BARNS along the RIVER


The St Lawrence River between Canada and the United States


The Boldt Farm located on Wellesley Island


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The Town of Orleans


 Barns, going down river, or northeast, are on the west side of N Y S Route 12.


The Hollis Wood barn on Route 12, formerly owned by the Vrooman family.  It was probably built in the 1890's.


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  The Jacksons' Sears Roebuck barn.  This barn was purchased in 1919 through a Sears Roebuck catalogue. It was shipped by rail to Redwood and then transported by wagon to its present location.  It is a fine example of many attributes of a barn including the gable doors with their protective over hang above the hay rail, lightning rods, and cupolas.  The third picture is of supporting buildings of ancient vintage, one of which was used as an ice house.


  Unfortunately by the winter of 2008 the barn had collapsed - another victim of age and is preserved only  in pictures.  The photo at right documents the loss.


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The Schryver farm on Route 12 - a top notch example of very well maintained buildings.  A nice background piece was furnished by the family - see Schryver Farm.
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Located on Seaway Avenue, just upstream and in full view of the Thousand Islands Bridge, this barn is a good example of one with sheltered peaks at each end.   The farm, which dates back to the early 1800's, has now been converted to a winery.  More information can be found at the website of these recent entrepreneurs:



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