(certain subscribers listed under Poughkeepsie)

Albrecht Stephen Main Plsnt Val-120-F3
Allen Clifford Funeral Dirctr, North av Plsnt Val-109
Amster J. Lewis Dr, North av Plsnt Val-11
Arnold O E State rd Plsnt Val-47-F14
Baird James E Freedom Plains rd Plsnt Val-34-F5
Barth Walter F Hotel, Main Plsnt Val-54
Belding John J State rd Plsnt Val-88
Bell Telephone Company New York See 
New York Telephone Company
Berger Paul Freedom Plains Plsnt Val-46-F21
Bernath Stephen State rd Plsnt Val-84
Bock Charles Freedom Plains rd Plsnt Val-48-F13
Bogardus C Arthur Moores Mills rd Plsnt Val-102-F4
Bogert E W Main Plsnt Val-49-F5
Bohrer George Netherwood rd Plsnt Val-13-F23
Bower Chas J Mrs North av Plsnt Val-72
Bower F I Main Plsnt Val-77
Briggs Perry North av Plsnt Val-73
Brock E Mrs State rd Plsnt Val-21-F4
Brookside Garage Main Plsnt Val-37
Brown J Adams Brick House Farm Plsnt Val-47-F3
Brown Walter E Moores Mills rd Plsnt Val-44-F21
Brownell E L Mrs Freedom Plains Plsnt Val-46-F6
Buchanan C V Rev Main Plsnt Val-71
Buck V M Freedom Plains rd Plsnt Val-34-F3
Butler Peter South av Plsnt Val-10-F3
Camp Herbert Parsons LaGrangeville Plsnt Val-35-F32
Card's Inn Pleasant Valley State rd Plsnt Val-81
Carroll Miles W South av Plsnt Val-66
Cavo & Donegan Elec Supls upr Main Plsnt Val-51
Chorney Karl Freedom Plain rd Plsnt Val-35-F5
Ciccone Anna Miss Pleasant Valley rd Plsnt Val-47-F5
Clapp Mary S Main Plsnt Val-38-F5
Cole Charles L Main Plsnt Val-64
Conklin Harvey J State rd Plsnt Val-21-F3
Croft James L Freedom Plains Plsnt Val-35-F6
Crosby B D Mrs Main Plsnt Val-74
Daley Nelson B Billings rd Plsnt Val-36-F13
DeGroff Paul North av Plsnt Val-69
Dewey Myron C Main Plsnt Val-7-F2
Dill Charles State rd Plsnt Val-111-F21
Donaldson Geo C South av Plsnt Val-10-F2
Doty Clayton S North av Plsnt Val-87-F4
Doty Norman J Main Plsnt Val-2
Doxey Kenneth Freedom Plains Plsnt Val-35-F15
Drake Arthur Quaker Plsnt Val-50
Drake Edward Jr Moores Mills rd Plsnt Val-44-F2
Drake Francis B Main Plsnt Val-49-F4
Drake Theo North av Plsnt Val-40
Dunne Thomas J Rev Main Plsnt Val-33
Dutchess County Cider Corp Distlry Pleasant Valley Pkeepsie-1601
East End Garage Main Plsnt Val-117
Eberhard George A C Freedom Plns Plsnt Val-46-F5
Ehrlinger Chas Moores Mills rd Plsnt Val-28
Enders Henry Freedom Plains rd Plsnt Val-101
Erhart  L L General Store, Main Plsnt Val-41
Farmer James F Freedom Plains rd Plsnt Val-113
Ferris Geo Pleasant Valley rd Plsnt Val-89-F2
Fesser Francis Mrs Main Plsnt Val-56
Fowler C H Mrs Main Plsnt Val-24
Freeman John R Pleasant Valley rd Plsnt Val-116-F4
Fuller Torrey Main Plsnt Val-15-F2
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