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Index of Newsletters by Donna B. Ryan




Sept  1997                   In Memory of Marilyn Lockwood;    Margaret Karr story

Nov  1997                   Kellogg’s Store/Jennifer Hanks Wright:  “The Country Store”

Feb  1998                    The Red Brick House/Leathersich home           1935 Harold MacMichael diaries

March 1998                 A Visit to the Archives Room         The Almond Library

May 1998                    Highlights from Gertrude Bayless diaries

Sept 1998                    World Famous Horsetrader’s Convention      Almond Summertime Recollections

Nov 1998                    The Fenner Family       Elmer Ferry, NYS Assemblyman

Feb 1999                     Carol Fenner, author            Mason’s Typewriters

April 1999                   The Bayless Story:  North Almond Valley Chemical Factory

June 1999                    Al Palmer Story

Sept 1999                    Old Stone House.

Nov 1999                    Forgotten Cemeteries: Reynolds and Kellogg, Bob Broughton:  “Dumbest Kid in Third Grade”

Feb 2000                     In The Beginning. . . (Almond Historical Society, the Phelans)

April 2000                   Old Clothes Tell a Story                 Stephen Metzger:  Memories of Almond

May 2000                    The Rest of the Story (Info from Leland Mosher)       The Dickinson Story

Sept 2000                    The Almond Pea Vinery              40th Annual Alumni Banquet, AACS

Nov 2000                    1931 Airplane Sets Record for Almond (Paul Coleman, Clint Gillette, DeVere Palmer)

Feb 2001                     Ira Stillman, Inventor      Mrs. Benson:  An excerpt from Bob Broughton’s book

April 2001                   The Almond Telephone Company (Mable McIntosh)         Mrs. Haskell, Friend of Elbert Hubbard

June 2001                    1940s Almond Dam Project; Forgotten Bridges, Harold Coburn

Sept 2001                    Almond Dam Part II

Nov 2001                    A Glimpse at World War II

Jan/Feb/Mar 2002        Fisher’s Fun Farm

Apr/May/June 2002     Woodruff  Diary (Carrie Haskins Woodruff)

July/Aug/Sept 2002     The 1932 George Washington Pageant     George Lewis – Fenner Store Delivery

Oct/Nov/Dec  2002      The Ledges               The Almond Fire Company

Jan/Feb/Mar 2003        The Colemans: Almond’s Early Settlers          Smitty the Barber

Apr/May/June 2003     A Look at Pioneer Life and 65 Years Ago          AACS Centralization Project  Part I

Jul/Aug/Sept 2003       AACS Centralization Project Part II      Remembering Bert Sherwood   Karrdale Avenue before Rt 17

Oct/Nov/Dec 2003       AACS Centralization Project Part III          Indian Trail Trees/Linn Phelan   

Jan/Feb/Mar 2004        Almond’s Emily Dickinson – Ruth Alla Wager      AUC Organ

Apr/May/June 2004     Almond’s Legacy: Helene Phelan   More Ruth Alla Wager   

Jul/Aug/Sept 2004       Lincoln’s Notch           Dick Baker             Dave Fenner Remembers

Oct/Nov/Dec 2004       George Young’s Mineral Springs          AACS Canning Center       MacMichaels of PA Hill

Jan/Feb/Mar/2005        The CCC Camp and Fire Tower            Almond Youth Center ca. 1970s

Apr/May/June 2005     AACS Alumni Assn, Class of 1935 and 1945      The Fire Tower by Steve Lindeman   CCC Camp II 

Jul/Aug/Sept 2005       WWII Home Front Memories Part I      Craig Braack/Allegany County Bicentennial Book

Oct/Nov/Dec 2005       The Story of the Jacob Braack Mill

Jan/Feb/Mar 2006        World War II Memories, Part II

Apr/May/June 2006     Hagadorn House: Birthplace of Concerned Citizens of Alleg Cty, Family Stories Presented to AHS

Jul/Aug/Sept 2006       Unexpected Treasures: Leathersich, Phelan, Reynolds      Karr Valley Star       Indian Trail Trees

Oct/Nov/Dec 2006       Moses Van Campen      Clint Hamlin/Ginseng     Witter/Burnside Reunion     Vets Memorial

Jan/Feb/Mar 2007        Moses Van Campen -   Webster Sisters Remember CCC and 1930s Almond life

Spring/Summer 2007   Moses Van Campen Part II        Flood ’72 Memories       Charles Webster McIntosh

Oct/Nov/Dec 2007       More Flood ’72 Memories     What Happened One Day in the Archives Room

Jan/Feb/Mar 2008        Remembering Leo Alsworth    Memories by Doug Lorow and David Fenner   2007 Ann Report

Apr/May/June 2008     Almond Memories: David Wright/Steve Metzger     Merwin Cemetery   Mrs. Wirt’s Treasured Book

July/Aug/Sept 2008     The Things We Did That Summer. .. for Money             The Passing of a Legend: Dale Lorow

Oct/Nov/Dec 2008       Reflections on Yesteryears by Phil MacMichael      The Traveling Sports Fan/Rob Torrey

Jan/Feb/Mar 2009        The Internet Connects Us       2008  Pres’ Annual Report    Christmastime 2008 at Hagadorn House

April/May/June 2009   If These Walls Could Talk/ Chair Factory / Baptist Church/ McHenry Valley/ Kelloggs/ Karr Scrapbook

July/Aug/Sept 2009     Charlie Henderson/12 Months of Winter/ The Kames/ Fourth Graders visit HH/  Pat Hulse Remembers

Oct/Nov/Dec 2009       1984:  Floods!          Phyllis R. Fenner, Almond’s Most Prolific Author

Jan/Feb/Mar 2010        The Twelve Days of Christmas 2009 at AHS        Another Pioneer:  Benjamin VanCampen

Apr/May/June 2010     Horsetraders Convention/Irene Hunt Glover/AACS Scrapbooks

July/Aug/Sept 2010     What Is A Cemetery?/Hoof Beats and Horse Tale by JF Reynolds/McGibeny Family Orchestra

Oct/Nov/Dec 2010       Don Heers/Joseph Corey/Andy Phelan/ Do You Remember?/ EBay: Civil War letters of Ira Brown   

Jan/Feb/Mar 2011        Ferrin Civil War Monument restored/Ferrin Fire/ Do you Remember/  2010 Pres Annual Report

Apr/May/June 2011     Singing in the Wilderness – The Secrets of the Chair – Karr Family – AACS Vets Honored

July/Aug/Sept 2011     Singing in the Wilderness Part II – 35 Years ago Almond’s First Community Days – Sam Moses

Oct/Nov/Dec 2011       AHS Bldg Project/You Lived in Almond if/facebook/AHS 2nd ann mtg 45 years ago/Bert Sherwood

Jan/Feb/Mar 2012        70 Years Ago: Fireplace Discovered at HH – Linn Phelan Book – Update: AHS Bldg project



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