Cape Vincent

The first cemetery was on the farm of John B. Esselstyn (the Hasler farm), of which there is now no trace. The graves have been plowed over. In1820 there were not twenty-five graves in the village cemetery. It is now nearly full, which is also true of the burial-grounds at Warren Settlement. On the 13th of September, 1875, a stock company was formed under the title of the Riverside Cemetery Association, with the following stockholders: F. A. Cross, Gilbert Robbins, John Robbins, Willard Ainsworth, Philip Marks, Levi Anthony, I. T. Cross, George and William Grant, Norman ross, Charles P. Morrison, John Buckley, William Anthony, and William Esselstyn.

William Esselstyn, Francis A. Cross, Willard Ainsworth, Norman Ross, Gilbert Robbins, and Levi Anthony were chosen trustees. The grounds were about half a mile below the limits of the corporation, and are beautiful for situation. (Jefferson County History, by L. H. Everts, 1878 - Transcribed by Holice B.Young. Original HTML by Debbie Axtman)


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