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I would like to welcome everyone to my site. Since I have just started it I hope you will be patient with me as I get settled in. I will be adding new information as I go along. If there is any thing that you would like to see please let me know. I would like to start by giving you a look at what Pine Plains was like in the 1700 and 1800. It is a bit long but there are alot on names and some interesting insite into the lives of the people in and around Pine Plains. This is taken from a book  called "General History of Duchess County from 1609 to 1876, Inclusive by Philip H. Smith, 1877

General History of Duchess County

Surnames of early Pine Plains Residents

                     History of Pine Plains Fire Department                  

      Seymour Smith Academy and Pine Plains Union Free School

History of the Pine Plains Library

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