Putnam County Wills

Daniel Haight's Estate Papers [#844]

Old Estates Book B Putnam Co., NY - File #844 - p.205 / Will recorded in Book D Pages 290-293

Surrogates Minutes recorded in Book 2 pages 91 359-360-377

In the matter of proving the Last Will and Testament of

Daniel Haight, deceased

14 September 1842

To the Surrogate of Putnam County

The Petition of Cornelius Warren one of the Executors named in the last will and testament of Daniel Haight, deceased, Respectfully Represents, that the said testator died on or about the fourth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty two in the town of Philipstown in the County of Putnam, having first duly made a last will and testament relating to real and personal estate, in and by which he appointed your petitioner and Cornelius Haight Executors thereto. That at, or immediately previous to his death, said testator was an inhabitant of the county of Putnam, or has left some goods, chattels, credits, estate or effects, which at the time of his death were, or have since come within said county of Putnam; by reason of which as your petitioner has been informed and believes the Surrogate of said county of Putnam, has the sole and exclusive power to take the proof of the said last will and Testament.

That the said testator has left George Haight, Cornelius Haight, Mariah Haight, wife of Isaac Riggs, Hester Haight, Mary wife of Abraham Wright, Susan Kipp, Polly Nelson, Daniel Haight, Sylvester Haight, Martha wife of Nicholas Hustis residing in Philipstown aforesaid, Betsey wife of Wm. Budd, James Haight, residing in Fishkill, Dutchess County, Daniel Warren & Christopher Haight residing in Courtlandt town Westchester County, Hannah Warren residing in the City of New York, Eliza Ann wife of Samuel Hustis, Chatauqua County, Mary Haight, Joseph Haight, residing in Ulster County, Clarkson Haight, Julia Haight, Margaret Haight, Catherine Haight, Sylvanus Haight, Samuel Warren, Elizabeth Warren, Sylvanus Haight, Erastus Haight, Grandchildren of said dec'd and minors residing in Philipstown aforesaid-& Samuel Warren also a minor residing in Courtland town aforesaid--Mary White wife of Burr White & Frances Warren residing in Pennsylvania town and county unknown & Sarah Jennet wife of Christopher McDowell, Monroe County, town unknown, State of Michigan and William Haight, Boston, Massachusetts.

him surviving, and has left no other heirs or legal representatives entitled to any interest in his estate (unless by said will) to the knowledge or belief of your petitioner. And your petitioner being desirous that the said last will and testament should be duly proved and recorded as will of real and personal estate.

Your petitioner therefore pray that such proceedings may be had as are by law required to enable all the parties in interest to appear before this court as such time and place as this court may appoint to oppose or support, as they may see fit, the probate of said last will and testament.

Dated this 14th day of September, 1842

Signed: Cornelius Warren

Sworn this 14th day of September before me, Abraham Smith, Surrogate

* * * * * *

The People of the State of New York

To George Haight, Cornelius J. Haight, Isaac Riggs and Mariah his wife, Hester Haight, Abraham Haight & Mary his wife, Susan Kip, Polly Wilson, Daniel Haight, Sylvester Haight, Nicholas Hustis & Martha his wife all residing in Phillips Town, Putnam County William Budd and Betsey his wife & James Haight of the Town of Fishkill, Dutchess County Daniel Warren & Christopher Haight of Cortland Town in Westchester County Hannah Warren of the City of New York Samuel Hustis & Eliza Ann his wife of Chautauqua County Mary Haight & Joseph Haight residing in Ulster County all in the state of New York Budd White & Mary his wife & Francis Warren residing in Pennsylvania State Town & County unknown Christopher McDowell & Sarah Jennet his wife of Monroe County Town unknown State of Michigan William Haight of Boston state of Massachusetts and Saxton Smith special guardian of Clarkson Haight, Julia Haight, Margaret Haight, Catharine Haight, Sylvanus Haight, Jennet Warren, Elizabeth Warren, Sylvanus Haight, Erastus Haight & Samuel Warren minors under twenty one years of age heirs legatees & next of kin of Daniel Haight late of Putnam County dec'd

Send Greetings

Whereas Cornelius Warren of Phillips Town in Putnam County has lately applied to our Surrogate of the County of Putnam to have a certain instrument in writing bearing date the first day of April 1842 purporting to dispose of both real and personal estate duly proved as the last will & testament of Daniel Haight late of Putnam County dec'd therefore you and each of you are ___ and required personally to be and appear before our said surrogate at the house of Matthias Croft in Putnam Valley, Putnam County on the seventh day of November next at ten oclock in the forenoon of that day then and there to attend to the probate of the said last will and testament

To witness whereof the surrogate of our said County has hereunto affixed

His seal of office the 14 th day of September one thousand eight hundred

& forty two. Abraham Smith Surrogate (signed)

* * * * * *

Chautauqua County I Nehamiah Myrick do solemnly swear that I served the above

citation on Samuel Hustis and Eliza Ann his wife by showing the above and delivering a copy thereof to them at the same time on the 30 day of September 1842.

Sworn & subscribed this 30 day of Sept 1842 Nehemiah Myrick (signed)

Before me M.N. Gleason P.P. (?spelling)

* * * * * *

WILL: File 844 - 1842

In the name of God Amen I Daniel Haight of Philipstown in the County of Putnam being of sound disposing mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner & form following

I hereby make constitute and appoint Cornelius Warren & Cornelius J. Haight Executors of this my last will and testament hereby giving and granting to them and the survivor of them full power and lawful authority to sell and dispose of all my real and personal estate (excluding so much of my personal estate as shall hereafter be given to my son George) at such time and times in such manner and in such parcels and upon such times of credit as they or the survivor of them in the exercise of a sound discretion shall think best & for the time and best interest of my estate and they are hereby invested with full power and authority to make and execute & all such contracts deeds and conveyances as shall be necessary to best a good & perfect title in and to the purchaser as purchasers thereof after payment of all my just debts & funeral charges I give bequeath and dispose of my estate in manner following:

To my son George, I give and bequeath all my household furniture of whatever name or kind.

To my three grandchildren, children of my son John F. Haight deceased (to wit) Clarkson, Julia & Margaret I give and bequeath the sum of fifty dollars each which sum or sums shall be paid to them as soon as they respectively attain the age of twenty one years or marry whichever shall first happen. And if any or either of my three grand children before named shall die before his she or they shall be entitled to receive the legacy aforesaid then & in such case it is my will that said legacy shall be paid to the survivor or survivors in equal proportions.

To my son Christopher Haight I give & bequeath the balance*sic of one eighth (interspersed the words 'the avails') of my estate after deducting the sum of four hundred dollars.

To my son William Haight, I give & bequeath the balance*sic of one eighth part of the avails of my estate after deducting the sum of four hundred dollars.

All the rest and residue of my estate it is my will shall be divided into six equal parts and the avails thereof disposed of in the following manner:

To my son George Haight, I will and bequeath one sixth part of the avails of my estate.

To my daughter Betsy, wife of William Budd, I will & bequeath one sixth part of the avails of my estate.

To my five grand children, children of my deceased son Sylvanus Haight (to wit) Cornelius J., Hester, Catharine, Sylvanus & Maria Riggs, I give and bequeath one sixth part of the avails of my estate in equal proportions under the same condition as in the case of the children of John F. Haight deceased before mentioned.

To the 7 children of my deceased daughter Martha Warren wife of Samuel I. Warren vis Mary Wright, Daniel, Hannah, Frances, Jennet, Elizabeth & Samuel I will and bequeath one sixth part of the avails of my estate in equal proportions under the same conditions as in the case of the children of John F. Haight before mentioned.

To my four grand children, children of My Deceased daughter Hannah wife of Cornelius Warren, I give and bequeath one sixth part of the avails of my estate (to wit), Elisa Ann wife of Samuel Hustis, Mary wife of Abram Wright, Susan Kip & Sarah Jennet wife of Christopher Mc Dowell in equal proportions

I will and direct that the remaining sixth part of my estate be and remain in the hands of my executors for the use of my daughter Polly Nelson & if the interest thereof shall in their opinion be found insufficient for the comfortable support and in the exercise of sound direction they think she needs the same they are hereby directed to pay from the principal such part thereof as they may need and if any part thereof shall be left unexpended at her death, I will that it should be Divided in 7 equal parts & one seventh part given to each of the Following - persons described, one 7th to Christopher Haight, one 7th to William Haight, one 7th to George Haight, one 7th to Betsy Budd, one 7th to the children of Sylvanus Haight, one 7th to the children of Martha Warren, one 7th to the children of Hannah Warren in equal parts to said children of each.

And lastly I do hereby revoke all other & former wills by me made.

In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand & affixed my seal this first day of April 1842

(Signed) Daniel Haight

Signed sealed published declared by the above named testator to be his last will & testament in the presence of me who in his presence and at his request & in presence of each other have subscribed our names as Witnesses:

Ebenezer Williams of Phillipstown

James Croft of Phillipstown

State of New York

Putnam County Ls

I Abraham Smith surrogate of said County do hereby Certify that in pursuance of the Statutes of the state of New York upon proofs and examinations taken in the County aforesaid on the 7 th day of November in the year 1842 by the oaths of Ebenezer Williams & James Croft the subscribing witnesses to the within will that the within will was duly executed, that the testator at the time of executing the same was in all respects competent to devise real estate and not under any restraint and I the said surrogate do further Certify that the said will is recorded in my office in book D kept by me for recording wills & testaments proved before me and the proofs thereof in pages 290, 291, 292 & 293.

In witness whereof I the surrogate aforesaid have here unto affixed my official seal this seventh day of November in the year of our Lord 1842

Abraham Smith Surrogate

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