The first town-meeting was held at the hotel of Jacob Beringer, and the following officers were elected: Frederick A. Folger, supervisor; John W. Little, Clerk; W. H. Wobb, superintendent of schools; Jacob Beringer, Augustua Awberton, and Barney W. Payne, justices of the peace; E. Clement, collector; John H. Lawton and A. A. Gray, assessors; Buel Fuller., commissioner of highways; Francis A Cross, overseer of the poor. This town meeting was held on May 15, 1849.

The supervisors since that date have been:

Robert C. Hartlett 1850-51
Charles Smith 1852
Otis P. Starkey 1853-54
Calvin Fletcher 1855-56
William Ester 1857
Charles Smith 1858-61
William D. Fuller 1862-63
William Van Nostrand 1864
Geo. F. Bartlett 1865
John H. Rosebaum 1866
Geo. F. Bartlett 1867-68
Henry A. House 1869
Hugh McCandle 1870-71
Henry A. House 1872

The present (1877) supervisor is Lloyd O. Woodruff, and the present town clerk Ward E. Ingalls, who have served since 1873. John Armstrong, Horace F. ?, and Lorenzo Kelsey are assessors. William Estes, George Bartlett, Edwin Gray, and Mason B. Ladd are justices of the peace.

The members of Assembly when
Cape Vincent was a part of Lyme were:

John B. Esselstyn 1822-25
Jere. Carrier (Alexadria) 1829
Otis P. Starkey 1836


From the town of Cape Vincent have been:

Charles Smith 1853
Truman Fish 1859
Albert D. Shaw 1867

Mr. Shaw is now United States consul at Toronto.
Sheriff, Francis A Cross, 1861-64

(Jefferson County History, by L. H. Everts, 1878 - Transcribed by Holice B.Young. Original HTML by Debbie Axtman)  top


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