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Cemetery Transcription Project

The Guernsey County OHGenWeb is looking for cemetery transcription volunteers. If you are able to transcribe a Guernsey County Cemetery please e-mail the County Coordinator and let me know what you can do. If you have better directions - please let me know. Have we missed a known cemetery?

Guernsey County maintains a list of cemeteries with plot diagrams and a few noted residents.

Note: The Guernsey County Genealogical Society also has several books of printed cemetery transcriptions for sale. Some people will provide lookups on certain of these volumes.

Allen or Allens Chapel Methodist

Antrim Methodist Episcopal

  • Madison Township
  • On US22 at Antrim - behind Antrim United Presbyterian Church

Antrim Presbyterian

Antrim United Presbyterian

  • Madison Township
  • On US 22 in Antrim - behind Antrim United Presbyterian Church



Battle Ridge or Four Mile Hill


Beech Grove Chapel or Old Cambridge Baptist



  • Wheeling Township
  • North of Kimbolton: from SR 541, travel 3.5 miles on Main St. (also called Water St. and then Plum Rd.), turn right (east) on Euga Rd. and continue 0.5 mile, turn left (north) onto Bethel Rd., continue 0.5 mile, on the right (east) side of the road.
  • Map: 40° 12' 19" N Latitude, 081° 33' 34" W Longitude

Bethel Methodist Episcopal

Bethel Methodist Protestant

Bethlehem MP

  • Jackson Township
  • At junction of CR35 & CR54 - 2 miles south of Byesville

Bichard Family

  • Cambridge Township
  • 5 miles north of Cambridge On east side of CR35

Birds Run Methodist Episcopal



  • Westland Township
  • Location unknown

Boden or Northfield Associated United Presbyterian Church


  • Londonderry Township
  • East of Antrim: from Cadiz Rd. (US 22), travel 5.5 miles on McCoy Rd. (CR 82), turn left (north) on Styx Hill Rd. (TR 9672), continue 0.5 mile, turn left (northwest) on CR 98, continue 0.8 mile, turn right (northeast) on Bond Ln., continue 0.1 mile, on the left (northwest) side of the road.
  • Map: 40° 07' 12" N Latitude, 081° 15' 24" W Longitude

Buffalo or New North



  • Valley Township
  • On CR26 between Buffalo & Walhonding

Carlisle or Clark

Cedar –– See Old Cedar


  • Center Township
  • Take US 22 (Cadiz Rd.) east from Cambridge, traveling about five miles to Center. Continue east past Cooks Run Rd. (TR 51), until just west of Larrick Ridge Rd. (CR 53). It's on the south side of the road, behind some houses.

Center Baptist

Chestnut Hill United Brethren

Clark –– See Carlisle

Clearfork Baptist

Clearfork United Presbyterian

College Hill or Scotts

  • Adams Township
  • CR 615 west of SR 209
  • May be the same as Ford?


  • Center Township
  • Eastern most side of Center

County Home

  • Wills Township
  • SE of Old Washington. 400 ft. west of CR 73.


  • Madison Township
  • West of Winterset, along US22

Cumberland (see also Old Birmingham)

Darby or Sugartree Methodist


Earley or Zion

East Union United Presbyterian


  • Knox Township
  • West of CR185 - Where connects with Coshocton county line




  • Millwood Township
  • South of Salesville, N of TR472


  • Transcription — Transcribed & submitted by Faith
  • Washington Township
  • W side of CR 878 (Titus Rd.), SE of CR 781 (Martha Rd.)
  • From Cambridge take US 22 E, continue about 10 miles until you pass the Salt Fork reservoir, turn left/north on CR 71 (Birmingham Rd.). Continue 4 miles until you reach Birmingham, and turn right/east onto CR 870 (Sligo Rd.). Continue 1/4 mile, then turn left/north onto CR 781 (Martha Rd.). Continue about 3 miles and turn right/south onto CR 878 (Titus Rd.). Continue about 1/4 mile, the graveyard is on the right/west side of the road.
  • Map: 40° 12' 29" N Latitude, 081° 23' 10" W Longitude.


Fairview Corporation or Fairview United Presbyterian

  • Oxford Township
  • South of Fairview: from I-70, take Exit 198. Travel south to the next road, Oxford Rd. (CR 962), and turn right/west. Travel 0.3 miles and turn left/south onto Cemetery Ln. (TR 6980). Continue to the end of the road, about 0.3 miles.
  • Map: 40° 03' 12" N Latitude, 081° 14' 30" W Longitude

Fairview Methodist

  • Oxford Township
  • Junction of US40 & Church St in Fairview

Fairview United Presbyterian — See Fairview Corporation

Flat Ridge (see also the next cemetery)

Flat Ridge (see also the previous cemetery)

Fletchers Methodist Episcopal

  • Oxford Township
  • South of Fairview: from I-70, take Exit 198. Travel south to the next road, Oxford Rd. (CR 962), and turn right/west. Travel 2.7 miles to Fletcher Ln., turn right/north, and drive to the top of the hill.
  • Map: 40° 02' 03" N Latitude, 081° 15' 37" W Longitude


  • Adams Township
  • West of Cambridge: from 8th St. downtown, travel 2.0 miles on Steubenville Rd. (SR 209), turn left (west) on College Hill Rd. (CR 615), continue 1.0 mile, on the left (south) side of the road, on a hill.
  • Map: 40° 02' 29" N Latitude, 081° 38' 17" W Longitude

Ford Family

  • Transcription - Transcribed & submitted by Louise
  • Jefferson Township
  • This cemetery is very well hidden in the wildlife area of Salt Fork. See transcription for directions.


  • Wheeling Township
  • Northwest of Cambridge: from I-77, take Exit 54 and travel west on Plainfield Rd. (SR 541). Travel 7.5 miles to the village of Birds Run at SR 658. Continue another 0.5 miles along SR 541 to Good Hope Ln. (TR 1870), on the right. Continue 0.1 miles to the end of the road, and the cemetery will be ahead.
  • Map: 40° 10' 39" N Latitude, 081°39'10" W Longitude


Four Mile Hill — See Battle Ridge


  • Richland Township
  • One grave between Lore City & Senecaville

Frame LaRue (Frame #1)

Frame #2

  • Wills Township
  • 1 mile south of SR265 on CR73

Frame #3

  • Wills Township
  • Along Leatherwood Creek on Chumbley Farm


Fry Family

  • Valley Township
  • NW of SR821


  • Oxford Township
  • East of CR94, SE of Interstate 70



  • Wheeling Township
  • N of Bird's Run, N side of CR86 - east of CR19

Gibson Station

Glenview or Tedrick

God's Knob

  • Millwood Township
  • North of Quaker City: travel north on Pike St./Batesville Rd. (OH 513) for 1.3 miles. Turn right/east on Ipswitch Ln. (TR 4940) and travel 0.1 miles. Here it merges with Willow Rd. (TR 945); bear left/northeast and continue 0.4 miles. Turn right/southeast on Fulcrum Rd. (TR 4943) and travel about 0.1 miles to a gate. Walk about 100 yards on a dirt path up a relatively steep hill.
  • Map: 39° 59' 32" N Latitude, 081° 17' 13" W Longitude



Guernsey Friends or Quaker

Guernsey Memorial Gardens

Guernsey Methodist or Township


  • Madison Township
  • West side of SR285


Hawthorne or Morrow

High Hill or Waller

  • Cambridge Township
  • East of TR342, 1 miles south of Cambridge

Hopewell — see next or Irish Ridge or Kackley

Hopewell Methodist Episcopal

Irish Ridge or Hopewell


Kackley or Hopewell

  • Valley Township
  • 0.3 mile S of SR313 & 0.5 W of SR821


Leatherwood or St. Johns



  • Richland Township
  • Junction of CR74 & CR59

Lepage or Pigeon Gap

  • Cambridge Township
  • On Pigeon Gap Road on west side about 2 miles north of SR209. Behind a home.

Log Cabin

  • Adams Township
  • SR 658, north of SR 209
  • Same as Sarchet Run?

Logan — See Miller's Fork United Presbyterian

Londonderry Convenanter or Scotch Covenanter

Londonderry Methodist

  • Londonderry Township
  • In Londonderry at rear of United Methodist Church

Londonderry United Presbyterian or Sunset View

Lore City #1

Lore City #2

  • Wills Township (north side)


  • Center Township
  • From Cambridge, travel east on US 22 (Cadiz Rd.), traveling about 7.5 miles until you have crossed the Salt Fork Reservoir. Turn right (south) onto Beeham Run Rd. (CR 57) and stop. The cemetery is on the left (east) side of the road, about 1000 ft. through some woods.
  • From Old Washington, take Beeham Run Rd. (CR 57) north until just before US 22 (Cadiz Rd.), and stop. The cemetery is on the right (east) side of the road, about 1000 ft. through some woods.



McKitrick's — See Miller's Fork United Presbyterian

McQuade or Old Washington Presbyterian


  • Oxford Township
  • 700 ft north of CR690 at east end of Middlebourne

Miller's Fork United Presbyterian or Logan or McKitrick's

  • Londonderry Township

Millwood Township

  • Millwood Township
  • On CR75 near Noble Co line


  • The names on two headstones are Edward Milner and Sarah Milner.
  • Center Township
  • From Interstate 77 exit 46 (just east of Cambridge), travel east on U.S. 40 (E. Pike Rd.) about 0.6 miles;
    Turn right (south) onto Corduroy Rd. (CR 341) and continue about 1.6 miles.
    (Note: after about 0.3 miles Corduroy Rd. changes its name to Sigman Rd., and after another 0.8 miles it changes its name to Reservoir Rd (TR 452); after another 0.2 miles the road turns west; continue about 0.3 miles.)
    Turn right (south) onto the unnamed road and continue 0.2 miles.
    Located on the left (west) side of the road.
  • Map: 40° 00' 21" N Latitude, 081° 31' 50" W Longitude

Morrow — See Hawthorne

Mt. Calvary

Mt. Calvary Roman Catholic

Mt. Herman

Mt. Zion Baptist

New Goettengen

  • Richland Township
  • 4 miles NE of Senecaville on TR473 north of CR472

New North — See Buffalo

North Salem

Northfield Associated United Presbyterian Church — See Boden


Old Baptist — See Sarchet Run

Old Birmingham or Cumberland

Old Cambridge Baptist — See Beech Grove Chapel

Old Cedar or Cedar or Seceder Church

Old Chapel or Yankee Point

Old City or South

Old Hartford

Old Kimbolton

Old Senecaville — See Senecaville

Old Washington

Old Washington Presbyterian — See McQuade


  • Cambridge Township
  • North of Cambridge, west of CR35 south side of TR639

Pigeon Gap — See Lepage

Pisgah Church of Christ

Pleasant City Protestant

Pleasant Hill

  • Oxford Township
  • East of TR9667, W of CR95 - 1 miles NW of Fairview

Pleasant Hill Methodist Protestant

Pleasant Hill United Presbyterian


  • Richland Township
  • SE of the Old Concord Church near junction of SR313 & TR74

Quaker — See Guernsey Friends


  • Transcription Transcribed and Submitted by Teresa.
  • Westland Township
  • N of US40 on TR4110 1 mile E of New Concord

Richland Meeting Cemetery

  • Millwood Township
  • 1 mile north of SR265 at Eldon

Robins or St. Michaels Greek Orthodox or Trail Run


  • Jackson Township
  • West of CR35 near north fence of I77 rest area.

St. Johns — See Leatherwood

St. Michael’s

  • Valley Township
  • 3 mile NE of Pleasant City on CR26

St. Michaels Greek Orthodox — See Robins

St. Patrick’s Catholic

  • Richland Township
  • From Interstate 77 exit 46 (just east of Cambridge), travel east on U.S. 40 (E. Pike Rd.) about 2.5 miles;
    Turn right (south) onto Leatherwood Rd. (OH 265) and continue about 7.5 miles;
    Turn right (south) onto Gildea Rd. (TR 742) and continue 0.7 miles;
    Located on the left (east) side of the road;
    Just north of Raven Rd. (TR 473).
  • Map: 39° 58' 35" N Latitude, 081° 23' 54" W Longitude

Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic

  • Richland Township
  • SE section of Lore City

Salem Baptist

Salesville Methodist Episcopal

  • Millwood Township
  • On SR265, 0.2 miles West of Salesville

Salesville United Brethren

  • Millwood Township
  • On SR265 at Salesville

Salt Fork Baptist

Sandhill United Presbyterian


  • Transcription - Transcribed and submitted by Nancy Misel
  • Cambridge Township
  • 5 miles north of Cambridge south side of TR631 - near Peter Sarchet Stone House

Sarchet Run or Old Baptist

School or Union Hill

Scotch Covenanter — See Londonderry Convenanter


  • Oxford Township
  • 1 mile south of CR690 on TR91

Scotts — See College Hill

Seceder Church — See Old Cedar

Senecaville or Old Senecaville


South — See Old City


  • Westland Township
  • On TR4132, S of US22 & US40 6 miles west of Cambridge


  • Spencer Township
  • TR125 1 mile S of SR313


  • Oxford Township
  • 450 ft E of TR965, 1 mile south of CR690

Sugartree Methodist — See Darby

Sugartree Church

  • Jefferson Township
  • East of TR587 & TR871


  • Adams Township
  • West of Cambridge: from 8th St. downtown, travel west 3.5 miles on US 22/US 40/Dewey Ave./John Glenn Hwy. Turn right (north) on Jackson Run Rd. (TR 19), and continue 0.4 miles, to just past where the road bends to the left. On the right (east) side of the road there is a gravelly pull-off. Park here, then walk east along the abandoned, overgrown road up the hill about 1/4 mile.
  • Map: 40° 01' 02" N , 081° 38' 32" W Longitude

Sunset View #1

  • Liberty Township

Sunset View #2 — See Londonderry United Presbyterian

Tedrick — See Glenview

Township — See Guernsey Methodist

Trail Run — See Robins


  • Valley Township
  • West side of Route 821 behind Dewdrop Inn.

Union Hill — See School

Unknown name

  • Spencer Township
  • TR15 (Singer Rd.), E of SR83, 2 miles N of Cumberland

Unknown name

  • Jackson Township
  • Along Wills Creek, east of TR347, south of CR35, North of Byesville

Unknown name

  • Jackson Township
  • West of Byesville sewage plant - Northeast of Byesville

Unknown name

  • Millwood Township
  • North of CR47 (Putney Ridge Rd.) - West of TR943 - NE of Junction of TR95 & TR949

Waller — See High Hill


  • Knox Township
  • 1 grave near Indian Camp


  • Center Township
  • From Cambridge, travel east on US 22 (Cadiz Rd.) about 7.5 miles, until just before Salt Fork. It's on the north side of the road, on a hill under some power lines.
  • Warning: there is no easy access to this cemetery; you must follow the power lines up the hill, climbing through brambles to get there! Wear good boots and bring a pruner or a machete.
  • Map: 40° 04' 09" N Latitude, 081° 29' 39" W Longitude


  • Wills Township
  • From Cambridge: travel east on I-70, getting off at Exit 186, and turn right (south) onto OH 285 (Wintergreen Rd.). Continue about 3.5 miles until you reach OH 265 (Leatherwood Rd., just north of Lore City). Turn left (east) and continue about 3 miles, about half a mile past Salem Rd. (CR 74). On the left side of the road (north), about 500 ft. up a knob.
  • Map: 39° 59' 10" N Latitude, 081° 24' 20" W Longitude


  • Wills Township
  • 1/2 mile east of TR7451 on SR265

Wirick or Culbertsons

  • Jefferson Township
  • East dead end of Salt Fork - Park Road 56, east of TR5671 - southeast of US 22



  • Adams Township
  • SR 658 north of SR 209


Yankee Point — See Old Chapel

Zane Trace

  • Center Township
  • East of Four Mile Hill, north of US 40, between TR55 and CR54; 4 1/4 miles east of Cambridge

Zion — See also Earley

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