Putnam County Will

Anna Hawks - Philipstown - Will
[Surrogate File #1679]

(Transcript of Handwritten Will Copy)

“Last Will and Testament of Anna Hawks”

The last will and testament of ANNA HAWKS of the Town of Philipstown, Putnam County and State of New York.

I, ANNA HAWKS, being of sound mind and memory do make publish and declare this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say:

FIRST, I order and direct all my just debts and funeral expenses to be paid my executor herinafter named.

SECOND, I give and bequeath to my daughter, HANNAH, wife of GEORGE W. WALLACE the family bible of myself and my late husband CALEB HAWKS, also one bed.

THIRD, I give and bequeath to my grandson JAMES W. WALLACE, one bed.

FOURTH, All the residue and remainder of my property of every nature and description I give and bequeath to my son CALEB HAWKS and my grandson JAMES W. WALLACE to be equally divided between them share and share alike.

LASTLY, I solemly constitute and appoint JAMES E. JAYCOX, of the Town of Philipstown the executor of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other and former wills by me made or executed.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twelfth day of June 1865


Anna X Hawks

Mark (Seal)

The foregoing instrument was on the day of the date thereof signed by the said ANNA HAWKS the testator therein named in our presence and the said ANNA HAWKS at the same time declared the said instrument to to be her last will and testament and requested us to sign our name thereto as witneses which we accordingly did in her presnece and in the presence of each other.

J. O. Dykeman Residing in Cold Spring

Harrison N. Secor Residing in Cold Spring

Putnam County,

Be it remembered that on the day of the date hereof, the last will and testament of ANNA HAWKS, late of the Town of Philipstown deceased, (being the foregoing written instrument,) was duly proved before Edward (Edmund?) Wright, Surrogate of the said County according to law, as and for the last will and testament of the real and personal estate of the said deceased” which said last will and testament, and the proofs and examination taken therone, are recorded in this office.

The testimony whereof the Surrogate of the said County hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal of office this eleventh day of August A.D. 1866

Edward (Edmund?) Wright,



The Last Will & Testatment of Anna Hawks, Deceased(?)

Proved August 11, 1866

Recorded in the Putnam County Surrogates office in Liber “I” of Wills

on page 223, August 11th 1866

Edward Wright, Surrogate

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