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Industrial Cambridge

After a steady run of a year the old rolling mill was closed down Saturday for one week, during which time repairs will be made and the employees will take a much needed vacation. The tin mill will continue in operation. Saturday evening Manager Beard signed the wage scale for a year to come and no repairs being necessary no stoppage will occur until the evening of the 3rd. when work will cease until Monday following. The good which these two institutions do for the community is only realized when one or both concerns are in a flourishing condition with plenty of orders ahead. Cambridge galvanized iron is known for its superiority all over the country. Cambridge iron and steel roofing has an equally good name and the success of Cambridge high grade tin plate in so short a time has been wonderful. We are told that three fourths of the products of the tin mill are sold to consumers who previously stated that American tin was not good enough for them.

The labor element of Cambridge is kept busy, both rolling mills and the corrugating works are running full time. The C. & M. shops have plenty of work and the projected improvements along that line of railroad during the fall will make matters livelier that ever. The chair factory and minor industries furnish employment to a large number of people and new houses are being rapidly built all over the city. Cambridge has always been a city of steady growth, but never more sure than now.

Date: 1895 JUL 1
Source: The Daily Jeffersonian
Cambridge, Guernsey Co., OH

Submitter: Nancy Reynolds

2003 March 20
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