BARNS along the RIVER


The St Lawrence River between Canada and the United States


The Boldt Farm located on Wellesley Island


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The Town of Alexandria

  The town of Alexandria, along the River,  has been a center of tourism in the Thousand Islands Region for well over a century.  While there are many working farms to the southeast of Rte 12, most of the River side is taken up by commercial  or summer residential uses.


  The history of the Town of Alexandria is the subject of an excellent historical website constructed by Nancy (Wagoner) Dixon.

Another barn is close to the end of its life; it is on NYS Route 12 just east of the T I Bridge, and is reported to be slated for demolition.  It is the subject of an article entitled  John Shields Farm, c.1845  on the Alexandria Town Page of the ALHN, coordinated by Mark Wentling.


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  The red barn at right is across from the Bonnie Castle golf driving range, and near the Aqua Zoo.


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  Still being used for cows, two views of this large, two stage, barn illustrate a continued dairy industry in Jefferson County.


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  The Edgewood has been a summer resort for a long time, but it still maintains a large barn with a protected hay rail under a peak.  The inlet leading to Otter Creek can be seen in the background.


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  Two views of this small barn on the Old Goose Bay Road show a dry stone foundation.  Notice the straight roof line despite the lack of mortar in the stone work.


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