Putnam County Deed Abstracts
Submitted by "Kris Morison"

James & Anny Headdy to William Moseley [55:103]

James Headdy and Anny his wife, living in Yorktown, Westchester County have a deed filed in Putnam County, Grantor Book 55, pages 103-105. The deed is to William Moseley of Yorktown, dated 1 May 1875 and witnessed by R. W. Lounsbury. John K. Wyatt, clerk, filed the deed on 23 November 1875. The consideration given was $1437.50. The parcels (3) of land described are in Putnam Valley:

#1 Beginning at a corner of John GILBERTS land and a heap of stones on the northeast corner of said lot thence running south with the highway leading from GRIFFIN MILLS to FOWLER ADAMS then south with said highway 3 3/4 degrees east along said highway 8 chains and 60 links thence south 13 degrees west 6 chains and 70 links to the land late of JAMES FOWLER thence south 74 1/2 degrees west 13 chains and 59 links along the same to the land late of the said Fowler and lands of SARAH SILLECK, deceased, thence north 15 degrees east along the same 19 chains and 78 links to the sand of the said John Gilbert thence along the same south 86 degrees east 10 chains to the place of beginning. This parcel contained 21 acres of land and there was an exception made of one acre willed? by D. K. CONKLIN to JOHN ODELL and now occupied by JOSEPH FORMAN on the southeast corner of said lot.

#2 Beginning on the easterly side of the highway running westerly from ADAMS CORNERS to GRIFFIN MILLS at the corner of land now or lately owned by (?) thence south 60 degrees east 9 chains and 12 links thence south 17 1/2 degrees west 2 chains and 25 links thence north 63 degrees west 8 chains and 16 links thence along the center of highway north 7 degrees same more or less. This parcel contained (6?) rood of land.

#3 On the south and east by lands lately belonging to SQUIRE G. LANE and on the northerly lands of JOHN GILBERTS on the west by lands of JOHN (HORM-?). This parcel contained 3 acres.

These lands are stated to be subject to a $700 mortgage held by Alfred Curry due 1 May 1875.

Submitted by "Kris Morison"
Copyright 2006
"Kris Morison"
Thank You - Kris

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