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Researchers in Clinton County may often wonder where to turn for more information. For those of us who reside in Clinton County, or even the neighboring counties it is an easy task. However, for a researcher from out-of-state acquiring a copy of the historical texts and maps can prove to be a daunting task. In order to meet this demand, the Clinton County Historical Society and Genealogical Societies have worked together to produece and in some cases reproduce a variety of Clinton County Resources.

Here are just a few examples of a few of texts produced:


1903 Atlas of Clinton County, Ohio
By Mitchell, Thirey and Hahn. Reprint with 1859 and 1953 real estate and township maps; three in one indexed. S/B Full size 14x17 inches.
Clinton County, Ohio, 1882
Reprint of 1882 Beers history of Clinton County. Indexed. Two-volume, paperback.
History of Clinton County, Ohio, 1915
Reprinted 1999 with added index. Hardback.
Cemetery Records of Clinton County, Ohio 1798-1999
This hardcover book of over 1,300 pages on acid free paper contains the burial records from the 89 cemeteries of Clinton County -- over 49,000 entries from 1798-1999. Surnames are listed in alphabetical order. It includes birth and death dates and places, next of kin, causes of death, last known address and other notes. The records from the cemeteries have been supplemented, where possible, with information from obituaries that are in the CCGS library. Also included are directions to each of the cemeteries in the county.
Claiming Our Past: Quakers in Southwest Ohio and Eastern Tennessee
By D. Neil Snarr and Associates. Episodes in the history of Friends for nearly two centuries published on the occasion of the centennial celebration of the Wilmington Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. 1992. Paperback.
Wilmington Casting Goes to War
Letters from former employees who were serving during WWII to their boss, H. Byron "Tom" Horney. First and last name index. Paperback.


Any of the texts listed here as well as several other selections are available directly from the Clinton County Historical Society. For a more complete list of works available please go to the Historical Society Bookstore by clicking here ------}Clinton County Historical Society Bookstore


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