Putnam County Wills

William Longfield - Philipstown - Probate Petition
[Surrogate File #1366]

Putnam County Surrogates Court

In the Matter of the Last Will and Testament of William LONGFIELD, deceased.

To Hon Ambrose Rider Surrogate of Putnam County

The petition of Hannah Rodie now the wife of William Rodie, formerly the wife of William Cronk of the Village of Cold Spring in the town of Philipstown in the County of Putnam aforesaid showes that William Longfield late of said Town of Philipstown departed this life in said town on the twenty second day of September in the year 1859, having previously as your petitioner is informed and believes duly made and executed his last will and testament. That your petitioner is a devisee and Legatee named in said Will, Hannah Cronk wife of William Cronk. The sole Executor name in said Will is Levi H. McCoy of Cold Spring aforesaid that your petition is informed and believes that said Executor has duly renounced his claim to be appointed such executor & has filed his renunciation duly executed and & acknowledged with the said Surrogate. That the deceased was a citizen of the United States; that he was at or immediately previous to his death an inhabitant of the said County of Putnam, and that his said last will and testament relates to both real and personal estate.

Your petition further shows that the only heirs and next of kin of the said William Longfield deceased is Phebe Longfield a daughter of John Longfield a deceased son of the said testator and that the place and residence of said Phebe Longfield is unknown to your petitioner, that said Phebe Longfield is of full age of twenty one years.

Your petitioner further shows that she is informed and believes that the Surrogate of the County of Putnam has jurisdiction to take the proof of the said Last will and testament, and over the executor thereof, and the power to grant letters testamentary thereof with all premises incidental thereto, and that she is desirous that such proof should be taken and that such further or other proceedings should be had as may be legal & proper.

And your petitioner further shows that said testator left him surviving his widow, Mary Longfield residing in the town of Philipstown in said County & that said widow is of full age.

Your petitioner therefore prays that a Citation may issue out of and under the seal of this court to be directed to the proper persons pursuant to the statute in such case made and provided requiring them and each of them at such time and place as shall be in said situation mentioned to appear and attend the probate of said last Will and testament, and that such further or other proceedings in the premises should be duly had as may be requisite to proving and recording the last will and testament and the granting of probate thereof. And your Petitioner will ever pray, etc. Dated this eleventh day of January in the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty.

Hannah Radie [Rodie]

January 11th, 1860

Ambrose Ryder, Surrogate

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