Putnam County Marriages

A Few Putnam County Marriages
Abstracted from Putnam County Marriages 1918-1926 Volume 2
Putnam County Historian/Records Center - Brewster

Page 36 Record 71
Date of License 16 Jan 1919; Date of Marriage 16 Jan 1919
at Philipstown by George A. Logan, Justice of the Peace
Witnesses Mrs. George A. Logan, Sarah Jane Bath
Groom James Arthur Miller, White, 21, 1st Marriage
Resides Poughkeepsie b. Putnam County, Machinist
Father Lewis A. Miller b. USA
Mother Carrie Wright b. USA
Bride Gertrude Elizabeth Brewer,White, 18, #/m blank
Resides Newburgh, b. Putnam County
Father Alonzo Brewer
Mother Georgianna VanTassel


Page 10 Record 19
Date of License 28 Sept. 1919; Date of Marriage 29 Sept. 1919
at Mahopac Falls by Rev. F. S. Cook Baptist Minister
Witnesses Ella DeNike & Mildred Barker
Groom Colonel Williams, white, 34, 1st marriage
Resides Town of Kent, b. Town of Kent, farming
Father Solomon Williams
Mother Ophema Williams
Bride Clara Belle Likely, white, 23, 1st marriage
Resides Town of Kent, b. Town of Kent
Father Owen Likely b. US
Mother Emma Smally b. US


Page 353 Record 796
Date of License 13 Sept. 1924; Date of Marriage 13 Sept. 1924
at Brewster by Maurice Stadfeld
Witness Mrs. M. Stadfeld
Groom Philip White Signor, White, 39, 1st Marriage
resides Waterbury CT, Clerk
Father James H. Signor
Mother Elizabeth White
Bride Edna Bell, white, 31, 1st marriage
Resides Waterbury CT b. Roanoke, VA
Father William Bell b. USA
Mother Bessie Roberts b. USA

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