pasture lot thence southwest to a stake and stones in the north line of the first described premises and with same easterly to the place of beginning. Containing 10 acres.

Note: Deed mentioned that Elizabeth Dusenbury's will was recorded in Putnam County Will Book H, Page 427.

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