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The St Lawrence River between Canada and the United States

Wellesley Is

The Boldt Farm located on Wellesley Island


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   The largest American island is Wellesley.  Once a substantial farming island, the few remaining barns are either falling into disrepair or used for other purposes.  Wellesley Island is crossed by Interstate Route 81 which serves to connect it to Hill Island in Ontario, Canada.  The island is about 8 1/2 miles long and has a number of year round residents, including this compiler.  In the late 1800's the maps and census reports reveal a 500 acre "Wagoner Farm" on the lower end of the island that is a part of compiler's ancestry.  Up river near present day Fineview were two other farms with a cheese factory between them, one owned by this compiler's great great grandparents the Posts, and other other owned great grandmother Post's brother, Jacob Abeel Wagoner.



  Wellesley Island State Park

   Wellesley Island has one of the largest State Parks in the 1000 Islands area.  It also has two nicely kept barns that were formerly part of the Bradley Estate.  The first two pictures are of the front and rear of the cow barn; the third is of the sheep barn.  Both are now used in connection with the New York State Parks Department.

   We thank Mike Quencer of Alexandria Bay who provided the pictures and information.


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  The Cross Island Road, now leading to the Wellesley Island State Park, features plenty of open land, one  barn in good condition, and the remnants of two others.
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The McNally barn is located across from Pt Vivan on the main shipping channel.  The barn is excellently maintained.


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  A short distance upstream from the McNally barn, on County Route 100A is the Tarzia barn, also in good shape.

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Probably built around 1900, this small barn is believed by the owner to have sheltered horses at one time and at other times been used as an ice house.  Its picturesque quality frequently makes it a subject for photographers.

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Perhaps the premier farm of the area, was that built by George Boldt on the site of the old Wagoner Farm on Wellesley Island.  It supported his many holdings, including the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.  The land has mostly been subdivided into building lots and a golf course.  Recently, a controversy raged over whether part of the original holdings might be used for a gambling casino and opposition by local citizens convinced the proponents to abandon the effort.  At right is the original farm and two views of the only remaining barn.


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