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These postcards are of the greater Watertown area from the turn of the century. Many of of the originals were heavily scratched, folded, faded, and watermarked. Although some cleaning has been done, very little of the original detail has been lost. As more postcards are added, the page will be broken down into specific categories to improve performance. 

To view card full screen, click on it and please be patient as they are quite large. As these have been optimized for web use, they may not print correctly. If you would like a full copy please contact Bonnie at boni@nnygenealogy.com

Click on a picture to see it full screen. After you've viewed it, click on your browser's back button to return to the page. Again as some of these photo's are quite large please be patient.

Street Scenes
wtn48 city pk wading pool fixed.gif (201500 bytes)
Thompson Park Wading Pool
wtn42.gif (492617 bytes)
Court & Arsenal Streets
watertown1fixed.gif (186695 bytes)
Public Square
PublicSquare2Wat3.jpg (429776 bytes)
Public Square
wyn57 arsenal st from sqFixed.jpg (452592 bytes)
Arsenal St seen from Square
wtn64 massey st lk soFixed.jpg (407466 bytes)
Massey St (looking S.)

MasonicTempleWeb.jpg (350529 bytes)
Masonic Temple

NewMasonicTemple.jpg (409184 bytes)
New Masonic Temple

CityHall.jpg (372508 bytes)
City Hall

watertownHighSchool.jpg (443277 bytes)
Watertown High School

StJoachimsHospital.jpg (428426 bytes)
St. Joachims Hospital

wtn40 county buildingFixed.jpg (397866 bytes)
St. Joachims Hospital

NYCRRDepot.jpg (355839 bytes)
NY Central RR Depot

wtn54Fixed.jpg (359143 bytes)
NY Central RR Depot

YMCA.jpg (428633 bytes)
Y.M.C.A. Building

PostOffice.jpg (386439 bytes)
Post Office

wtn26 hotel hardiman & Ct stFixed.jpg (359887 bytes)
Hotel Hardiman (Court St)

JeffersonCountyJail.jpg (351632 bytes)
Jefferson County Jail

wtn39 county buildingFixed.jpg (398050 bytes)
County Building

wtn93 city opera house.jpg (518521 bytes)
City Opera House


BaptistChurchofWatertown.jpg (204214 bytes)
Baptist Church 

FirstPresbyterianChurch.jpg (203053 bytes)
First Presbyterian Church

wtn34 all souls chfixed.jpg (289202 bytes)
All Souls Church

wtn31 trinity ch fixed.jpg (490477 bytes)
Trinity Church

SacredHeartRCChurch.jpg (302230 bytes)
Sacred Heart RC Church

wtn32 asbury m e chFixed.jpg (346205 bytes)
St. Paul's Church

wtn35 1st m e ch arsenal stFixed.jpg (213306 bytes)
First Methodist Episcopal 




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