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The St Lawrence River between Canada and the United States

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The Boldt Farm located on Wellesley Island


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St. Lawrence County

  The St. Lawrence River flows by St. Lawrence County in New York State before both shores are in Canada.  First Rte 12, and then Rte 37, are located near the American shore as one travels downriver (northeast) to the City of Ogdensburg.  A number of barns can be seen, most with a River view, some in service, some in twilight stage, and one converted to an upscale home.  Identification and background are pending as of this writing, (5/14/02) but a sampling is presented below.


  On Route 12 in the Town of Hammond StLbarn8.JPG (115703 bytes)

   Another barn on Route 12 in Hammond


StLbarnScn10.JPG (160390 bytes)

  While most of the barns chosen for this presentation are on the River side of Rte 12 or 37, these four barns can be seen from the road high on a rise, with an excellent view of the shipping channel.  They are located on the River Road, which is parallel to Rte 12.  Image 3 is viewed from Rte 12, whereas image 3a is viewed looking from the River Road toward the St Lawrence, as are the other images.


1   StLrivrd05.JPG (174114 bytes)
2   StLrivrd04.JPG (176522 bytes)
3   StLbarn21.JPG (151470 bytes)
3a StLbarn21a.JPG (136160 bytes)
4   StLrivrd01.JPG (178975 bytes)


  Beautiful in its sad state of deterioration, this barn is located near the Wright home with the pump shown on the features page.  It was built about 1858.


StLbarn17.JPG (204447 bytes)

  Another picturesque building along, perhaps entering the twilight of its existence.


StLbarn15.JPG (210836 bytes)

  Near Ogdensburg, this lucky barn has been fully renovated for living.  This is becoming a common, although sometimes criticized, fortune for some of the structures.  The River can be seen in the background, with Canada in the far distance across the River.

StLbarn13.JPG (199154 bytes)