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The St Lawrence River between Canada and the United States

Wolfe Is

The Boldt Farm located on Wellesley Island


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   Wolfe is the first of the 1000 Islands and the biggest.  It lies entirely within the borders of Canada (all islands lie completely in one country or the other).   Wolfe Island is the subject of a comprehensive website maintained by Jen Wylie.  On it the visitor will find all manner of well organized history, genealogy, and information on the island.  Click on the link below to learn more about Wolfe Island.


  This page is a beginning survey of the existing barns on Wolfe.  The photographs were taken on August 26, 2002 after going to the island by the ferry from Cape Vincent, New York.   Below is the ferry as it approaches Wolfe Island.  New York can be seen in the background.

  Most of the pictures are of barns on the southeastern end of the island as we drove about. The farms and barns seem to be well cared for and it is obvious that farming is very active on the island.  The pictures here are simply numbered in the order taken while driving about the island.

  Viewers and anyone with details about the various barns, when they were built, or who owns them are invited to send the information for inclusion here.  More pictures are also welcome.



   1]  The first barn can be seen while approaching on the ferry.


Wlf01.jpg (62575 bytes)



Wlf02.jpg (70511 bytes)



Wlf03.jpg (115293 bytes)

   4]  The land in the background is New York State.


Wlf04.jpg (106791 bytes)

   5]  The rusted metal roofs make attractive subjects for artists.


Wlf05.jpg (71882 bytes)



Wlf06.jpg (89872 bytes)



Wlf07.jpg (103505 bytes)

   8]  A large ship can be seen in the channel of the St. Lawrence Seaway as it nears Lake Ontario.  It is at that point that the captains are exchanged, for one group works the River, and another the Lake. However, that may change.


Wlf08.jpg (82498 bytes)

   9]  This farm displays several different barn constructions as it has grown over the years.


Wlf09.jpg (99183 bytes)

  10]  Again, another barn on the water's edge with New York in the distant upper left background.


Wlf10.jpg (93219 bytes)



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Wlf12.jpg (122082 bytes)



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  14]  This barn shows some wind damage to the roof where some of the metal cover has apparently blown off.  Water coming through the roofs of barns are the greatest source of deterioration.


Wlf14.jpg (79405 bytes)



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