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At the special meeting of the village council the resignation of Mr. TINGLE as member from the First ward was accepted. The Mayor did not appoint his successor. They ratified the recommendation of the committee to let the contract for preparing plans, specification, etc., for a system of sewage and water works to E. C. COOKE, of Cleveland for $600. O. M. HOGE, city engineer, is to assist Mr. COOKE in the work. Mr. HOGE estimates his bill at $245 to $315, requiring from 35 to 45 days labor at seven dollars per day, including pay for his assistants.



Eagle Hose Co. No. 1 was organized last evening with nineteen of our enthusiastic young men as members. This company will take the place of Hose Co. No. 1 that disbanded a few weeks ago. The officers and members are:

Fred Cleary, Capt.; Bert Smith, 1st. Lieut.; Dr. Chas. Casey, Sect.; Geo. Schairer, Treas.; John Cleary and Chas. Carnes, Nosslemen; Will Riggs and Frank Hawthorne, Spannermen; Ches. Callahan, Axman; Mack Campbell, Chas. Hamme and Harry Hammond, Investigating committee. Bert Riggs, Fred R. Duff, E. Jackson, Wm. Jackson, James Slimm, John Albright and J. C. Owens. These are active and capable men and will be very valuable to the city.


Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian 15 FEB 1895



The well known political boss of Cincinnati, George B. Cox, is being investigated by a Columbus grand jury, with a view to indieting him for bribery in connection with race track legislation. Wonder when he is suspected of bribery.


The measles have again made their appearance in Cambridge. Ray McIlyar, little son of Morris McIlyar, of East 8th street, has a well defined case, but is getting along nicely. We also hear of a number of cases in the first ward.

Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian 15 APR 1895




During the year ending June 30, 1895 there were 192 prisoners placed in the Guernsey county jail, 190 males and 2 females. Sixteen of these were foreign born and one hundred and seventy six native born. Two were colored and 25 were under age. Of the total number 27 were charged with felonies, 165 with misdemeanors. One prisoner was insane, and one epileptic. Thirty were held for trial, 7 detained as witnesses, 4 were under 16 years of age, 4 were sentenced to the penitentiary. Average length of jail sentence was 5 days. Total received from county for maintenance of prisoners for the year was $1060.20. Amount expended for repairs during the year $7.50. Number now in jail awaiting trial 5.

Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian 2 JUL 1895




We take the following from Auditor McClelland's report to the Secretary of State:

Of potatoes there were 713 acres planted in 1894 and 45,034 bushels produced; acres planted this year 638. Only 21 bushels of sweet potatoes were produced in 1894. There were 221 acres planted in tobacco in 1894 from which was obtained 185,285 pounds.

In 1894 there were 67,328 gallons of milk sold in the county for family use; 600,859 pounds of butter made in home dairies and 66,788 pounds in factories and creamories. Three hundred pounds of cheese were also made; all the latter in Liberty township.

In 1894 there were 987,435 pounds of commercial fertilizers used in this county at a cost of $10,515; amount bought for this year 215,470 pounds costing $3,347.

Last year there were 507 hives of bees and the amount of honey produced 3765 pounds. Number of eggs produced 1894 was 486,153; dozens shipped beyond state 1940.

There were 2672 pounds of grapes gathered in 1894, but only two gallons of wine made. Orchards--There were 6,094 acres in 1894; bushels of peaches produced 15,1555; pears 605, cherries 107, plums 390, apples 62,966.

Lands owned in 1894---Acres cultivated 74,722; acres pasture 140,734, acres woodland 42,783, acres lying waste 2437, total number of acres owned 260,678.

There were 540,090 pounds of wool shorn in 1894.

In 1894 there were 6,234 cows owned in county, and 45 stallions.

Six hundred and seventy sheep valued at $1007 were killed by dogs last year and 362 injured valued at $355.

Domestic animals that have died from diseases during year---Hogs 168, value $872; sheep 1724, value $1949; cattle 214, value $3233; horses 126, value $4283.

Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian 3 JUL 1895





Here are some interesting figures taken from the Judicial statistics of Guernsey county for the year ending

June 30th 1895.

Divorce cases---Number pending July 1, 1894, 17; number brought during the year, 34; number decided, 37; number still pending, 14. Number brought by husband, 20; number brought by wife, 31. Alimony was allowed the wife in eleven cases.

Prosecutions for crimes against the person---Eight indictments were found during the year and all ended in conviction. Maiming or disfiguring, 1; assault with intent to kill, 1; assault and battery, 6.

Prosecutions for crimes against property---Two indictments pending at beginning of the year, one charging 2 persons with burglary and one charging one person with petit larceny; indictments found during the year: burglary 4, persons 9, embezzlement 7, persons 7; killing or injuring domestic animals 1, persons 2. indictments disposed of: sent to the penitentiary 4, fine only 6; nollied (?) 4; acquital 1. Indictments still pending, 8. Number of crimes probably committed under the influence of intoxicants 2.

Prosecution for offenses against public peace, health etc.---Indictments pending July 1, 1894, 4; persons 7; indictments found during the year: aiding prisoners to escape 7; offenses against gambling laws, 2; against liquor laws, 66 indictments, 80 persons; other offenses 1. Indictments disposed of: sent to the penitentiary, 1; fine and imprisonment in jail, 1; fine only 57, nollied 5.

Inquests during the year 10; males 8, females 2, all white; accidental death 8, cause unknown 2. Number superinduced by intoxication 3.

Civil judgements---number rendered, 375; number for money only, 122; in which money is included other than above 72, total amount ajudged, due $93,341; number of final decrees 297.

Jury fees---amount of grand jury fees $596 amount of petit jury fees in criminal and civil fees $1796.

Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian 3 JUL 1895

Transcribed from the Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian, 8 OCT 1895, Guernsey CO., OH. by Nancy Reynolds