Transcribed from James H. Smith's
History of Dutchess County

Chapter XXVI
History of the Town of Pleasant Valley


 The oldest monument of the past in the town of Pleasant Valley is the cemetery opposite the Methodist Church at Washington Hollow, where lies the dust of many that were the first settlers of this town and Washington.  While the settlers lived principally upon the territory belonging to the latter, yet their meeting house was built within a few feet of the site of the Methodist Church, which stood for a long time, and was a witness of many scenes and incidents of interest, both of a political and religious character.  Several aged inhabitants of the vicinity are positive they have seen a grant from Queen Anne, to the "church of Pittsberry," of a piece of land upon which to erect a church, bearing date 1710.  Were it not that the lands lying here were granted to the Nine Partners in 1697, we might be satisfied as to their correctness; but such being the case and having been given without reserve with the exception of timber for naval purposes, we are led to think the grant was a permit, or certificate of organization granted to the Nine Partners, for the purpose of encouraging a settlement.  However, if the date of the instrument is remembered correctly, it gives the settlement of this locality an earlier date than has generally been supposed.  In searching for that document we were successful in finding the church record in the hands of Rev. A. B. PRICHARD, beginning Sept. 19, 1746.  From it we copy the following, verbatim: - -
"Crom Elbow Precinct in Dutchess County September 19th, 1746 we the subscribers do Covenant and Promise for ourselves Heirs and Assigns to pay towards Building and Erecting of a Presbyterian meeting house the sum of Sums Enexed to Each of our names Under Written and it is to be Understood that said meeting house is to Stand about twenty or thirty Rods to the South East from Henry FILKINS Sheriff and said money is to be paid to Mr. Jacob HALL, Capt Samuel JACKSON, Joseph BARBER, Esq.  Henry LOTT and Thomas NEW COURT who being a committy chosen to Receive said money and it to be understood that any of the Subscribers Under Written have liberty to pay what they Subscribe in work according to the acceptance of the said Committy and Said Committy are Obliged to Render a true account of their disbursements of the money to a committy which shall be hereafter chosen."
The next meeting was in July, 1747, when articles of agreement were drawn up for the building of the church.  it says:  "The majority of the Committee met and agreed With Joseph BARTON Esqr. to build the frame of the Presbeterian meeting house and are to give him twenty-five pounds and - - " Here the record stops and nothing is recorded until "ye 19th September 1763." Without a doubt the building or frame, was erected that year, and the society's affairs passed along without any unusual occurrence.

 Old Hotel In Ashes - December 5, 1884
Armstrong's in Pleasant Valley

 Lightning Strikes Mill - September 17, 1915
Bowman's Grist Mill

 Why Pleasant Valley?
(How Pleasant Valley got its Name and the History of A Real Mill Town)

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