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Doris, ----My plan had been to make copies of al the "Major" paperwork that I as a researcher would find helpful and bring it with me when we visit Almond in Oct. From your suggestion I think my plan was going to be on target. I do have the accurate cemetery information and will take photos of the headstones for reference also.

During the interim of our emails I found a daughter born to Charles Major (1860-1914) by his second wife. Sadly the daughter was born months prior to Charles's death. I found her photo as a high school senior in her high school year book in Ann Arbor! I also found Charles's obituary on the front page of the Ann Arbor News of which I will bring a copy also. As a side note for one year my husband's father was in the same high school class (sophomore) and school! Nobody now a days knows of this young woman, sadly so I am doing more research to learn what happened to her after her Mother's death in 1933.

I am grateful for all the help I receive in my initial pursuit of Major family history in Almond and if I can contribute to someone else's research I am pleased.

Look forward to seeing you in the fall.

Charlotte Major  8/7/12


TO: Charlotte Major


Just a note to let you know that the package containing Stephen Major’s  Civil War records reached my PO Box this week. We are very thankful to  you for much interesting and informative Civil War History. The activities of the 188th New York Infantry were recorded in great detail. I realize you spent time and money to make these records available to us. We will place them in the Major file where other researchers may find them helpful in the time ahead.

Thanks again. We really enjoyed your recent visit. From such visits we learn much more about the early settlers of Almond and many of their descendants that we would never find locally. You have a treasure trove of information. I hope you will find even more.

Sincerely, Doris Montgomery



Do you look ups for the Beer's History of Allegany County, New York, 1806-1879? My ancestor Edward Brines is on page 272 and I'd like to see what is said about him.

 Jon Brines

 Reply:  We will mail you a copy of page 272 by snail mail later today.  Kitty Baker, volunteer


Hello, I am researching the Karr family and cannot find much for Ervilla Webb.  She was born about 1818 and died 9 Feb 1869.  Her father may have been Stephen Webb but I have no info on him.  She was married to Samuel Parker Karr and was the mother of James Mattison Karr.  Can you help me find her parents or siblings?

 Alice Wicox(1883 - 1941) was married to James Mattison Karr and I believe her father was Samuel P Wilcox and her mother was Mary Jane Rogers.  Can you verify this and provide me with their parents info?

 Clara Yost (1862 - 1924) was married to Alva Garrett Smith and appears to have been raised by her grandfather, John D Yost.  Do you have any info for her? 

Melvina A (1847 - 1900?) was married to William Seymour Ward and died around 1900.  I cannot find anything for her, no maiden name, no parents.  Do you have info for her?

 Thank you so much for any/all assistance/guidance you can provide. 

Kathy Karr – June 25, 2012 


 Dear  Kathy Karr,  I have researched and found some information on several people. Would you like us to send this material? We get 25 cents per copy plus postage to send this to you We will need your land mail address. We have pages from a Kerr/Karr genealogy and a “birth return” on the birth of Ward, son of William S. Ward & Lavinia(or Avery?) Emery Ward. It would amount to about 4 or 5 copies. ---------- Kitty Baker, Volunteer


Donna Ryan here – I write the Almond Historical Society newsletter and volunteer at AHS on Fridays.  I saw this email, and was not sure if it was answered or not.  They were very busy down there on Friday, July 27 so may have missed it.

In any event, I wanted to comment on your questions.  I hope you will accept my comments in CAPS below: 

Over the weekend, my husband and I traveled to Almond to see if we could find the headstone for Rebecca Corey Dana, my 4th great-grandmother, in the Merwin Cemetery on Mill St.  A young man in the house directly in front of the cemetery greeted us at the door, and graciously gave us permission to cross his lawn to reach the stones behind the house.  Audrey Pettibone had sent me years ago the 1961 transcription of the still-legible stones there, and after we took one look at the condition of the cemetery, we had little hope that we could find what we were looking for.  Much to my surprise, after much searching, finding so many of the stones broken or illegible, leaning against trees or nearly flat on the ground, we were able to find the marker, which stands in the extreme southeast corner of the cemetery very near the mowed lawn, and not fifteen feet from the rear wall of the house.   Is there a group that oversees the maintenance of the cemetery?  If so, they have a big job!  I would love to know the identity of the family in the house at, I believe, #1 Mill St. so I can thank them for granting us access to the cemetery.


We also went to the Woodlawn Cemetery to which we had gone before a couple of years ago, and visited again the plot for the Joseph Corey family at the top of the hill beside the old cemetery access road (one can see where the road used to go up and over the hill).  One of the large cedars nearby has broken off and is lying amongst the stones in the Corey plot, but I do not believe it broke any markers.  As close as it is to the headstone of A. Dana Corey, Joseph and Prudence's son, I was surprised it seemed to have done little or no damage.   


Somewhere on the internet I seem to remember that Joseph Corey once owned the property on which the Woodlawn Cemetery is located - is that true?  And if so, would it originally have been the Corey family plot, which then became the main cemetery for the town? 


Unfortunately, the Hagadorn House was closed and dark, as I would have loved to thank members of the Historical Society for the help they have given me in the past.  You have done a wonderful job with that house and archives, and Almond is most fortunate to have such a dedicated group to protect and promote the preservation of the town of Almond.  Thank you so much. 




Karin Schoonmaker Fullam  7/23/12

Hello, I have been searching for information related to William Seymour Ward. I recently found a date of death for him and am searching for his obituary. He died on 17 Jul 1916 in Almond. Can you help me?

Sara McGee  7/12/12

Reply:  The only information we have on William Seymour Ward is a "Birth Return"
filed with Town of Almond. Birth date was March 29, 1886. The baby's name is
possibly Ward too. Parents were William S. Ward, aged 42 and  and Lavinia
Emery Ward, aged 38.. The Lavinia is poorly written so it may be something
similar. Another searcher thinks his wife was Melvina A. She thought he died
"around 1900". We have no info on an obituary. Sorry.


Do your records show a Leo L. Dickinson (or any Dickinson) living in Almond, Allegany, New York in the 1930’s?

Thank you

Bruce Dickinson

Reply: Dear  Mr. Dickinson,

We have found 6 pages of descendent of Leo Leroy Dickinson and Mary Frances Burdick.  This Burdick family is from Rhode Island originally. I have found clippings and photos which we can copy and send to you.  Would you like copies of  the above mentioned 6 pages?  We charge 25 cents per copy. Please let me hear from you about these copies.  Kitty Baker, Volunteer at  Hagadorn House  

I'm from the Albany, NY area.

My 2nd great grandmother was a Hagadorn from this area.

Please tell me where I can find the origin of the Hagadorns of Almond and Steuben County.

 Edward W Kaufman  4/25/2012

At present, we do not have extra copies of Ms. Phelan’s books for sale.

I just did a search via Amazon and came up with this link:


It is also available through Abe Books: 


Thank you for your inquiry.  I hope that you can locate a copy of this book.

Donna B. Ryan

AHS Secretary/newsletter editor


Jan 5, 2012

My Name is Donna Hall. I am a direct descendant of Bayless (Baylies) S. Bassett who lived in Alfred, NY. He was involved in the underground railroad per info I got on the net from the book "Any Why Not Every Man" by Helen Phelan. I would love to purchase a copy of this book. I tried to call the Interlaken Publishing Co, but their number is no longer valid. Can you tell me if I can purchase a copy of this book and if so, where. Thank you very much. I am doing my family genealogy project and would love to have this book.
Donna Hall
6322 Quail Circle

Fayetteville, PA 17222


From: Almond Historic Society
Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2012 3:50 PM
To: 'Bruce Coleman'

Subject: RE: Karr family

Nice to hear from you. A glance through a Ker/Karr Family by Barbara Bernstein folder shows the Lloyd Oliver Karr, 1896-1928, and his father, Irving Livingston Karr b. 1873-1959. Irving is the son of Wilson Karr (b.1845) and Mary Riley. Wilson is the son of Samuel D. Karr, the son of Walter Karr. There is another middle name of Oliver however. Descendants of Samuel Parker Karr are his son James Madison Karr, father of S. Darwin Karr, the father of Darwin Oliver Karr. I’m quite sure you are correct regarding the descendants of Walter Karr since this Oliver appears in Samuel’s descendants and I think there was a marriage with an Oliver woman in that sequence. It is possible to spend hours in the Karr genealogy and not cover half of it. I will get busy with something else now. Doris

From: Bruce Coleman
Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2011 2:57 PM
To: AlmondHistoricalSociety@gmail.com
Subject: Karr family

Doris, Quick note on Karr family. Looking at your notes you wrote me a couple months ago, you mentioned perhaps another Darwin Karr, perhaps middle name Oliver. The only Karr with a Oliver in the name that I know of, is Lloyd Oliver Karr. 1896-1928. He is the son of Irving Livingston Karr of Almond, 1873-1959. Bruce Coleman


From: John Chase
Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2011
Subject: Priscilla McHenry

I didn't get an answer to my eMail. I am interested in getting more
information on Priscilla McHenry, her parents and grand-parents on
both sides.
Priscilla McHenry: born 31 May 1818 in Almond, Allegany, New York. She
was married to John Darwin Chase and had two sons, Amos and James. I
can't find her marriage date.
I also have no information on her grand-parents on her father's but I
believe their names were Henry McHenry and Priscill McClure. Also
have no information on her grand-parents on her mother's side. I am
happy to pay whatever expenses that may occur.
John Chase



We received your inquiry, looked up the information and attempted to email
it to you on Sep. 16. The Systems Manager returned it to us saying the
address wasn't acceptable. I have studied it carefully and can't determine
what the problem is. This one I took directly from your mailing.
We copied the 5 pages mentioned and have them here in our file. Would you
like us to send them to you surface mail? If so please send your mailing
I did not work on your request when it came here originally so only learned
of you today. I am more than casually interested. My gg father was also Amos
Chase but he was the son of Morris S. Chase of Whitesville. Morris' father
came to Whitesville on a Baptist Mission and founded the Baptist Church
there. His name was John B. Chase. We have a lot of McHenry material here
but only this little bit about Priscilla.
Let me know if you receive this.
Doris Montgomery, volunteer in the Archives Room

AHS phone 607 276 6781 Friday afternoons 2-4 p.m

From: Almond Historical Society
Sent: Friday, October 07, 2011 3:56 PM
To: Stephen Babcock

Subject: McGibney genealogy

Last Friday one of our volunteers who is knowledgeable about internet research found information on www.familysearch.org. She tried several family member’s names that you had mentioned. She found John McGibney was a resident of WEST Almond. The Town of West Almond was taken from the Towns of Almond, Angelica and Ward in 1833. George appears in the 1850, 1870 and 1880 censuses of W. Almond. Anna McGibney and children John, Andrew, Sally, George and Jane McGibney also appear in the 1850 listing. In 1870 he had a housekeeper named Catherine and in 1880 his spouse was listed as Catherine McGibney who is 40 years younger than George. Sheryl House, our volunteer, printed off all of this so I could send you a copy if you aren’t able to find this on line. She also printed Ancestral File Record which includes information about John and Anna who were married about 1826 in Hebron, Washington, NY. West Almond is in the town of Ward. I think a letter to “Town Clerk, West Almond, NY 14804” might give you some information about what George did during his life. We serve only the Town and Village of Almond due to limited space. Good luck on finding further information. Doris Montgomery, Archivist

From: Robert Lee

Sent: Oct 7, 2011

SUBJECT: Minerva Ann Clark

I've been trying to find out what Minerva Ann Clark's maiden name was. She was born in the Almond-Canisteo area around 1810. Her husband was Hiram who was the son of Asa Clark. He's buried in the Bennetts Creek cemetery...alone. Their daughter Mary Ann Clark was married to Francis Krusen and is buried in the Yorks corners cemetery in the town of Willing.
The male children of Hiram and Minerva are Taylor Clark, Burrell Clark and Thiel Clark. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Bob Lee


According to our research, this is what we have found in our files:
Asa Clark b. 10 Feb 1760 in Massachusetts d. 19 Aug 1841 in Almond, NY Hiram Clark b. 1808 in Almond, NY m. Minerva Ann 1830 in Almond, NY (we do not have record of Minerva’s maiden name) d. 1868 Greenwood, NY (Steuben County) Minerva Ann b. about 1810 Almond, NYd. about 1870 in Greenwood, NY Steuben County Son Taylor Clark only info b. about 1843 in Greenwood, NY m. about 1874 to Lucy Children Horace b. about 1876 Canisteo, NY (Steuben Cty) Erastus b. about 1878 Canisteo, NY L. D. Clark b. May 1880 Canisteo, NY I will scan and send you the forms that we found in the file. AHS archives staff

Thank you. I haven't been able to locate where she was buried. I know Hiram and son Asa are buried in the Bennett's Creek cemetery. There is no record of Minerva Ann in either Bennett's Creek or Greenwood Cemeteries. Could she have been Minerva Ann Rathbone? Or do you think her maiden name was one of her son's first names..Taylor, Thiel, or Burrell? I've searched through early Canisteo and Almond town histories and haven't seen any Minerva's other than Minerva's with surnames of Baker, Stephens, Rathbone.
Thank you again for your assistance.
Bob Lee

From: Bart J. Kowallis

Sent: Aug 1, 2011

Subject: James McGibney Family

Dear AHS -- I am currently working on a book detailing the history and genealogy of the Duers/Dewers family. My 4th great-grandfather was David Dewers. He had a brother Benjamin Duers who settled in Genesee County, NY. One of Benjamin Duers' daughters, Hopewell Duers, married Samuel McGibney. The McGibneys settled in Allegany County. I am looking for any information or pictures of the McGibney family that you might have. One of Samuel's sons was James McGibney whose family, as you probably know, toured the country as musicians. I found a photo online of the James McGibney family, but do not know who exactly the individuals are in the photo. See attached photo. Thanks for any help you can provide. --Bart


We have a copy of this same picture. The names are as follows:Back row left to right: Allie, Carl, Dockie, Florence, Frank, Frank’s wife, Fred, VictorSecondRow: Grace, Hannah, (Sterrit) McGibney, Jamie, James B. McGibney, Violla Seated on the floor: Hugh & Leo

Thanks so much for the information. --Bart

From: David Hopkins
July 10, 2011
Subject: Moses Van Campen information 

I wanted to share with you the creation of a website in honor of Moses Van Campen.  Given the Society’s interest in Moses, I thought you might find it interesting and something you would like to share with the members.  I have been slowly developing the website since learning the details about the life and times of Moses in late 2008 through a conversation with my Father, John Hopkins and my Uncle Dick.  I then attended Heritage Days in Angelica with Dick and my family in 2009.  Since then, I have spent hundreds of hours researching Moses, visiting sites where he contributed to the lives of so many, and adding to the website as time allows.  It has truly been a labor of love.  The website’s URL is www.MosesVanCampen.com.  Its name is “Moses Van Campen…In Tribute.”   

I also wanted to inquire about an item in your collection connected to my Grandmother Juliette Hopkins.  I understand through Dick that you may have her wedding dress in the archives.  FYI, my Wife, Evelyne and I named our 3rd and youngest daughter Juliette in honor of my Grandmother (her Great Grandmother).  I would love to see a picture of the dress, share the picture with Juliette, and perhaps see it in person some day with Juliette on my next visit to the area.

If you have any information about Moses that you would be willing to share I would be honored to add it to the website (crediting the Society of course).  I read with great interest your recent newsletter mentioning Moses. 

Best regards,

David C. Hopkins  |  Webmaster  |  “Moses Van Campen…In Tribute” 

webmaster@MosesVanCampen.com  |  www.MosesVanCampen.com



Sent: 7/13/11

SUBJECT:  1851 Marriage - Harriet Bostwick & Levi Aaron Simons

I am looking for a marriage record from my ancestors who lived in the Hornellsville/West Almond area in the mid-1800s. They were Harriet Bostwick and Levi Aaron Simons and were married 20 Nov 1851. I have Levi in the 1850 census living with Jonas G. & Betsey E. Prentiss, West Almond, NY.In 1852 Levi purchases land in West Almond.In 1855 state census they lived in Almond. I know a great deal about Harriet’s ancestors, but am looking for info on Levi Aaron Simons’ ancestors. Hoping that a wedding record would list his parents. Any assistance would be appreciated.Gary SimonsDunwoody, GA


FROM: Bruce Coleman

Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2011

Subject: Joseph Karr


Can anyone find out if Joseph Karr died in Almond? I know Ann Lockhart ,His wife, died there in 1804. He died 1837. Have a e-mail from someone who claims the headstone picture of Josephs grave is from a cemetery in New Jersey. Any one?


In the genealogy of the Kerr Descendants entitled “Some Descendants of Walter Ker of Frehold, NJ, Known as the Karr Valley Karrs of Almond, NY and Their Families” Joseph appears on page 37. He’s listed as b. 11/1773, d. 5/24/1837 in Almond. A thorough search of cemetery records on line doesn’t list Joseph or his second wife Sarah Whitney who is listed as b. 8/28/1787, d.2/4/1833.That is all we know about his last resting place.     Doris Montgomery, Archivist



FROM: Stephen Babcock

Sent: Sunday, May 22, 2011

To:  Almond Historical Society

Subject: George MCGIBENY

I ran across some of your correspondence concerning the McGibeny family in Almond, New York. George McGibeny, 1794-1891 is my 3rd Great Grandfather.
I was wondering if he was part of the same musical McGibeny family you mention and whether you have more information about his parents. I have his wife as Anna Lewis (1799-1861). I have no information on her parents either.

Stephen Babcock


From our research we learn George McGibney was a brother to Samuel McGibney and both were sons of John McGibney who came from Ireland about 1787. Samuel was the father of James McGibney who was the father and founder of the "Songbirds of the Pacific" who traveled nationwide. We have no further information on George McGibney. Do you think he ever lived in Almond. We have information on people who passed through or lived here all their lives. Beyond that we have nothing on their relatives, etc. Charlotte Baker was the volunteer who did this research.
Doris Montgomery, Archivist


Subject: Re: McGibney-- My information is that George lived, died and is buried in Almond. His daughter Sally was raised there and married Robert Graham. Their daughter Estella was my my great grandmother, married Ernest Rogers. Their daughter Mildred is my grandmother. Steve Babcock 6/16/11



FROM:  Gordon C. Ralls  

To:  Almond Historical Society 5/21/11

SUBJECT:  Corey Keepsakes

Just happened upon the Almond site today.

I descend from Joseph Alvin Corey and Prudence Parks through Joseph W, Joseph Lester, Carolyn E (who m my gf Richard F Ralls). I have considerable memorabilia regarding the Corey family. Oldest is likely the Corey Family Bible of Joseph W and Mary Smith Corey. On the front page is written "The property of Mary Corey, Bot. on the 20th Day of October, 1833". I have original photos of Joseph W and Mary, Joseph Lester and Delia Diggins, and their children who reached adulthood - Helen Josephine, John Joseph, Mary Catherine and Carolyn Elizabeth.

A favorite item is a 12"x16" pencil sketch done by Mary Permilia Corey titled "Marco Bozzaris Resolving" signed "Milla Corey 1864 Almond". It is a very dark and depressing item that I have always considered a reflection of a preamble to Permilia's ending up in the Willard State Hospital for the Insane in Willard, NY. One of her oils was given to my oldest daughter.

Among the several publications I have, most are copies except for an original copy of "How the Coreys Went West" by Permelia Corey Thompson with a dedication (not to me) written by the author. Among the copies are John F Reynolds 1962 work - "The Almond Story" and the "Town of Almond" portion of Beers 1879 work.

It has been several years since I have visited my Corey files and curiously, the one item I cannot locate at present is the document wherein my grandmother and other heirs ceded their interest in Joseph W Corey's property in Almond and gave it to the city free and clear.

Not sure I could help, but would be more than pleased to share what I have with any who have an interest.

Gordon Corey Ralls, Jr
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523


FROM:  Karin Schoonmaker Fullam

To:  Almond Historical Society 3/6/11

SUBJECT: family of Joseph and Prudence Corey


Dear Sir or Madam,

Three researchers and I have been working on the family of Joseph and Prudence Corey of Almond. One is descended from Joseph himself, and I am descended from Rebecca Corey Dana, wife of Aziel Dana of Wilkes-Barre. Rebecca is buried in the Merwin Cemetery off Mill Street. Joseph and family are in the Woodlawn Cemetery. Two of the other researchers are descended from Joseph's brother Benjamin. I live in central PA, but the other three are in Missouri, Texas and California. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing?

Several bits of circumstantial evidence indicate that Rebecca is probably the daughter of Jenckes Corey, who was killed in the Wyoming Valley Massacre in Wilkes-Barre, along with two of his brothers, Rufus and Anson. It is said that at least one young son of Jenckes was killed, as well. Jenckes, Rufus and Anson were brothers of Joseph Corey, the miller of Almond, who was married to Prudence Parks. My Rebecca, then, would be Joseph's niece, although they were not very far apart in age.

Joseph settled first in Arkport in 1804 from Wilkes-Barre, and then in 1811 he relocated to Almond.

I would be glad to share with you the information we have all gathered on this family. I would love to know about the migration of settlers to the area - did they come by boat, and if Joseph came overland from Arkport, how would he have come?

There is a very sweet book available on Amazon called "How the Coreys Went West" published 1908, by Permelia Corey Thomson. It has been reprinted, as it is now in the public domain. It is the story of Rufus Corey, son of Joseph, who moved west. The story starts out in Almond and ends in California. Permelia simplifies the Corey genealogy to make it easier for the reader to follow, but it is probably a collection of stories she heard as a girl about the adventures of her ancestors as they settled further and further west. Considerable time is spent in this story talking about Almond.

Would love to correspond with regard to these families. Had contact years ago with Audrey Pettibone who sent me various bits of information, and did make it to Almond once with my husband and took photos of the Corey headstones in the Woodlawn Cemetery. I didn't know at the time where Rebecca was buried. I will know the next time, though!

Sincerely, Karin Schoonmaker Fullam


FROM:  Mike Gullo

To:  Almond Historical Society 3/6/11



I am looking for information on Adelia M. Jenks (1870-1891) who is buried Union Cemetery/Bishopville 1 in the town of Almond. I believe she was the daughter of Calvin L. Jenks and Emily (Pickett?) Jenks. I would appreciate any additional information anyone could share. Thanks and best wishes.

Mike Gullo


FROM:  Doris Montgomery , Archivist, Almond Historical Society


REPLY  3/18/11


I tried to phone you but the number I wrote down (removed) gives a message about that not being a valid number or some such, so I resort to email.
First, I have a copy of "The Almond Story" by Reynolds at my house. The cost is $15.00 plus shipping and handling of $3.00. The check should be made to Almond Historical Society, Teresa Johnson, Treas., c/o Lee A. Ryan, 54 Main St., Almond, NY 14804. I will get the book in the mail this coming week.
Your search for Almond McHenry's origins is a popular one. Fairly recently we assembled all the inquiries we have participated in over the last 15 years so it is easier to follow than it once was. The most comprehensive one seems very well researched with references, some from Broderbund WFT, from Rootsweb.com, etc. He quotes a researcher as thinking he is the illegitimate son of Susan McHenry, Henry Jr. sister. This is the first I ever heard that theory.
Personally, I lean to the Daniel (bro. of Henry who was Almond's guardian) and Christiana theory. There is a marker in the oldest cemetery in the area on a farm up McHenry Valley. It is shown on the cemetery listing as "Cottrell- McHenry -Palmer Cemetery" and it truly seemed forgotten for a long while. A young McHenry descendant cleaned it up a lot as a Boy Scout project just a few years back. One tombstone reads "In memory of Christiana, consort of Daniel McHenry who died 1/2/1821 in the 28 year of her age". The stone has deteriorated so much that there is a question whether it was Jan (1) or Apr (4) for the month. If it is a 4 she could have died bearing Almond whose birth date is given as Apr 3, 1821. At least one of the researchers we have had lists Daniel McHenry in the 1830 census as having 2 male children between 5 and 10 years of age. His second wife, Mary Magee died in 1831. When or where Daniel died we have no clue. He doesn't appear to be buried in any of the local cemeteries.
Enough theory! If you want me to, I could copy the 4-page document that I refer to as appearing more authentic and mail it to you. It gives details of Almond's death and later life. There is also correspondence (email) with Wkbogart132@aol.com dated March 23, 2001.That advances the theory I have above. There are at least 4 others. I could send their email and snail mail addresses if you wish. I wait to hear from you.
I can clear up one mystery. An Almond McHenry was born 28 Apr 1844 and died in the Fredericksburg Battle of 29 Dec. 1862 near Washington, DC. He died at Lincoln Hospital from wounds received in the battle. I will have to look again to see which
McHenry was his father.
Give me another call if you wish. I hope some of this will answer your questions. Perhaps it will add more questions. Good luck!
Doris Montgomery

REPLY  3/23/11

Last Friday we found a listing in a Commencement Exercises of Alfred Academy program dated June 22, 1908. Emma B McHenry was on the list as well as a Lena McHenry. It was referred to as a class roll. This Emma would be a similar age to Charles Lewis. We will continue to look for further information but I thought I would let you know there is an Emma of the proper age in our files.
Doris Montgomery


FROM:  Bruce Coleman

To:  Almond Historical Society

December 23, 2010


Can you help with Darwin Karr the silent movie actor who was born in Almond? Born July 25, 1875, died Dec. 31, 1945 Los Angeles. I was wondering if he was related to any of the early Almond Karrs? Thanks, Bruce Coleman

 I have looked over census records and can’t seem to find him on the 1880 census. I did see a Samual D. Karr but that may not be him .



Yes, Darwin is a Karr descendant. His father was James Mattison Karr, b. 5/2/1850, d.6/5/1919 and his mother was Alice E Wilcox, b 7/22/1853, d. 5/11/1941. Darwin is shown as married to Florence Bindley. No dates at all for Darwin or Florence.
James Mattison Karr was the son of Samuel Parker Karr and Ervilla Webb.
Samuel was the son of Samuel Karr and Margaret Lockhart.
That Samuel was one of the early settlers of Almond along with his brothers and their mother Margaret. They came here from New Jersey and settled in the region now knows as Karr Valley.
At the Hagadorn House we have 2 family genealogies produced by Karr descendants. One was done circa 1950 and the other is an update of the first. Both are difficult to follow but cover a lot of people. In the 1920's it was stated that one in every 5 residents of Almond were Karr descendants. I suspect that wasn't too far from right. There are still a few copies of the later update in case you would be interested. I think it sells for $15. I will check if you are interested.
Doris Montgomery


I learned a few more facts when I went to the Hagadorn House last Fri. which I will share with you. The Karr family genealogy that we have for sale is $8.50, not $15.00 as I had mentioned. Also another researcher found a copy of work done by genealogist Barbara Bernstein in the Family Tree Maker Program. There it lists Darwin and wife as having a son, also Darwin Karr. I think the middle name was Oliver but I don't have it here with me to be sure. Were you aware of his having had a son? If you know anything about that we would be happy to add verified information to our files.
Doris Montgomery, Archivist


FROM:  Steve Kobs

To:  Almond Historical Society

December 8, 2010

SUBJECT:  Looking for a BELL, not the fragile Mrs. KINNEY or the memorable Billy YOUNG


I am trying to locate the parents of John Edison Bell (DOB 10 OCT 1834 Brownville NY, DOD 10 SEP 1909 Excelsior Minnesota). The story below was written by his wife in 1906 when a small collection of that generation went to visit his childhood home in West Almond. I think a likely father is John Bell, DOD 13 JAN 1847, buried in Fairview Cemetery. In the 1850 census, John E. Bell and siblings are living on the farm of Thomas (AKA Thos) Richardson. Spouse Sarah Richardson may have been married to John Bell and then married Thomas Richardson, at least that is a theory of convenience if the original mother Richardson was no longer with us before 1850.

The letter below lists various “cousins” but their names are a mystery. Siblings of John E. Bell are:

David Cooper Bell DOB 22 JUN 1841 DOD 9 OCT 1930
Sarah E. Bell DOB abt 1840

And possibly
Elizabeth Bell DOB abt 1839
David F. Bell DOB 1937 (oddly there are two David Bells listed in one census which seems wrong)

The letter also tells about the graves of mother and father (referred to as “grands” in this letter to the children) in a fair amount of detail, which might have some meaning to a knowledgeable person.

I sincerely appreciate any information.

Buffalo, N.Y.

While your father attends to checking our trunk through to Big Moose, I will try to get a letter off to you about our wanderings.
You know Saturday and Sunday were very warm days, for you had them warm too, I fancy, but on the boat we were very comfortable, especially at night and on Sunday night it rained and cooled off the air so that we had ideal weather for all of our carriage trips.
We left the hotel here shortly after I wrote you, Monday, and went down to Niagra. Alighting at the steps of the International Hotel whom should we meet but Mr. and Mrs. Kinney who were sitting on the porch debating whether they should wait longer for us, or go over to the Iroquois to hunt us up. After exchanging greetings we took the Belt Line Electric Car for a ride down to the falls and the Gorge. They take you first to the Falls where you have fifteen minutes to watch the water leap and thunder and then skirting the gorge on the high bluffs, they go down the river two or three miles cross it and come back up the other side at a much lower level so that you get all the magnificent effects of the boiling, bubbling rapids and the lofty wood cliffs that rise above them.
After one ride we came back to Buffalo, where I repacked my suit case for our Jersey Hill trip. Then we just had time for a hurried luncheon before catching the train for Hornellsville. We reached the hotel at eight o’clock and at eight started with a team and carriage for Almond. It is a beautiful hill country with magnificent tress and innumerable daisies by the roadside and in the fields, and in the coll of the morning with a fresh breeze blowing, the ride was delightful. We stopped to look at your grandmother’s grave under a great maple tree, with an iron fence around it and your grandfather’s in the lonelier little cemetery up on the sand hills. Then our way lay through the fertile Karr Valley, where dwell the Karrs and the Crandalls and the Majors and Lockherts and that old Mr. Charles, who “came down the hill with a terrible (blank) We saw the very hill too, down which he used to come.
We reached Almond at about nine and had no difficulty in finding the pretty little home of Frank Adams, who with his good wife – born Lucinda (but everyone calls her Luncindy) Knight, were waiting for us. Your father got a single horse and carriage so that we could take them with us, and then the little party of six drove up the stony road to Jersey Hill. We stopped at the little house where your father and his mother used to live- a ruin now, chimneyless and windowless—but the old barn is still in use, and the farmer who rents the place and lies at Mrs. Kinney’s old house, was filling it with hay as we passed by.
The old Kinney house burned down this spring and has just been rebuilt by a very bright new green one- so that the Kinneys were quite disappointed. We also stopped at the Richardson farm house and climbed the winding stairs to the little room which you father used to share with “Bell” Richardson, and peeped into the one where Libbie used to sleep.
We called on Mora Adams and Charley Wise and Jim Wise, sons of old Daddy Wise, and on the daughter of Caroline Varmoy, who gave us a lovely bunch of crimson rambler roses.
Then we drove over to Mr. Adams’ son, Warren’s for dinner. They have a very comfortable farm house and a fine big barn and served us a nice dinner.
After dinner who should appear upon the scene but the old Jersey Hill fiddler – Billy Young – seventy-five years old, who played “Money Muck” and the “Virginia Rel” and “Listen to the Mocking Bird” with variations. Then we had a mouth-organ and organ duet, something about a dying boy who bids his mother meet him in heaven, which so wrought up Mrs. Kinney that she had to leave the room. As she was decending the porch steps, her foot slipped and she turned her ankle as I do mine sometimes and fell to the ground. I bandaged it up as well as I could and bathed it with pain-killer and alcohol, but she hasn’t been able to use it much since.
We got her to the carriage all right though and then drove back through West Almond to Mr. Adams, where we had a nice little supper, then home to Hornelleville in the twilight, reaching the hotel at half past nine.
We went right to bed for we had another strenuous day before us, and at eight twenty-five the next morning we were off to Wellsville Cousin Oscar Fuller met us at the station with a hack and took us to his pretty home where we met his two fine daughters. We spent about an hour there, meanwhile ordering a horse and buggy to take us over to Belmont. It was another beautiful day and we reached Cousin Evas at about quarter to twelve. She didn’t expect us until to-day, but she gave us a cordial welcome and called in all the cousins-Helen Bowers, Esther Morton, Owen Baker, E.S. Reynolds, Ida Hoesley and Cordalia Lanphere to meet us. After luncheon we drove on seven miles to Friendship where we called on James McGibboney and his sister Mary and then drove back the fifteen miles to Mr. Fuller, getting there at six o’clock.
They had a delicious little dinner for us and we visited with them until nine thirty, when we took a thro train for Hornellsville which landed us in our rooms at about eleven o’clock. We were up early to pack our suit cases, had breakfast with Mr. Kinney at seven – then a little parting call on Mrs. Kinney, who breakfasted in her room, and at eight-twenty we were off to Buffalo again.
We got here at half past eleven. I have done some writing-as you see, We have had luncheon and as soon as I finish this, we are off for a trolley ride.
Tonight at eight we were off for Big Moose, which we reach tomorrow morning in the neighborhood of four o’clock. Then I think we shall keep rather quite for a few days. We start back here next week Wednesday, and expect to reach home about Tuesday morning, spending a day or two at Mackinac Island on the way home. But of that you will hear later.
What do you hear from Aunt Libbie? I hope we shall find letters from you at Big Moose. You may send this to Uncle David and ask him to keep it as it is a kind of diary of our trip to Jersey Hill.
Our love to them and all of you.
Devotedly Yours,
Page torn off likely Emily Ruth Harris Bell


1/14/11 - 4:05pm

Our volunteers at the Almond Historical Society have searched for information on John E. Bell. Charlotte Baker found the 1850 census and recorded the people living in Thomas Richardson’s (age 49) home as Sarah (age 43), James (age 21), Mary J. (age 18), William (age 13) and Cass (age 1). I notice these names don’t match the ones you list as John E. Bell’s siblings. Could these names be the names of Thomas Richardson’s children? Perhaps the Sarah listed here is Richardson’s first wife and not necessarily connected with John E. Bell. I think I am finding more questions than answers.

We also have the information about John Bell who is buried in Fairview Cemetery with a death date of 13 Jan, 1847.

I found the letter written by the wife of John Edison Bell most interesting. Many familiar names appear. Apparently their origins were near the West Almond line as many of their neighbors are folks from that area. We will put the letter in the Bell file and the Richardson file in case searchers might glean good information from it.

Doris Montgomery, Archivist



FROM:   Karen VanPatten

To:  Almond Historical Society

October 30, 2010


I am trying to find out info on a Joseph Corey that died in 1816 in Almond. His daughter, Sarah Corey, was married to Benajah Hayes. Joseph had owned a mill but sold it to Benajah Hayes in 1816. I have found several families that list Sarah's father has Joseph Alvin Corey but that is not her father as all the info I have is that he was born in 1761. Sarah was born in abt 1765 in connecticut to resources I have found. I believe the Hayes family moved to Almond from Simsbury connecticut. I would like to find out birth date for Joseph corey and where he was born. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you



November 12, 2010

We have much information on the Coreys here at Almond Historical Society. First, the records of the Presbyterian Church indicate he died in 1818, not in 1816 as some others have reported. His tombstone also states 1818. For further information on Joseph I will send you a copy of the current Almond Historical Society Newsletter if you wish. There is an article in there about Joseph. It gives his birth date as 1762 and his place of birth as RI. Everything else we have gives his birthplace as Luzerne County, PA.
So far as our records indicate, Sarah Corey was Joseph’s daughter. So far as the Joseph Alvin you mention, he was probably a generation or two later. Every generation of Coreys have Josephs and Johns, etc.

Joseph’s daughter, Sarah, m. Benajah Hayes and they apparently moved to Ohio where both were buried in 1849 in Harrison Co. He is listed as 87 years, 6 months, and 26 days. She “ died in her 75th year. This information comes from records sent to us several years ago by Miriam Foster Hayes, 2247 Albany Ave., W. Hartford, CT, 06117-2706.
If you wish a copy of the newsletter I will need your snail mail address. We are located 7 N. Main Street, Almond, NY, 14804.
Doris Montgomery, Archivist


November 13, 2010

Thank you so much for contacting me & I would love to have the newsletter.

 I found on ancestry.com that Benajah Hayes son benajah Truman Hayes also married a Fanny Corey apparently after his marriage to Sophia Spenser. Do you have records indicating that Benajah Truman Hayes married a Fanny Corey? I actually found a 1850 Census for a B T Hayes in Randolph, Crawford County and it lists his wife as Fanny Hayes and it shows Celestia Hayes age 40 born in New York and William age 15 born in Pennsylvania. I am wondering if perhaps William might be a grandson. Whoever transcribed the census for Ancestry.com listed B T Hayes as B S Hayes. I looked at the actual census image and it looks to me like it is B T Hayes. Your help is so much appreciated. I have gone through records on Ancestry trying to prove that sarah Corey was married to Benajah Hayes. Benajah and Sarah Corey Hayes daughter, Sarah married Joseph Baldwin and their daughter Elizabeth Baldwin married Elson Bristol Cody and their other daughter, Mary Baldwin married Elson Cody's brother, Milo Kemp Cody. Milo Cody was apparently a prominent citizen in Johnson County Nebraska as I found a biographical sketch on him and Mary Baldwin for Johnson County Nebraska. Again Thank you so much for your valuable help. Best Regards, Karen VanPatten

(AHS Newsletter Editor Note:   "As you know, there is a discrepancy on the date of death for Joseph Corey.
I have a copy of a typed 2-sheet list entitled AMERICAN REVOLUTION 1776-1782, listing 10 men who served in the Rev army.
First name on the list is COREY, Joseph. Died 1816.
I am not sure who put this list together, but if you find it in the files, it should be corrected.
His tombstone definitely reads June 11, 1818, as his g-g-g-g-grandson, Chuck Rhodes also stated and quoted in the Oct/Nov/Dec 2010 AHS newsletter.  Donna Ryan")

(Click image for enlargement)


Karen – We’ve had some computer issues and we are not sure if you have received this or not – So to be sure, we are resending it – Please advise if you need anything further from us.
AHS archives
Doris Montgomery

I will try to get a post off to you within a week or two. No sooner had I sent the email to you than I discovered one source says his grave marker says 1816. I am not able to verify this. I will go thru the file again to try to get this correct. There is a charge for the whole Newsletter of $2.00 I think. To just copy the page about Joseph Corey will cost just 25 cents. There are several letters in the file from the 1970’s which give information about the Coreys. If you are interested in them they would be 25 cents per page. Let me know whether you want a whole newsletter or some copies. We are normally open on Fridays only but I had other business here today so I checked the email. I’ll wait to hear from you.


FROM:  Marie C. Paulino

TO:  Almond Historical Society

DATE:  October 24, 2010


I'm looking for my Grandparents record of marriage 1902 Myles L Partridge & Mae. His parents were Edgar & Lavinnia Partridge. Myles lived in Almond & Bishopville& Angelica. I don't know what my grandmother Mae's maiden name was or her parents. my mother was born in Bishopville NY 6-3-1912 Cecil L Partridge maybe you could send me in a direction where I might find information .
Marie C. Paulino

Reply |Almond Historical Society
Oct 29, 2010

I am at the Hagadorn House and have the Partridge file before me. We never have marriage records here (I’m not sure where they would be) but we do have an Official Burial Permit for a Lavinnia Partridge dated September 21, 1929. It gives cause of death as Chronic myocarditis, her age as 77 and place of burial as Bishopville. We also have a record of a deed for town of Almond, Lot 30, from Edgar B. Partridge to Roy Sanford, dated 4/20/32, recorded 4/23/32, Liber 297, Page 350.
Doris Montgomery, Archivist

Nov 27, 2010

Thank-you, Doris Montgomery for the information you were able to locate about my family. It seems like the pieces to my puzzle are getting smaller but yet all of them are vital to the completion . Marie C. Paulino


FROM:  Karen VanPatten

TO:  Almond Historical Society

November 2, 2010


I am trying to find out parents names and place of birth for Joseph Baldwin .Joseph was married to Sarah Hayes. I found them in 1820 census for Alfred, Allegheny Co., New York. Sarah Hayes parents were Benajah Hayes and Sarah Corey. Benajah and his wife Sarah also lived in Alfred and Almond,Allegheny county, New York .. I am also trying to find out Sarah Corey's parents names. Actually I found out that her father was Joseph Corey but don't know her mother's name. Joseph Baldwin's daughters, Betsey Elizabeth and Mary Baldwin married Cody brothers. Betsey is my great great grandmother and she married Elson B. Cody and her sister, Mary married Milo Kemp Cody. Benajah and Sarah Corey Hayes moved to Cadiz, Ohio at some point as they both died and are buried in Ohio. Thank you very much for any help you can give me.

December 2, 2010

I am tracing my Baldwin line. Only info I have on this line is my ggg grandfather, Joseph Baldwin born about 1792 in Connecticut. He married Sarah Hayes (born 1794 in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania) daughter of Benajah Hayes born 1761 in Ct and he settled in Allegany County, New York about 1806. I think Joseph Baldwin and Sarah Hayes may have got married in Allegany County. I know that Joseph and Sarah had at least 3 children, Joseph born 1815,, Elizabeth "Betsey" born Dec 1818 and Mary Baldwin born 1822 . All 3 were born in Allegany County. I believe they lived in Alfred and Almond. I found them in 1820 and 1830 census in Allegany county. Biographical sketch I found on Mary Baldwin says that she moved to Dominion of Canada at age 8 which would be around 1830 after census was taken. She said they lived there 3 years and they moved to Ohio. I suspect the father , Joseph Baldwin, died and is buried in Canada. The bio sketch on Mary Baldwin Cody says that both parents died in Canada but that can't be true of the mother, Sarah Hayes Baldwin, as I have found her in 1840 Ohio Census and in 1850 and 1860 census in Michigan, and in 1880 and 1885 census in Kansas. I believe Sarah hayes Baldwin died in Republic County, Kansas but can't find any record of that. Anyway I would appreciate any info on Joseph Baldwin and his family. I am trying to find out who Joseph Baldwin's parents were. Interestingly his granddaughter, Sarah L. Baldwin that was born and raised in Ionia County, Michigan married Jude Rathbun Spencer, who was born in Allegany County. I think there may be a Spencer connection between Jude R Spencer and Sophia Spencer that married Benajah Truman Hayes. Benajah T. Hayes and Sophia Spencer Hayes also lived In Allegany County. Benajah T Hayes married a second time to Fanny Corey, daughter of Joseph Corey and they moved to Randolph, Crawford, Pennsylvania. Benajah Hayes and his wife Sarah, and many of their grown children moved to Washington and Harrison counties in Ohio. Thank you for whatever help you may be able to give me.


It appears we have responded to your inquiries of Oct. 30 and Dec. 2 but not this one. A search of our records shows just one reference to Joseph Baldwin. We have a listing of Town of Almond Officers who attended a meeting at the home of Benajah Hayes in March of 1826. At the end of the page it says “Meeting adjourned to Joseph Baldwin.”.

All other entries in the file prior to 2000 are about a John Baldwin who was a lawyer in nearby Hornell. NY from 1835 to 1842, apparently the year he died. The article clearly states they don’t know anything about his origin except he came from Lebanon, CT. He prepared himself for the law under Samuel Miles Hopkins in Livingston County, a neighboring county. If you have any interest in t e article I could copy it for you.

Doris Montgomery, Archivist



FROM:  Doris Montgomery , Archivist, Almond Historical Society

TO:  Lucy Barber

September 10, 2010


 Donna  Ryan forwarded your correspondence with her to me. I was at the Hagadorn House today and found quite a lot of items in the Barber file. Perhaps no new genealogy finds but some about how the Barbers lived. We have original papers on Charles, J. L. Barber and Alonzo D. and Sylvester. We have a copy of a newspaper piece by Stephen Coleman early historian, including touching information about Sylvester's injury in battle (and subsequent death I assume). The article mentions Allan Barber who is apparently the father of  Sylvester and Martin. Some place it mentions his having a large family. We also have a copy of Martin Barber's "Voluntary Enlistment" paper dated  Aug.6,1862.  We have a paper inquiring after an L. Barber. That states Lillian Barber Hanks Patterson was a daughter of Martin VanBuren Barber who was Sylvester's brother.


We have one paper showing Charles as Town Clerk in 1872, a voucher to pay Charles $3.25 in 1909 and a chattel mortgage with James Barber dated Oct. 7, 1872. Papers on J. L. Barber include assessor papers and Oath of Office as an assessor in 1888.

Alonzo D. was an Election Inspecter (1869), an assessor, there's a Road Warrant (1859), business papers (1852), etc.


I found an obit for a Mary Barber (husband's name not given) from 1914. She died around Bradford (PA I assume). Her remains went to Alfred to be buried "beside her husband in the beautiful mausoleum just completed at the entrance to Alfred Rural Cemetery." There were Barbers in Alfred over the years.  It stated Mary was survived by severaal brothers and sisters. That is all.


If you wish to have copies of some or all of this let us know. We charge 25 cents per copy. We would need a U. S.mail address too. There may be more information there somewhere but I ran out of time to look for it. I will "keep an eye out" for anything about the Barbers. They sound like a large family with the pioneering spirit customary in the early settlers of Almond.

Doris Montgomery, Archivist, Almond Historical Society, Almond, NY  14804




TO:  Almond Historical Society

Aug 3, 2010

SUBJECT:  Looking for parents of Almond Hugh McHenry

I am a descendant of Almond Hugh McHenry, who was born april 3, 1821 in Allegany N.Y. and I was trying to verify his parents. He moved west with Henry McHenry, who was born Aug 17, 1793 in Northumberland PA. I do not know if this was his father. I saw a document that said he had custody of Almond but I don't know if it was because of a divorce, if we was born out of wedlock or if he was a son of a family member. It was also said that his mother might have been a Mulhollen.



FROM:  Ashley Palmer

To: Almond Historical Society

Aug 2, 2010

SUBJECT:  Palmer Family (continued)

Hello, I emailed you last year about Palmers from Almond, NY who relocated to Chautauqua County, NY. I have some additional information and I was wondering if you had any information about them. I found out my great great grandfather was born Daniel Karr Palmer in Almond, NY on 6-25-1863 and died 11-11-1946 in Pittsburgh, PA. His parents names I believe were Charles and Sarah (Upsom) Palmer. Thank you so much!

Ashley Palmer


FROM:  Jack Tracy

TO:    Almond Historical Society

Jul 30, 2010

SUBJECT:     The children of George H. Helmer and Wealtha Potter


I was hoping to attain any information you have on this couple and their children:

Ila, Carrie, Francis Mary...etc

Specifically I am interested in the daughter Flora Euphema Tracy nee Helmer, who was my GG Grandmother. A recent visit of a cousin opened up this search via old family photos.

All the best,

Jack Tracy



-We (the staff at Almond Historical Society) have looked into the Helmer
file here at the Hagadorn House Museum. We have found obituaries for George
H. Helmer and Weltha Potter and a Genealogy Sheet made up by Sterling
Kimball in 1985 of George's family.. We can copy them and mail them to you
if you wish. We will need a snail mail address and 25 cents per page. It
will be about 4 or 5 pages.

If you live nearby it might work better you to stop by and see these

Doris Montgomery, Archivist-


Hello Doris,

Should I send you all a check with a self addressed stamped envelope, or do you all have a paypal account we could use?

Checking with my sister inlaw who is headed up to Canisteo next week to see if she can pick up for me, as I am down in VA.

This is great news for me!

All the best,



From:  Marge Walters, Pa.

Sent:  July 15, 2010

Subject: Family of Stephen Wilson

I am researching the Wilson lineage, and would like to visit your society. I live quite a distance away, so would like to assure that there is some relevant information available before making the trip.

Stephen Wilson born born Jan 17, 1772 in Vt., died April 15, 1848 in Belfast, NY Married Anna Cogswell May 17, 1795; She was born July 9, 1775 and died Aug. 28, 1865
Stephen was bound out to William Goff until the age of 21

David Goff Wilson b Mar. 28, 1796, Otsego Co., NY
Mason Saxon Wilson b Jun 28, 1798 Burlington, Otsego Co., NY
Almeda Wilson b Aug. 6, 1800 Wyalusing Twp., Luzerne Co., (Later Bridgewater Twp. Susq Co., ) Pa.
Samuel cogswell Wilson b apr 1, 1803 Wyalusing Twp., Luzerne Co., Pa.
Anna Wilson b Oct. 15, 1804 Wyalusing Twp., Luzerne Co., Pa.
Polly Wison b: Aug. 20, 1806 Bridgewater Twp., Luzerne Co., Pa.
Polly married Thomas Miller Dean, they resided in West Almond, NY
Stephen Wilson Jr., b Apr. 13, 1808 Bridgewater Twp, Luzerne Co, Pa.
Orpha Wilson b Oct 16, 1810 Bridgewater Twp., Luzerne Co., Pa.
Robert Stacy Wilson b Nov. 6, 1812 Bridgewater Twp., Susquehanna Co., Pa.

Stephen was in West Almond in 1823; by 1830 he had moved to Belfast and settled on the Genesee River. We know his fathers name to be John, but nothing more. In family history, Stephen bought the Wilson farm on the Genesee in 1829, which after his death, his son Stephen Jr. resided.

I do have the article on the tornado and Stephen Wilson. If there is more that would tell about his father John, or brothers John or James, or Anna Cogswell, I would most appreciate it.

I'm not sure of Anna's father, but he may be Mason Cogswell, who was in Otsego, Montgomery County, NY in 1790

Could you let me know if you have information on the above Wilson family?
Thanks, Marge Walters, PA.


We at the Almond Historical Society have done research in the family files for the Wilsons, Cogswells, Goff and Deans. There were 2 handwritten documents dated 1828 from Stephen Wilson. Also there were 3 newspaper articles about Mr. and Mrs. Millard Wilson though we don’t know if they are related to your family. There was no Cogswell or Goff family file. In the Dean family file we could find nothing referring to or by Thomas Dean or Thomas Miller Dean.

If you would like copies of any of this Wilson information we can make those and send them to you. They are 25 cents a copy and we would need your mailing address.

We look forward to hearing back from you if we can be of any further assistance




From:  Meg Sturt
Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2010 4:17 PM
Subject: McGibeny family orchestra

"Stumbled upon your site - researching train cars (private) in the 1800s...my family members travelled in their own train car across the US playing musical programs - were in Almond at one time so wondering if you would have anything on the Orchestra.

Thanks in advance and hoping!"

Margot MacGibeny Sturt




Hi there
Thank you for your inquiry. I have forwarded it to the Almond Historical Society email account, attn Doris Montgomery, our archivist, to see if she knows anything about this orchestra.
I have been doing research for our newsletter for 10+ years and I do not remember seeing anything about it. However, there may be something buried in the archives files . . . .
This sounds very interesting – do you have any pictures?? How did you know that they were in Almond at one time? I guess what I am looking for is something more about this that I could put in our newsletter.
Sometimes we just happen to come upon information: One day I picked up an old book at an antique shop way out of town, about Phillip Bliss, a well-known Christian hymn writer in the mid 1830s, and it said that he once led revival services in Almond, NY! The chance that I would have found that are so slim – and that is what I mean about information being buried!
So – I will forward this to Doris – and she may remember coming upon information about them.
In the meantime, can you send me more information that I could put a couple of paragraphs in our quarterly newsletter?
Good luck on your search –
Thanks for writing.
Donna Ryan, Almond Historical Society newsletter editor

From:  Doris Montgomery


After hearing of your request, thanks to Donna Ryan, I looked in our family files and found an interesting lot of information on your musical ancestors. Perhaps you have most of it but I found the following: McGibneys settled in this area about 1839. We have a letter from a Ruth T. McGibeny to Helene Phelan, the archivist person at that time, (1975). Ruth mentions she has a list of dates and birthplaces for all 13 members of the troupe. I think there was an address for Ruth and I can check on that if you are interested in trying to contact her.

Other info: James B. McGibeny was b. 1835, son of Samuel McGibeny. He graduated from Alfred University in 1860 and married Hannah Sterritt of Philadelphia PA in 1862.  They went to Minneapolis, MN, in 1864 where he was Supt. of Music for city schools. They were there 4 years "at Winona". Then to Portland, OR, for 2 years. In 1875 he started giving concerts. His family was "the Celebrated McGibeny family". They traveled nationwide and it mentions Philadelphia's Centennial Expo. They were called the Songbirds of the Pacific.  It refers to the death of son Ray or Roy in San Francisco, I think, and said the oldest son lost an arm in an accident there too.

  Mrs. Helene Phelan noted there was an entry in a diary in our Museum written by Niles Steadman, a local resident, dated Jan. 31, 1895, saying he attended a concert at Stillman Hall last night by the McGibeny Troup. "Only 7 of the children were there. It was very good and there was a good turnout". An additional note in Helene's handwriting states a Mrs. Green who was a girl of 15 at that time says there were 9 children in all.

  Alfred University is only a few miles from Almond and I am wondering if they keep or kept records of successful alumni. The Archivist there is Laurie McFadden. Her address would be c/o Herrick Library, Alfred University, Alfred, NY, 14802.

 I hope this will help and if there is anything you would like copies of , etc. please let me know. This is just a summary. There were mentions of life in California, etc.


Doris Montgomery, Archivist

From: Meg Sturt
To: Doris Montgomery
June 16, 2010

Subject: Re: McGibeny info

Doris - Just reread your wonderfully interesting mail of 6-14-10 again...the son of JB was my Grandfather, Frank W. the father of my Dad, Frank R. Frank W. changed the Mc to Mac..,reason unknown. This was the son who lost the arm. And continued playing the trumpet/horn I believe...You asked if I would like copies...would I! The letter from Ruth T especially - she passed during the 1970s and was the wife of my Dad's Cousin, Don McGibeny, a welknown radio commentator out of Chicago in the 30s, 40s...I never made contact with Ruth but one of my Dad's sisters, Margaret MacGibeny, did correspond but all this material is missing...whatever her files contained (she was the author of several books) and I try at times to track this down but no success as of today - Ruth was going to write the story of the Orchestra...It would be so appreciated if any of the material unearthed by you and Mrs Phelan could be copied and, of course, I would be more than happy to reimburse the cost...I will be in touch soon again, Doris, and once again, you know how exciting this new information is to me...thanks so much for your efforts! Meg (Margot MacGibeny Sturt)

From:  Meg Sturt
Sent:   July 22, 2010
Subject: McGibeny family orchestra


Doris!  It is "Christmas in July"!  Today I received your treasure-filled copies...such an assortment...I have not yet the chance to study them, but the scans of JB and his wife are awesome!  And, having Ruth T McGibeny's correspondence is great.  You have done a splendid job of corralling all this material, Doris, and I thank you profusely.  The cost of the copies will be sent along with a gift for your Historical Society.  I am impressed! Meg Sturt



From:  Lynne Stamm



I’m writing for some information on my great, great grandfather Otto L. Stamm who lived with his family in Almond. He and my great, great grandmother, Betsie (Downs) Stamm are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery near their daughter, Mable Gavitt. I have quite a bit of information regarding his civil war service. He died in Gettysburg during the 50th reunion I believe and was brought back to Almond by train for burial.

I am planning on visiting Almond during the Memorial Day weekend to tend to his gravesite and drive around. I have photos of Otto and Betsie at their home but I have no idea where the home was located. Would you have any address information on their home so I could visit the site? I’m curious to know where my great grandfather grew up and where he lived with his sisters and brother. I believe Otto was a postmaster for Almond at one time as well as a farmer.
His daughters married into the Phillips family, from Olean, the Palmer family, the Sturdevants from Onondaga Co., the Gavitts, the Stoddards and the McDowells from Hornell.

Any leads you could offer would be appreciated. I am putting together a history of the Stamm family in Almond since they intersect with other families.

Thank you for anything you can find.

Lynne Stamm

REPLY - SUBJECT: Stamm Family


From:  Doris Montgomery

Yesterday I searched the Stamm file in the Hagadorn House at the Almond Historical Society. I did not find any help in locating exactly where the Stamms lived years ago but did find some things you might be interested in.

There is  an obituary for Otto Stamm which confirms information about his service in the Civil War and a list of survivrors. It was copied from a frayed original apparently and parts of some words are missing. We also have obits for Mary Stamm McDowell, Mabel Stamm Gavitt and Levi Stamm. There is a card saying Laura Stamm married Gordon Phillips on Oct. 20, 1914. There is a burial permit for Betsie Stamm, Jan. 26, 1933 stating she was age 88, died of cerebral arterio sclerosis. When you are here you can make copies of these items or if you don't get here I could copy and send them to you for 25 cents per copy.

I hope you will be able to visit the Hagadorn House when you are here and see for yourself the information we have. Good luch in your history of your family.

Doris Montgomery, Archivist




From:  Marilyn Delong

SUBJECT: Harriet A. Ferry


I am trying to find some information on my great-great grandmother, Harriet A. Ferry. All I know is that she was born around 1811 in NY. I have been searching for years and found nothing. Recently a search of Ferrys in NY brought up the names Silas & Jerusha Ferry. I see where they had a daughter named Ann. My family has a long history of calling people by their middle names so I'm thinking there is at least a chance that the Ann who was the daughter of Silas and Jerusha could be my Harriet A.

I've also seen a bit of a mention of a John Ferry from this area of NY but I can't find much of anything about him let alone about his children.

I'm hoping perhaps there are some records at the historical society, or if someone there knows of another source, that would have wills or birth certificates so I could finally find some information about who were Harriet A. Ferry's parents.

If it's at all important, she married William A. Millard, also born about 1811 in NY. One of their children was named Thomas Mackey or McKay Millard (it's been spelled both ways in official documents) so I don't know if maybe Mackey or McKay was a family name - either Harriet's mother or William's mother.

Thank you for your help,
Marilyn Fuller Delong


REPLY - SUBJECT:   Harriet A. Ferry


From:  Doris Montgomery

Just a quick note to let you know we are working on your request for information on Silas & Jerusha Ferry and John Ferry. There is a lot of Ferry information to sort through so we will work at it again next Friday. Could you be a bit more specific reagarding John?The first child of Silas and Jerusha was John. Is that the one you are interested in? There are several John Ferrys down through the years so a date of birth or a middle initial would be helpful.

Doris Montgomery, Archivist

(2) REPLY - SUBJECT:   Harriet A. Ferry


I spent a long time if our Ferry File on Friday. A fascinating experience. We have a Ferry Family History written by one, Patricia Washburn Robertson Hulse in April 1968. She still lives in this vicinity (over the county line in Steuben Co. actually) and she would be glad to hear from you. Her name now is Patricia Hulse and her phone is 607-324-9269. Her history includes several branches of her ancestors and is 35 pages long. I can sort out the pages pertaining to Ferrys if necessary but I suspect she will be able to help you directly. Her mother was a Ferry and a direct descendant of Silas and Jerusha and John I believe. (I don't have the paper here with me now.)

  Besides the above genealogy I find interesting items in that file showing things about the life of the settlers long ago. We have road warrants, chattel mortgages, right of way for putting a road through, an oath of office for serving in an elected position, some burial permits, etc. down through the years. If you find your family path through this maze we may have something you would want copied. Let us know how you and Patricia come out.

Doris Montgomery, Archivist  




From:  Kate Vlach

SUBJECT: Re: Genealogy Info

Thursday, April 15, 2010 12:49 AM

Hi, I haven’t heard anything, but from your website, it looks like Doris is only in on Fridays—maybe this week.

I wanted to clarify my request—I would be interested in any Phillips info you might have. I am basically trying to determine George Phillip’s parents names and where they lived at various times. The names on George’s Minnesota death certificate are Daniel Phillips and Rachael (Dibbel) Phillips, but I cannot find those names on any census info, so am wondering if the names are different. So ultimately, that is what I am looking for. George also has a younger sister, Martha Jane, who was born 7/30/1833 in Ohio.

Thanks again for any help you can provide.

Best always,
Kate Vlach

From: Kate & Dick Vlach
Sent: Thursday, April 08, 2010 1:27 PM
Subject: genealogy info

I am trying to find information on George C Phillips and his family. He was born February 28, 1827 in Almond New York. I think his parent’s names were Daniel Phillips and Rachael (Dibbel) Phillips. I believe the family lived in Ohio for a while after George was born, but he returned to Almond where he had a blacksmith/cooper shop in 1843. He moved to Minnesota Territory in 1854.

Could you check your records and files? I will be happy to pay any fees for your time, copies and postage.

Please feel free to contact me by email, or home phone: 763-476-8610.

Thank You!

Best always,
Kate Vlach

REPLY - SUBJECT: Genealogy Info

From:  Doris Montgomery

My apologies for taking so long to respond to your inquiry. We were at Hagadorn House Friday, April 16, and found no information on George Phillips' parents nor on George. I looked under businesses but there was nothing there back as far as 1843. The only mention of George in the family file was your request some time ago about him.  Sorry we are not able to be more helpful. Good luck. Doris Montgomery, Archivist



From: Judy Blackman

SUBJECT:  dake/mclease

February 24, 2010

I am interested in information on the Young family that settled in Almond. Bartlett Dake's wife Polly's maiden name was supposed to be Young.
I am wondering if they could be related.

Judy Mead Blackman


I don’t find anything in the Young file since I have no idea of a name I should be looking for except for Polly and that’s not there.

In the Dake file I find a Pedigree chart which was done by Helene Phelan to sketch up Lucinda Dake’s ancestors. Her father is listed as Rev. Bartlett Dake and her mother as Polly Hayes Cross. Notes on the reverse (rather sketchy) say “Father said to be a General in the Civil War. Dates indicate Revolutionary War or War of 1812” A separate “Family Sheet” on Bartlett Dake gives provenance as “Early Almond Church Records” #1 and “”New England History & Gen. Records #2.

Doris Montgomery


From: Linda Gray Flannery

SUBJECT: Rev. Andrew Gray

February 19, 2010


I have just read the latest issue of AHSN and came across the name of Rev. Andrew Gray, settler in Almond in 1796.

I have a decorative plate with the Almond Union of Churches on the front of it, dated 1812-1962 and with the Rev. Andrew Gray's name stamped on the back and reads as follows:
May 1, 1797 Rev. Andrew Gray, a Revolutionary War Veteran, conducted Allegany County's first worship services in a log church in Amond, New York. This was a Dutch Reformed Church.

The plate belonged to my Grandparents, Sybil Wheeler Gray and Dorus Burton Gray, parents to Milton D. Gray.
I would love to know if I am a decendant of Rev. Andrew Gray.

Thank you in advance for any help or guidance concerning this!

From Orange County, NY,
Linda Gray Flannery


From: Judy Blackman

SUBJECT:  dake/mclease

February 18, 2010


I was wondering if there is any way that you can put me in touch with Kathy Delp. According to a message that you had sent me she was researching this family also. If you can you can send her my e mail address. Thank you very much.

Judy Mead Blackman

REPLY:  (See message above)


From: Florence Wright 


To: Almond Historical Society 12/21/2009

I am looking for anyone who has history on the LeBar family or an ancestor alive today of the Le Bars to contact. Amanda LeBar b.1834 married Robert Wright, son of Gilbert Wright. I am looking to go back further in Gilbert Wright's family in hopes of finding more on ours. Gilbert Wright was the brother of Amos Wright, my husband's great great grandfather. We can only go back as far as Amos and Gilbert's grandfather who was a Luke Wright but know nothing more. Any help would be appreciated if you could post this message.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all of you at AHS.

Florence Wright


Although I looked thru all of the Wrights and found we had no LeBar file at all, I will send my report.

The best Wright info we have is the printed material you so kindly sent us. It is helpful to identify who is involved with the papers we do have.

I found Robert Wright who was b. 11-4-1831/32. He married Amanda LeBar 3/4/1861. (She was born in 1834.) Either he or she died 2/22/1911. We have his signature on an agreement and at least 2 confirmations of his dates & data. He is referred to as son of Gilbert who is in your genealogy sent to us. Robert and Amanda had 3 children according to the info you sent (and another source too) but their names are not common to this area now so I have no idea if there are any descendants in this day and age.

Sorry I'm not of more assistance.  And again, I apologize for the delay.  Doris Montgomery



From: Terry Torrence McDaniel


To:    Almond Historical Society 10/31/09

My name is Terry Torrence McDaniel and I am doing research into the Torrence family. I would like to know if there are any pictures of the Torrence Hardware Store that was located directly across the road from the Historical Society at one time. My grandfather Fay Torrence ran the hardware store when I was very young. There was also a small home behind the hardware store where an older woman whose first name may have been Mattie? If you have any information or photos of the hardware store and Mattie's home I would appreciate it! I had alot of memories there!
Thank you so much!
Terry McDaniel

From: Rhonda Black
Sent: Friday, October 23, 2009 2:12 PM
Donna Ryan

Subject: The Almond Chemical Company?


I am seeking information on The Almond Chemical Company, Almond, New York.  In a barn in Wellsville, we found what we think are Tin Tube Fire Extinguishers.  These extinguishers are from The Almond Chemical Company, Almond, New York.  We have been unable to locate any dates, but a best guess would be early 1900's ?

There is writing on them:  The Almond Chemical Co, Sole Owner and Manufacturer of The Fire Protection.   $3 

We have searched the internet and have been unable to locate any information on The Almond Chemical Company.   

Any information you might have would be appreciated.  Thanks so much for your time!

Rhonda Black



Donna Ryan here – I am the editor of the Almond Historical Society newsletter.  In our Oct/Nov/Dec/2004 issue, we wrote about George Young, who was a turn-of-the-century entrepreneur in Almond.  He had a mineral spring and spa business on the bank of McHenry Valley Creek near the present municipal building.  A photo of the spa building was found in the AHS archives and old=timers filled us in on some information. 

Also in the archives, the late Helene Phelan had put some notes in the files about “a business block (owned by George) in 1904.  On the N side was the Empire Gas and Fuel and on the S side the Almond Chemical Co, makers of Protection Dry Powder Fire extinguishers.”  The building is believed to be the site of the current Almond Post Office. 

In a newspaper account following George’s March 5, 1927 death, we learn that George Young was born in Livingston County in 1839, but came to Almond when about 10 years old.   His obituary reads:  “The deceased was well known, and regardless of his age, took an active interest in village affairs, was well informed on current events and the history of Almond, as he was able to tell you of many of the older residents and happenings in the village.”   A newspaper article from the “Reporter – 1927”, the year before George died at the age of 88, listed him as one “who can recall many interesting events in the early development of the settlement” . . . “Mr Young has long been active in the business of the village . . . The Almond Chemical Company was established by him and another man named D. Whitaker.” 

The AHS/Hagadorn House has a couple of the fire extinguishers, which were “rescued” and donated by individuals for our collection. 

I hope this helps some.  The complete story that I wrote about George Young is available in the Oct/Nov/Dec/ 2004 newsletter.  If you would like a copy of that newsletter, we can arrange to send one to you. 

Thank you for your inquiry.
Donna Ryan



FROM:   Judy Blackman

To:     Almond Historical Society



I am searching for information on the family of CORNELIUS AND LURANA DAKE MCLEASE family. They live in Almond. I am unable to make a trip to the museum at this time.

Judy Mead Blackman



The information below was sent to you in 2006 as you can see. The searching done today provided a little more information which I hope will be helpful.

Here I said "no mention of Lorena". The current inquiry asks for Cornelius and Lurana Dake McLease family. In the Dake file we found a "Family Sheet" filled out by a deceased volunteer of the Almond Historical Society. It is about the Bartlett M. Dake family and Lurana is listed as his daughter. There is no Lorena. There was a son Merritt who died in childhood and 5 or 6 girls, including Lurana. I hope this sheds some light for you. Doris Montgomery, Archivist


----- Original Message -----

From: Doris Montgomery

To:  Judy Blackman

Sent: Friday, April 21, 2006 10:38 PM

Subject: Dake/McClease ancestors


Your entry in the AHS Message Board was drawn to my attention by Donna Ryan and I looked in our "family files" today when I was volunteering at The Hagadorn House Museum. We have files on people who have lived in Almond as well as those who live here now. Many go back a long way.


I found the one name you mentioned, Cornelius McLease. No mention of Lorena. They may well have descended from old Almond folks. We have papers showing Merrit B. Dake lived here in the 1830-1840 period. He served as constable in 1839-40.  A Bartlett M. Dake, b. 6/4/1835, d. 4/15/1909 lived here and had 6 children. That info is handwritten by a former researcher here. A Benjamin M.Dake served as Justice of the Peace in 1887, 1889, and 1903.  There is an M. B. Dake listed in business transactions in 1855, 1865, and 1869. Somehow I have the impression he isn't the first one listed above. There is no way to tell as these are just old legal documents, giving no information about the participating parties except their signatures.


We see mention of a Charles McClease in 1833 (he bought some property). A Cornelius M. McClease appears in 1857 and a C. M. McClease is listed in a road warrant in 1912. It so happens M. B. Dake and B. M. Dake are listed on the same warrant. Neighbors maintained the roads pretty much then and turned in a bill to the highway department. It makes me think the two families probably lived near each other. There is a McClease baby listed on a local Dr's. report for 1890. Oct. 6 was the delivery date.


We have an inquiry from Kathy Delp, sent in 1999 in our files.  Apparently she was searching for family info although it doesn't show what, if anything, was sent to her. I include that info as she might be a source for you. Good luck


Doris Montgomery, Archivist, Almond Historical Society, Hagadorn House, 7 N. Main Street, Almond, NY 14804



From: Bruce Coleman

To: Almond Historical Society



(1) Can anyone help with the Edward Coleman buried in Fairview Cemetery? I have yet to see him mentioned by any of the other Coleman’s in the town and was wondering if anyone has an idea who he was and who he may have been related to? The inscription says d. 11-26-1834 age 67 years old. Wondering if perhaps he was related to Joseph Coleman? Any help appreciated, Bruce Coleman

(2) Hello again from Akron Ohio. Looking over my info. on Coleman family and wondering if anyone has further info. on Edward Coleman? He is not, that I know of, from Joseph Coleman’s family. But his age would make him a few years older than Joseph. Edward is listed as being 67 years old at the time of his death, 11-26-1824, so he would be born about 1857. This would make him almost old enough to be Joseph’s father. I’ve never seen his name mentioned as a settler of Almond. I don’t see him on census records and the like. His only mention is being buried in Fairview Cemetery. Was wondering if anyone else has run across further info. on him?

(3) A.H.S. Why will you not put up new posts? I have written at least 3 in the last 4 weeks and none of them have been posted yet! What gives?

REPLY to #3;

Bruce,  I have only received the postings above, none else during the past 3 or 4 weeks from you.  These 3 were all dated 9/26. 

Please be patient since we are going through changes of website location because the website had become dormant and difficult to manage.

At the same time that we transferred the website to USGenNet they were hit with a spam attack on their posting boards and are having to re-install over 2000 bulletin board files manually.  They will be setting up an Almond Historical Society board which will become much easier to use.  UsGenNet being a fully volunteer organization (as is Almond Historical Society), it may take a little bit longer than we would like.

Presently I am doing my best to post all messages as received on this manual board and publish so communications may continue.

Also, keep in mind that the volunteers at AHS are only "in house" on Fridays so your reply may take a while to be printed.

     Regards, Ron Taylor - Webmaster


A search of the Coleman family records didn't reveal any further information about Edward Coleman than you had in the email you sent to Almond Historical Society. There is an Edward residing in Almond in 1866 but obviously that is not the one you seek.


 I wonder if you have the article in the Almond Historical Society Newsletter entitled "The Colemans: Early Almond Settlers"? It appeared in the First Quarter 2003 Newsletter, written by Donna Ryan. It is interesting and informative about the early Colemans but there is no mention of Edward so far as I can see. If you don't have the article but wish to, please contact Donna Ryan. I'm sure she could find one for you.


I'm sorry for the delay but the Coleman file is large and required quite a bit of looking to be sure Edward isn't mentioned there. As you have heard before, this work is done by volunteers on Fridays. Kitty Baker searched the Coleman files. Good luck on getting more information about Edward.


Doris Montgomery, Archivist 11/3/09



From: Florence Wright 

To:     Almond Historical Society


Looking for information on James Carman whose wife was Louise. They are shown in the census of Almond for 1850 and 1860. Does the AHS have anything on this family in your archives? I have found that John Bailey (a 3x great grandfather) to my husband Dave Wright was married to an Amelia Carman who was his second wife. Would like to find out more about James to see if he is possibly the father of Amelia. I do not show James or Louise in any census after 1860 but do not see them as buried in Almond either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Florence Wright


Hi Florence,
On Friday we looked into the Carmans. Our files contain a letter to John Reynolds, our researcher at that time, dated June 26,1968 from Robert D. Carman. It includes a listing from census records of several Carmans but no James among them nor any Louise of Amelia. He did mention there were Carmans living in West Almond in the 1800's. Amelia also did not show up in the Bailey file. A John Bailey did appear in records way back about 1830.They were legal transactions and had no spouse's name of course. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
We have a new computer at Hagadorn House but I guess we aren't on the net so far. If that day comes you can contact us directly there and we can respond there too. I think that will be great.
Doris 9/26/09


Thank you so much Doris. I will look into West Almond records too. Amelia was John Bailey's second wife. His first was Julia Ann (no last name have I found). He was Dave's great great great grandfather. If you have any papers regarding him I would love copies and be more than glad to pay for it plus postage.
Thanks again for looking. Maybe what you found of John Bailey will be a good finding for us too. If you can copy and send those please let me know the cost.

Florence Wright 9/26/09


Here I am again with a change of info. When Kitty Baker and I were copying the John Bailey papers we found the second page of Ruth Sission's family tree info and found there was a James A. Bailey in her listing. I will try to get the John Bailey documents and the Sisson pages off to you within days. There are 5 pages @ .25 = $1.25. With postage it will come to about $2.00. I hope this will be helpful to you. Actually thinking about it, we probably shouldn't charge you anything since you have sent us so much valuable material over the last few years. Do as you see fit. Good luck!

Doris 10/4/09


From: Michael Frail

To:     Almond Historical Society

SUBJECT:  Tefft Cemetery

Sorry about the work address below but is Almond Grange still in charge of taking care of Tefft Cemetery? It is very rundown and overgrown. Is there anything I can do to help?

Mike  9/21/09

Michael Frail
Export Manager
Mohawk Global Logistics
52 Marway Circle
Rochester, NY 14624

REPLY - SUBJECT: Tefft Cemetery

From:  Doris Montgomery  9/26/09

I have passed your message on to the Almond Grange via one of their members, Nancy Zeliff. She will take it to the next meeting which will be one week from today. I asked her to let us know the results of their action.
Doris Montgomery

REPLY - SUBJECT: Tefft Cemetery


Michael – that is very kind of you!!  I am SURE that they will welcome any and all help that you would be willing to give . . . I will try to find out what’s up . .. .
Enjoy Gettysburg – Lee and I were there this spring.  I assume you have been before?

Yes – those Civil War soldiers deserve better treatment than weeds in the cemetery . .

The Grangers are way down in numbers and probably don’t have the manpower to do much now.

I’ll get back to you – and if you want to mow now, please go ahead and do it – just let me know.



From: Michael Frail
Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2009 11:27 AM
To: Donna Ryan
Cc: Doris Montgomery; Almond Historical Society
Subject: RE: Tefft Cemetery


Thank you Donna.

My family owns land in Almond on Sugar Hill.  I have no problem with running a mower through there if it is OK with the town.  My brother said he would help.  I just think it’s a great little cemetery.  I noticed Sylvester Barber, Civil War soldier, is buried there as well as another Eli S.B. Vincent.  I am travelling to Gettysburg next week for a few days.

If there is anything I may do to help I’d be interested.




Michael Frail


From: Donna Ryan
Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2009 11:21 AM
To: Michael Frail
Cc: Doris Montgomery; Almond Historical Society
Subject: Tefft Cemetery



We have received your post on the Almond Historical Society website –

It is our understanding that the Almond Grange had the Tefft cemetery as one of their projects.  We have contacted a couple of members of the Grange to find out the status of this – but have not heard back from them .   We will try to find out what is happening.

Thank you for your inquiry – we are sorry for the delay in answering.  If you have not heard from us in a week or so, please do not hesitate to email us again.

Donna Ryan



August 26, 2009


I'm looking for information on the Palmer family. I have not been able
to trace back further than my grandfather, John Francis Palmer. I am
not sure who the first Palmer was to relocate from Almond, NY to
Chautauqua County, NY. All my father knows is that we descended from
somewhere called Palmers Pond near Almond, NY. What is the history of
Palmers Pond Road and state forest?

Ashley Palmer



We spent some time looking into Palmers at the Almond Historical Society's Hagadorn House today. We have MANY Palmers. If we had some further information we might be able to locate your father's Palmers. In Almond's earlier days there was a John Palmer who took the Oath of Office to be the Commissioner for the Poor in 1829 and 1831. There was an Abijah B. Palmer who was School Inspector and a Hiram Palmer who also oversaw the schools. Meanwhile there are 2 families of Palmer descendants who are not too closely connected. Any dates or names would be helpful.

  Palmer's Pond is in or near West Almond township. I found an article about the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) that had a camp in West Almond in the 1930's. It was a Federal program and widespread throughout the whole US. The camp in W. Almond worked in the state forest around there and near the end of the article, (I quote). "West Almond benefited in many ways from the program. The local CCC built Palmer's Pond, a beautiful recreational place for swimming, fishing, camping and picnicking in the 1940'sand the 1950's". There is a lot about the CCC if you are interested. I could copy it and send it to you for $1.50 including mailing. I would need your snail mail address.

  If we had a date the Palmers left for Chautauqua Co., the name of any relatives, and age of John Francis Palmer we might make a  connection. Keep me posted.

Doris Montgomery, Archivist - 9/4/09

Almond Historical Society

7 Main Street, Almond, NY 14804


From: Anne Tanner
Tue, Jul 7, 2009

SUBJECT: Daniel McHenry and Mary Magee

In another posting it was stated that there is a large McHenry file in your archives. Is there any info about the following:

Daniel McHenry, born 1792, and may have died ca 1832. He seems to disappear from records about that time although the 1840 and 1850 census records show someone in other towns who fits his profile. First wife is supposed to be Christanna, possible surname Mulhollan and is buried in Cottrell-McHenry-Palmer Cemetery in Almond. Her gravestone shows date of death 2 January 1821. He married second in May 1822, Mary Magee, daughter of Henry Magee and Sarah Mulholland. Daniel apparently was sheriff, surveyor, and hotel-keeper. It's not certain who his parents were but possibly Matthew McHenry.

A family history written about 1900 by a family member born 1831 says Daniel and Mary had children named Lafayette and Mary.

Any info I can find would be helpful. Thank you to anyone who can add to my information.

Anne Magee Tanner


A search of the McHenry family file shows gravestone "rubbings" done by a McHenry descendant, Stuart McHenry, when working on a Boy Scout badge in 2007. He cleaned up the old McHenry cemetery somewhat. (It is the one you refer to as "Cottrell-McHenry-Palmer.) He passed on the rubbings to AHS. They include Christianna's and some of Daniel's marker. They confirm what you have. Christianna was born 1793, Died 1821, aged 28. Stuart lists her as "consort of Daniel McHenry". We have nothing on Mary Magee except that she died in Angelica, Allegany Co., March 25,1831.

  Our records indicate Daniel is the son of Henry McHenry, born July 1762, died Sept. 10, 1826. One source says he was born in Wallkill Valley, NY. Another source says Jersey Shore, PA. He died Springfield, Essex Co., NJ. He married Priscilla McClure about 1787 or 1788. Priscilla was born 1762 and died 1815 in Allegany County, NY.  We have various information from different sources. Much of it isn't very well documented as to where the donor got the information, hence the 2 different birthplaces. It just adds to the confusion.

     A member of Almond Historical Society, Vinnie Dee Hippensteel, is the most knowledgeable person about McClure genealogy that I know of. She lives in New Jersey, near the original McClure homestead. Donna Ryan has contacted her and asked her to email you for further help.

   I hope this will be helpful.

Doris Montgomery




Thank you so much for your reply.  I haven't seen that book and will order it very soon.  I'll make sure that there is no block to stop Vinniedee's e-mail and am extremely eager to hear from her.  Daniel and Mary (Magee) McHenry have been so frustrating to research.   


Mary's mother was Sarah Mulholland and if I'm reading my list of people correctly, Sarah's niece married Matthew McHenry and it's a real tangle with all the Mulhollands, McBurneys, McHenrys, and Magees. 


Thanks again,



On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 10:41 AM

Donna Ryan wrote:


We have your post from our Almond Historical Society message board, and our archivist has done some preliminary research. However, we have asked one of our members from PA, Vinniedee McHenry Hippensteel, to contact you directly – so you will be hearing from her.  She is an expert on the McHenrys! J    Please be sure that any block you may have on your email will allow her access.  You will see her email address at the top of this email, as I am copying her in.
Thank you again for your inquiry!  The McHenrys were our earliest settlers here in Almond, NY!   Have you seen the book,  “The Almond Story” by John F. Reynolds??  Our Historical Society sells it for $15 – it is a great story of their brave trek from Luzerne County, PA, in 1796 – and the settling of this area of WNY.  If you are interested in this book,  you can send me a check for $18 (covers postage) and we will send it out to you.

Many thanks again for your inquiry.

Donna B. Ryan

Secretary, AHS

607 276 6760



From: Joel Evans
Date: Thu, Jun 11, 2009
Subject: Cemetery Maps


Do you know where I can get a map for Woodlawn Cemetery in Almond?

I have the lot numbers from the Allegany Co Cemetery listings on the web.

I would like to visit the cemetery in the near future and look up some relative graves.


Thank You

Joel N. Evans

Avon, NY


From:  Melissa Sheridan Embser-Herbert

May 20, 2009

Subject:   Vital Records Query

I am trying to locate a birth record for my great-grand uncle. He was born on 26 Dec 1869. All the census records show him born in
Massachusetts, as were several siblings before him. But, I know that they moved to Almond some time before August 1870 as they appear in the 1870 census. The Massachusetts vital records, which are very good, do not have any information on his birth. I have been to the town
where his siblings were born and confirmed their births, but nothing appears for him. I have begun to wonder if perhaps he was actually
born in New York and that, given the proximity of his birth to the move, the family history was confused, as is often the case. I tried
the New York State vital records, but they are not available prior to 1881.

If you can direct me to any place I might confirm the birth of the above person, as well as his brother who I know was born in New York,
I would be most appreciative.

Philip or Phillip H. Sheridan, born 26 Dec 1869.
Horace G. Sheridan, born 29 June 1873.

Thank you.

Melissa Sheridan Embser-Herbert


From:  Judy Guidara

May 11, 2009

Subject: WYANT

I know you have files for Abram Wyant- He was first married to Maria Bailey,  after she died,he was married to someone named Henrietta? Does anyone know where Abram Wyant is buried? He died in 18 May 1904-I will be coming up to NY in June and would like to know before I come up. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Judy in PA

Searching for obit and burial of Abram Wyant-he was married first to Maria Bailey -March 29, 1832 --Aug. 7, 1892  Bailey Hill cemetery-daughter of Zenas Bailey & Comfort Tabor --(my family) I found an article-"In Surrogates Court" dated June 2 or 12, 1904 and it says his wife, Henrietta-and that Abram died May 18th last (probably last month as this was dated in June) 1904-----I know he was road commissioner for Allegany county for years -can anyone help me??? Would like to know where he is buried and anything about him -when did he re-marry?  Thank you. Judy in PA

From:  Tracy Mitilineos

May 5, 2009

Subject:   Frank Major Karr

I'm trying to find information on a Frank Major Karr who was born june 7 1896 in Almond, NY and died Nov.7 1953 in Swain, Allegany Co.,NY.

Thank you
Tracy Lake-Mitilineos


May 9, 2009


To: Tracy Mitilineos

From:  Doris Montgomery
Almond Historical Society

My attention was called to your posting on the Almond Historical Society's Bulletin Board where you requested information on Frank Major Karr.


I looked into Frank Karr at Hagadorn House, The Almond Historical Society museum, on Friday. I don't know if you have the Karr Family genealogy that was printed by Karr descendants several years ago. (There was another done, sort of an update, about 10 or 12 years ago.) The newest one has nothing about Frank but his name. There is more info in the original one, including his name being mentioned in the Karr Family Reunion minutes which are printed in the boolet.  If you don't have that genealogy and wish me to, I can sent you the excerpts about Frank Karr. He is not listed as Frank Major there but the dates match pretty well with the age you mention.  There is also a Karr genealogy which Barbara Bernstein, a local researcher, printed from information she has gleaned from the above books and an extensive file on the Karr Family going back to the earliest settlers of Almond. I could send you a copy of that if you wish me to. We charge 25 cents per page and it would be several pages if you want all of it. I could just copy the pages that directly mention Frank, son of Albert Newton and Libbie Elmira Wright Karr.

Please let me know if you want the above info. I don't want to type it all up if you already have it.

Doris Montgomery, Archivist

From:  Judy Guidara

April 25, 2009

Subject: Almond Families

Trying to find burial for Abraham Wyant-B. 10 April 1827 Died: 18 May 1904-he was first married to Maria Bailey then to a lady named Henrietta-can anyone help???? Judy in PA

From:  Judy Guidara

April 25, 2009


Seeking family names of Bailey-Sanford-Ward-Wyant-Allen-Litchard-Campbell?

I have quite a lot of data to share if interested!

Judy in PA



April 16, 2009

Subject: Helene Phelan

To: James Sullivan

From:  Doris Montgomery
Almond Historical Society

Your email was passed to me at the Almond Historical Society by Tammy Kokot of the Almond Library.  Helene C. Phelan is now deceased (approximately 4 or 5 years ago)> She authored several books of the type of "The Man Who Owned the Pistols". She came to the Almond area with her husband by the late 1940's or early 1950's. They both taught school locally. She was an English teacher, drama director and all other things needed in a small school. After retirement she donated an immense amount of time to getting the Almond Historical Society founded, active and useful. Her marks are on everything we have of historical value. We are greatly indebted to her and her husband, Linn Phelan, also deceased.


Charlotte Baker and Sharyl House, volunteers at Hagadorn House (our Historical house) looked for any information relating to John Barker Church and Angelica Schuyler Church and their families. In the Church file they found  a booklet,  Supplement VI, Some Other Church Families.  Under James Barker Church  we find "Associated with Jeremiah Wadsworth in the subsistence of the French Arny at the time of the American Revolution. His son Philip was born Boston, Mass., April 1778. His mother was Angelica, the daughter of Gen. Philip Schuyler." There is some more information in the paragraph. If you want a copy of the pages 114 and 115 where this Church information is located we can snail mail you a copy. Perhaps you already have it. Let me know.  Doris Montgomery, Archivist.


From:  Lilleberg, Norm

April 14, 2009

Subject:  George (Geog) Wyckoff and Rowena Farrell

We have the original of a marriage license dated April 18, 1863 for the marriage of George Wyckoff and Rowena Farrell in Almond, Allegany County, New York.
Would someone be able to provide any history of either or both of the families (preferably Wyckoff) or any other information?
Thanks – I may have future history of this couple but it’s a bit muddy (confusing).  I have a George Wyckoff and Rowena Farrell in Iowa and another pair with the same names in South Dakota.  For the South Dakota family I have history to the present from the birth of daughter Gertrude in the late 1800s.
Norm Lilleberg (trying to tie up my wife’s history)


From:  From: Doris Montgomery
Almond Historical Society


We searched our files for George Wycoff and Rowena Farrell. We found nothing on Farrells but did find a Wycoff File. George is not mentioned there but we found info on 2 other Wycoffs. I will list that in case it fits in with people in the Wycoff family that you are already aware of.


A Harry Wycoff has legal papers dated November 1897 and a voucher for payment of labor on the highway crew on 30 September 1909. He was apparently a resident of Almond at that time.


A Joseph Wycoff took the Oath of Office to be an assessor March 11, 1835. He had done the same on March 18, 1831.  He was listed as election inspector November 1835.


In the Merwin Cemetery records it shows a tombstone listed as "In memory of Ella Wycoff, The wife of Joseph Wycoff who died Jan. 28, 1835, aged 31 y. 1 mos. 28 days."


I hope this information may be of some value to you.


Doris Montgomery, Archivist

From:  Tim Starkey

Apr 12, 2009

Subject: Dexter Starkey

    I am looking for information on Dexter Starkey. He was born approx. 1800 in Massachusetts. He married Seth Marvin's daughter Phebe. They lived in the West Almond area 1825 to 1835. Do you know how I can find out some of the history of West Almond for this time period? Do you where I can locate some information if I can visit the area this summer?
                                            Thank You, Tim Starkey

From: Doris Montgomery

A search of records at the Hagadorn House, home of Almond Historical Society, reveals nothing about Dexter Starkey except that he married Phebe Marvin, daughter of Seth Marvin. I am unsure if you sent the paper showing Phebe listed as the second child of Seth and Mercy Ann Noble in Catharine Marvin's Genealogy. (Catharine was b. in1551 in Ramsey, England.) We have that genealogy if you are interested and I could photocopy it and send it to you if I had an address. (Approx. 7 pages.) One of our volunteers googled History of West Almond , NY, and copied 5 pages from "History of West Almond, New York, A Centennial Memorial" by John S. Minaard, Esq. Historian. This could be copied and sent to you too if you wish. Seth Marvin appears on the very first page but no mention of Dexter Starkey.

  We also have a book published in 2001 entitled "The History & Memories of West Almond, NY and Its People" , compiled by Virginia Hargraves McKnight Burdick.  This doesn't seem to go back to "the old days" but has some interesting insights into life in West Almond in the last century.

  If you wish any of the copies mentioned, we charge 25 Cents per page.

We would be happy to have you visit the Hagadorn House. We could possibly find some information through the Town Clerk of West Almond. I dont have her name with me but I seem to recall it is an Almond rural route for her address.

 Doris Montgomery, Archivist


From:  Kevin Clement 

March 10, 2009


This is a shot in the dark. The reason for thinking that the Clement family may have lived in Almond comes at the end.

Sarah Clement, a widow, left VT with her younger children and moved to Allegany County, New York. We are not sure where they lived in Allegany County. We don't know if she remarried or not. Some of the children were Stillman Clement, Theophilus Clement and Jacob Eastman Clement.
Theophilus Clement married Cleora Webster in 1826, and they had four children born in NY before moving to Michigan between 1835 and 1840: Phyana, Jacob, Isaac and Mary.
Isaac Clement married Savilla Clark in Michigan. They had three children: Almond, Clara and Edward.
Almond is the reason I am contacting the Historical Society. There is no family member prior to his birth named Almond in either Clement or Clark families. It was suggested to me by another family researcher that he may have been named after the Town of Almond.
Are there any Clements living in Almond between 1816 and 1840? Isaac would have been around six when they left for Michigan, so I am not sure why he would have named his son after the town but I have to ask just in case.

Kevin Clement


I’m sorry to report to you that our gals searched our records at Hagadorn House yesterday and found no information on the Clement family.
Thank you for checking our website.  Maybe another time, we can be helpful.


Donna B Ryan

Newsletter editor, Almond Historical Society



From:  Robert Bowen

March 9, 2009

Subject:  BERYL W. BOWEN

Do you have in your archives an obituary or other death information for my grandfather, Beryl W. Bowen, who died May 1962 and is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery A-128? I am also interested in information about my grandmother, Susie A Bowen, also buried at Woodlawn, died 1946.
How do I get in touch with someone who has access to the records of Woodlawn Cemetery?

Thank you.
Robert Bowen
Lifetime Member, AHS


The town or village clerk of Almond (both in same office) should have the burial records for the two people of whom you are looking. If so they have quite a bit of information including where born, parents, etc. I have found a lot of genealogy information off of them. They are actual burial permit records not cemetery records when you request them. Also the Hornell Library has obituaries if these people were listed at the time in that newspaper. They are very helpful in obtaining them for you. Call the library and ask for their reference person. Hope this helps.
Florence Wright March 13, 2009


Hi Bob!
Thanks for checking our website and for your inquiry.

Our archivist, Doris Montgomery, searched the records yesterday while at Hagadorn House. 

She has copies of obituaries for both your grandparents, and also burial permits.  She has made copies of those documents for you.

Please give me the mailing address that you want this mailed to and we will send them to you.

Thank you – hope this is helpful.

Donna Ryan March 14, 2009



From:  Susan Haslam

March 4, 2009


Dear Society Member,

I would like to post a message to your Message Board. I hope you will make it make sense!

I am searching for any information on Priscilla McHenry, daughter of James McHenry and Elizabeth (maiden name unknown). It appears that Priscilla may have been born in Almond on July 31, 1818, however, this information is in question, at least the location is. Some records seem to indicate she was born in Almond, however, others seem to indicate she was born in Illinois. Other records indicate that she might have been born at another time, perhaps 1825, but that may be another Priscilla. I am trying to verify her birth information because I would like to settle, once and for all, the question of where and when she was born, if that is at all possible. I cannot find any real records showing her birth information...it seems to me that every record I find just seems to carry on "old" information, without verifying it. If anyone can help me check Almond records...if there are any...I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you very much for your help.



Our archivist, Doris Montgomery, looked through the very extensive McHenry family file folder that we have at Hagadorn House, and   found information, as well as correspondence re Priscilla’s later life.  She has made copies and will be glad to mail them to you if you furnish your mailing address.  The AHS charges 25 cents per copy – and there are five pages of information.  We will wait to hear from you.

Donna B. Ryan

AHS newsletter editor



From:  J. Lynes

Feb 11, 2009

Subject: Lynes Family

I am looking for any information on Daniel and Caroline Lynes they have a daughter Clarindia M. Lynes buried in Merwin Cemetery, Almond, NY. Daniel is said to have been born in Vermont in about 1790. Caroline (Johnson) born in 1817 in Mass. Children of Daniel and Caroline:
Henry Barton Lynes born Nov. 17,1833 Allegany County NY
Charles R. Lynes born 1835 NY
Amos William Lynes born 1836 NY
Ezra Thomas Lynes born 1839 Ohio
Any information would be of a great help in the Lynes family tree.
Thank You,
J. Lynes


From: Alan Kinney

Feb 10, 2009



Trying to track down the family of Anson & Alma Adams who migrated from Allegheny, NY to Van Buren County, MI sometime between 1840 and 1860. Anson was born in New York about 1817. Does anyone have any information they could share? I know they had numerous children, one of them being Fanny V. Adams (married Levi Johnson, 1860 in Van Buren MI), Born about 1843 (my direct relative), John Quincy about 1837; Luther Adams 1839, Sarah Adams 1836; Lydia Adams 1845; Chester Adams 1847; and Amandy Adam 1849.

Thanks for your help.

T Kinney


From: Florence Wright 

Feb 1, 2009

Subject: James F. Moore

Is there any information available about a James F. Moore who came from Almond, NY and went west to WI. in the early to mid 1800s? I have no further information on birth or death dates regarding this person but wondered if the files in the archive room at the Hagadorn House might have something on him.

Florence Wright


From: Florence Wright 

Feb. 1, 2009

Subject: George Stevens/Lucy Corey

I am wondering if anyone has any information on GEORGE STEVENS b. 1/17/1890 and died 3/6/1866 IL. He lived in Almond, NY and than moved to WI. where the town of Stevens Point was named after him. He appears to have traveled back and forth between Almond, NY and WI for some years and than wound up in IL where he died. He married Lucy Corey who was born in 1795. I recently bought from a historical society in WI a book on George Stevens but am interested in his time in Almond, NY. I cannot find why he traveled back and forth between the two states either for some time except for perhaps trading purposes. I am trying to put together an article about him and others who went from NY to WI.

Florence Wright

From: Martha Frisch
Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 1:38 AM
Donna Ryan
Subject: The Almond Story

I saw your email on the AHS webpage. I was wondering if the above-mentioned book is still available for purchase, and if so how much? thanks for any information you can provide.
Kind regards,
Martha Frisch


I am going to forward your email to our archivist, Doris Montgomery, who goes down to Hagadorn House (HH) on Fridays to research, open for guests, etc. 
I think she can look up the Dey information – I do know that there is a “Dey pitcher” in a glass cabinet downstairs in HH that was returned to AHS by the family several years ago.  I don’t know anything about a bell – but she (Doris) might know.

I expect that she will either get in touch with me – or with you directly – to let you know what she knows about the Dey family.
As far as a closer Historical Society the only one I see listed on Ron Taylor’s website is Birdsall – you probably saw that one.

You can always contact the County Historian, Craig Braack (who also lives in Almond).

He might be able to help you –


Keep in touch --

From: Martha Frisch
Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2009 12:56 PM
Subject: RE: The Almond Story

Hi Donna,

Thanks for all of this wonderful information. I am sending you a check today for the books. I didn’t realize this when I first wrote, but I believe the William Dey family also lived in the area? I believe they lived in either Angelica, or Birdsall (I didn’t realize until last night that they are fairly close to Almond). I read in someone’s genealogy online that the Dey family donated a bronze bell to the Almond Historical Society and that Stacey’s name is inscribed on it. Is this true? Stacey Dey married Ann Karr (daughter of Samuel and Margaret Lockhart) and are my 5th great-grandparents. From records I’ve seen, including the book “History of the Old Tennent Church” I believe the Dey family is from Monmouth County, New Jersey and were members of the Old Tennent Church founded by Walter Ker. I am looking for any information that you might have to confirm this information, or any information in general about the Deys. Do you know why the Deys moved to Allegany county? Is there another historical society in the area closer to Birdsall that may have info if the AHS does not? 

I sincerely appreciate your help. I hadn’t seen some of the links you’ve sent me, I liked the one with the pictures that you recommended. You’ve given me lots of good information for my files.  

Have a wonderful day! 

Martha Frisch 

p.s. I am still working on my family tree; once it’s filled out a little better I will send you a family sheet for your files. I will at some point see what the best way to get you a copy of the newspaper clipping would be and send that as well.


From: Donna
To: Martha
Subject: RE: The Almond Story
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 22:18:48 -0500

Hi there

I can get you a Karr family book at Hagadorn House – the Almond Story book is here in my office.  If you send me a check, made payable to ALMOND HISTORICAL SOCIETY, for $26 I will send them both to you via USPS.  We don’t have credit card capability – we are a small, hometown museum/Historical Society. 

Patrick’s book is entitled something like “THE KERRS/KARRS of FREEHOLD NJ” – Don’t quote me – but it goes way back – and is in genealogy format.  Not a story – it is in outline form. 



From: Martha Frisch
Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 1:54 PM
To: Donna
Subject: RE: The Almond Story


Thanks for such a quickly reply. I am very interested in purchasing both of these books. Should I send you a check, or should I call you and give you my credit card information? Either way is fine for me, but not sure what types of payment you accept. By the way, what is the name of the book that Patrick wrote? 

Thanks also for providing me with Patrick Donnelly’s email. I will contact him as well. This project is very important for me; my grandma always wanted to know where her family came from, but we had little to go on until we found a newspaper clipping about the Karrs in an old family scrapbook that described that Margaret (widow) and Samuel were my grandma’s 4th great-grandparents. My grandma has been gone now for 20 years, and I realized I needed to do this for her. It’s amazing how such information can be lost over time…At some point I would like to provide your historical society a copy of this clipping from the scrapbook, but it is very very old and fragile. Do you know of any best practices for preserving old newspapers/papers?  


I can also send you the information on my family tree that I’ve got, if it would help others. Or maybe it’s better to send it to Patrick; at any rate, I will contact him.


I do have some other questions that perhaps you could help me with, if you don’t mind. Are there any photos/sketches of the Karrs?




Specifically, I would be interested in Margaret Lockhart and her husband Samuel, their parents (Margaret widow and Samuel), their daughter Ann and her husband Stacy Dey, and any of Ann’s children (but really any photos/sketches would be great!) I am also interested in knowing if there are any buildings/houses left that belonged to them that I could see pictures of (I know about the Old Stone House and have seen pictures-is it still partially standing?) Are there any pictures of their graves (I did see the page about Fairveiw cemetery and saw the list of names)? I am thinking I might make a trip out there sometime this year…are the gravestones I saw online still located in Fairview Cemetery?  YES – THEY ARE AT FAIRVIEW CEMETERY 

Another quick question; when I sent my first email, I actually thought it was “posting” on the AHS bulletin board! When I was on the AHS bulletin board, I clicked the button to submit and it popped up an email window. I must have done something wrong J If you wouldn’t mind providing the correct link for posting, that would be helpful!


Sorry for all the questions; I appreciate any further insight you can provide. 



Martha Frisch

Minneapolis, MN


From: Donna
To: Martha
Subject: RE: The Almond Story
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 11:56:10 -0500

Hi Martha

I have your first email here on my desk – and have tried to do a little researching about the Karrs, especially Margaret. 

Yes—the book (THE ALMOND STORY)  is for sale – it is $18, which includes shipping.  
In the book, it tells that when the Karr boys returned to the new settlement in Almond in 1798, they “brought with them their widowed, sixty-year old mother, Margaret.”  She became a legend here in this community – the section of the book about her is entitled, “Angel of Mercy  -- Margaret Karr.”   

According to this book, and also to written accounts that we have from Stephen Major Coleman, who was born in  1828 in Almond’s Karr Valley and has written many accounts of early life here, Margaret’s husband was in the fields when the Massacre took place. 

Regarding Margaret and Samuel’s genealogy, there is also at AHS a Karr genealogy book that the family is selling.  The man who put that together is Patrick Donnelly (A Karr descendant).  His email pfdonnelly@verizon.net

Phone is 607 776 3871 

We do have a supply of them at Hagadorn House if you would like one.  I am sending you his name/email in case you want to talk with him.    He said the books are $8. (plus shipping) 

I hope this helps you some.  I will welcome any more comments that you wish to make.
Donna Ryan/newsletter editor 

PS:  If you post your email on the AHS bulletin board, you might get some Karr descendants who would share info with you --


Ann Karr daughter of Samuel Karr and Margaret Lockhart

Posted by: Martha Frisch - 3:45pm 1/16/2009

I've started researching my family history, which led me to discover that part of my family came from the Karr Valley. We have a clipping in a family scrapbook from a newspaper (not sure which one, but I believe the date is 4 Dec 1884) which describes a Karr Family Reunion in Almond, N.Y. This clipping, titled "A Karr Family Reunion on Thanksgiving Day in Almond" talks about my 6th great grandparents as being Margaret and Samuel Karr, whose children were Elizabeth, Walter (kidnapped in the Indian uprisings in Pennsylvania in 1778), Joseph, and Samuel. My 5th great grandfather is their son Samuel Karr, who's daughter is Ann Karr.

What information do you have regarding the widow Margaret and her husband Samuel? I've seen posts on the AHS BB, as well as information from other sites stating that Samuel and Margaret are descendents of Walter Ker and Mary Johnstone from N.J. However, I have not found any definitive proof. I saw a post on your BB stating that Samuel died around 1777, but I believe this is incorrect. I have found newspaper articles that mention he was alive during the Wyoming massacre in 1778 (he was hiding in the woods), and the clipping I have also says that he was hiding in the woods. I also found an article that states that Walter did not want to return to his father when he was released from captivity, probably around 1784? http://contentdm.lib.byu.edu/cdm4/document.php?CISOROOT=/FH2&CISOPTR=62453&REC=11

I've also found depositions regarding the property disputes that ensued after the massacre, and Samuel's deposition is included and is dated 1784. So in reality, Samuel had to have died between 1784-1800 (before the Karrs went to Almond).

I am very confused, and trying to find where Samuel and Margaret really came from. Are there historical records that I can see that provides proof, like Samuel's or Margaret's death record? A birth record showing who their parents are? I appreciate any guidance you can provide me.
Thank you so much for any assistance you can provide.

Martha Frisch


RE: Knight, Adams, Paddock families

From: Donna Ryan
Sent: Fri 1/16/2009 11:15 PM

To: Patty Volker

I have forwarded your email to Doris Montgomery, our archivist.  She is at the Hagadorn House on Friday afternoons.  I hope she may be able to find something for you there.

If you don’t hear from us in another week or so, please contact us again.
Donna Ryan , newsletter editor


Knight, Adams, Paddock families

Posted by: Patty Volker - 3:45pm 1/16/2009

      Several cousins and I are trying to find a positive link to the marriaage of Chester B. Adams and Esther/Ester Knight in Allegany county about 1820-1825.   Chester was born in Onondaga county in 1803 and Esther in Chemung county ca 1806.  The young couple then lived in Lysander, Onondaga, NY where their first 2-3 children were born (1830).  In 1840 they were in the census of Alfred with additional children.  He went "West" about 1943 and died in Illinois at his daughter's home.  Esther then married Thomas West and had James West in 1848.  In 1860 he is listed as James Paddock.  Esther Paddock and her daughter Jane are listed as "nieces" of Roswell Adams in 1865 Scio state census  Esther and her children were living in the household of Roswell Adams in 1860 and 1865.   Roswell provided for Esther and some of her children in his 1872 will.
         Joseph Knight with children was a very early settler of Scio.  Elihu Knight was in the Almond 1830 census and I believe in the 1810.  Before that he was in Luzerne, PA (if this is the same man)  We do not know if Elihu is related to Joseph.  We have been able to connect a large group of extended family during our search but the original question has not been answered. 
           Please, advise us of info that you may have or suggestions for mor research.  We live in WA, CA and CO.  The Denver Public Library has a very good genealogy section.   Thank you!
Patty Volker
847 Ponderosa Lane
Estes Park, CO 80517



 From: Donna Ryan
Sent: Sunday, January 04, 2009 6:51 PM

Hi Jim

Thanks for signing the Almond Historical Society website guestbook!
I’m glad you like to read about Almond – did you see the story about Leo Alsworth?
We also had fun doing a story about the pea vinery – also the Horsetrader’s Convention.

Would you like to join AHS?  It is only $8 per year – and you would get three newsletters . . .

Hope to hear from you –

Donna for both of us

PS:  Do you get the AACS alumni newsletter – it comes out in May – If not, we don’t have a correct address for you –


40 Chapel St, Almond

Posted by: Donna Ryan  12/30/08

Hi Jenny

Thank you for your inquiry on the AHS website about 40 Chapel Street, Almond.

There is a house now standing on the location of the old Baptist Church.     I am not sure when the Baptist Church closed, but I am going to ask our archivist, Doris Montgomery, to look in the archives at the Hagadorn House (our museum) and see what she can find. 
In a separate email, I am sending you a scanned copy from our AHS newsletter notebook which shows a copy of an old postcard of the Baptist Church.

Thank you for your interest.  Did you have family that lived in that house?
Donna Ryan - Editor, AHS newsletter


Chapel Street - Almond, NY

Posted by Jenny Morey  on 12/27/08

I am interested in the house located at 40 Chapel Street in Almond. I understand it was once a church. The existing house there is located on the original foundation of the church. If anyone has any information, I would love to know more about it's background. Thanks.



Posted by Raymond (jim)Studley on 12/9/08

  As a past resident of Almond(1944 to 1962) i have enjoyed reading about Almonds  historic values presented in your articles.  I didnt realize there was that much history in the town and surrounding area.  Thanks to all concerned.  
Raymond (jim)Studley   Wewahitchka Florida.


Henry McHenry

Posted by Carolyn Straub on 12/1/08

I'm asking for my husband, Stephen L. McHenry, whose great-great-great-great-great grandfather was Henry McHenry, one of the original settlers of the Karr-McHenry Valley. Would you have any information on Henry McHenry who arrived in 1797 with Moses Van Campen and company?

Would you have any detailed information other than what is online? Also we notice there is a book called The Almond Story by Reynolds. Does this book mention Henry McHenry?

I'm originally from Central New York and find this discovery surprising. I met Steve up in Fairbanks, Alaska, in 1994, at a newspaper there where we both worked.  Recently his father found a lengthy genealogy tree online.

Thanks so much for any interest.



Rev. Sheldon Doolittle

Posted by Florence Wright on Mon, Dec 8, 2008 at 1:07 PM
Someone was looking for information a while ago on Sheldon and Lerny Doolittle.  Have found quite a bit about them and would like to pass this on to you.  They moved from Almond, NY to Almond, WI in 1854 where Sheldon was the minister of a Methodist Church there.  He and Lerny are buried in a cemetery in WI along with several children.  Please feel free to email me for further information by tapping my name above..  


PFC Gordon Norwood US Army WWII

 Posted by Jo Shipley on 11/21/08

Hello, my name is Jo Shipley.  I am researching an incident during World War II in which a resident of Alfred, Allegany County, New York was killed.  PFC Gordon T. Norwood was born in West Almond, NY on April 5, 1913.  While being transported on a POW train, PFC Norwood was killed when the train was strafed by Allied fighter planes.  In addition to PFC Norwood, eight other American soldiers were killed.  My uncle was injured in the strafing and is the only documented American survivor.  One of the Americans who was killed was a member of my uncle's B-17 bomber crew.

 The librarian at Alfred University has provided the following information from the Alfred Sun:

Oct. 26, 1944 Alfred Sun, p.1

"Gordon Norwood Dies in Prison Camp"

Word was received on October 18, by Mrs. Gordon Norwood of Woodhull, that her husband, Pfc. Gordon Norwood, had died in a prison camp in France on August 23. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Norwood of Five Corners.

Gordon was inducted into the service on March 7, 1942, and was in the infantry at Fort Lewis, Wash., for some time, and later went to Camp Haan in California, where he attended Cook and Bakers' school. Last April he went over seas.

He was born in the town of West Almond on April 5, 1913. He was a graduate of Alfred High School and the New York State School of Agriculture. On Februrary 26, 1942, he was united in marriage to Miss Helen Grist of Woodhull. Besides his wife he is survived by his parents, two sisters, Mrs. Howard Jacox of the village, and Mrs. Walter Dlugozima of Knoxville, Tenn., and a brother, Roland, at home.

 I have obtained PFC Norwood's enlistment record and POW record from the National Archives and Research Administration and confirmed that he is from Allegany County.  He also appears on the National Archive's World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel from Allegany County, New York.  PFC Norwood's Army Serial Number is 32252348.  PFC Norwood and his ASN are listed just above ARNOLD Barney about half way down the page on the url below.



The following URL has information regarding my uncle, John E. Wonning.  My uncle's information is near the bottom of the page.  



I contributed the information on John Wonning and Barney Arnold.  This website memorializes the one of the last convoys to leave France before the Allies liberated France.  The convoy consisted of one car with 40 American POWs from the Rennes Military Hospital and Stalag 221 in Rennes.  Also being transported were 1500 deportees which included Jews and members of the French Underground.   The website is unfortunately in French.  Hopefully, your French is better than mine.  I am in the process of translating the web site but it goes very slowly. 


If you have any information you can contribute regarding PFC Norwood, I would appreciate it as the French who maintain the website are very interested in obtaining any information about the American military casualties.  I would like to know if PFC Norwood is buried in Allegany County and if so where he is buried.   I have looked at websites with Alfred cemeteries and have been unable to find PFC Norwood.  Some residents from Alfred including members of the Alfred Historical Society have been assisting me and they cannot find PFC Norwood.  I thought perhaps he is buried in Almond since that is his birthplace.  The other bit of information I would like to have is to which unit of the US Army such as the Infantry Division PFC Norwood was attached.  Thank you for any assistance you can provide.



From:  On behalf of ROBERT IRVING KARR

March 27, 2009

Subject:  Samuel Karr/Catherine Head

I am writing on behalf of Robert Irving Karr who is a direct of Walter Karr. I trying to help him become a member of the Sons of the American Revolution(SAR). We are trying to prove that Samuel Karr b. 1808 in Almond married Catherine Head ca 1835. In 1850 Samuel and Catherine have children Hellen, Eliza, Anna, Wilson Karr(Bob's line) and Olivia.

According to the 1880 Census, Olivia and Hellen Karr are school teachers, still at home.

I see that there are a number of books available, but I can't tell which one would have this information in it.

Bob is now 84 years old and lives in Marrysville, WA

Any help would be appreciated.

John E. Ernest
WASSAR Registrar


From: Doris Montgomery
Sent: Thursday, April 09, 2009 3:22 PM
John E. Ernest
Cc: Ronald G Taylor
Subject: Samuel D. & Catherine Head Karr

Ron Taylor requested The Almond Historical Society's records be checked for info on the above Karrs. I'm not sure if what I have will be helpful but it's all I found.
We have copies of "Some Descendants of Walter Ker of Freehold, NJ", known as "Karr Valley Karrs" in our files. It is a book produced by Karr descendants. We also have an updated version which has exactly the same info on Samuel D. Under the 3rd generation appears Samuel D. Karr, B. 3/20/1807, d. 5/7/1883 (one listing gives his death date as 10/13/1883) in Almond. He married Catherine Head in 1835. She was b. 9/20/1806 in Pa., d. 1/1/1889 in Almond. She was a daughter of  ? and Janie Head.
Samuel D. is a son of Walter and Amy McNeal (or Neil). Samuel D. was one of eleven children born to them. Walter d.1849 and his wife after 1845. The Walter in the above title was an earlier generation than Samuel D.'s father.
We have numerous copies of this Karr book. It is difficult to follow the family lines but in contains much interesting information.  If I find anything more I will contact you.
Doris Montgomery, Archivist





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