BARNS along the RIVER


The St Lawrence River between Canada and the United States


The Boldt Farm located on Wellesley Island


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   More links to sites dedicated to Jefferson County History and preservation of barns are coming.  The link above is to two north country museums, one at Stone Mills maintained by the Northern New York Agricultural Historical Society, and the other at Hammond maintained by the R T Elethorp Historical Society (see links below as well).


 Links to preservation and museum sites

  The American Local History Network sponsors sites across the United States on a local geographic basis.  The Jefferson County ALHN is coordinated by Mark Wentling, and from it one can link to the individual Town pages.

   Barn Again is a subject within Agriculture Online for coordinating efforts to preserve barns.  Among other things, it has an extensive bibliography.

  The Barn Journal has a wide assortment of resources and items of interest to enthusiasts of barn construction and preservation.

   The R T Elethorp Historical Society maintains a website with information and events that can be accessed at Hammond Historical Museum.

  The Holcombe-Jimison Farmstead Museum is a link to agricultural and other early history in New Jersey.  It is of special interest to the creators of this site.

    Marc Mosher has done an outstanding job of using photographs to preserve old houses, barns, schools, and other old buildings in the north country in his site Old Abandoned Buildings of Northern NY .

   The Round Barn website by Bob & Kathy Frydenlund gives details on the construction of round barns with pictures and good information in general.

  The Northern New York Historical Society now has a website of its own.  To see more of the museum and its events calendar, go to Stone Mills Museum.

  The Department of the Interior has a site that gives information on types of historic barns with suggestions on preservation, and reading references.


Links to sites focusing on the 1000 Islands and St Lawrence River

   The Antique Boat Museum at Clayton, NY, contains a significant collection and display of wooden boats used on the St Lawrence River.

   Hawn Memorial Library is located at 220 John Street, Clayton NY.   It has an Archives Department with Town of Clayton history and is a well developed public library.

   Save The River is an organization of concerned citizens who are dedicated to preservation of the St Lawrence River.  Those interested in preservation of the River's ecology, safety, and other important issues should visit this site.


   Thousand Islands Life is an excellent site featuring the many wonderful attributes of the 1000 Islands, including many photographs.  The site is authored by Paul Malo, writer of Boldt Castle, In Search of the Lost Story.
 Last updated  February 16, 2008