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The St Lawrence River between Canada and the United States

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The Boldt Farm located on Wellesley Island


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   The north country is fortunate to have people dedicated to preserving its heritage.  Here are two museums that are locally developed, 1] one in the Town of Orleans, Jefferson County, and the 2] other in the Town of Hammond, St. Lawrence County.

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   1]  The Stone Mills Museum and the Stone Mills Cheese Factory are located on Route 180 in the Town of Orleans.  They are maintained by the Northern New York Agricultural Historical Society.  A large exhibit of farm machinery can be seen at the Museum, and many events are held there during the summer.  This is a page that is a brief summary of the museum, which can be seen better at its full website by clicking on the following link:  Stone Mills Museum

  The principal museum is a former church SMmus1.JPG (126401 bytes)
   The old Cheese Factory is across Route 180 from the Museum

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   2]  The Hammond Museum is located on Route 37 in the Village of Hammond, and is run by the R T Elethorp Historical Society.  Hammond recently celebrated 175 years by dedicating an historic barn that had been relocated from a local farm.  The barn, believed to have been built about 1850, was disassembled, moved, and then rebuilt on a new foundation.  Pictures of the reassembly are located on this site under barn construction, and other pictures of the museum are below.  The museum has its own website with an events calendar at Hammond Historical Museum.


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