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Portrait and Biographical Record of
Guernsey County, Ohio

Chicago: C.O. Owen & Co., 1895

Detailed Index of Institutions

© Copyright 2001 Scott R. C. Anderson

This is an index of named institutions that were associated with particular individuals. Hopefully it will help locate associated families or others whose names are not known,.

Please note: the entire book has not yet been processed, so not every page has been indexed yet. See the Table of Contents for an idea of how much has been covered.

Text locations are referenced as <page><column><paragraph>, e.g. "323B4". Paragraphs so referenced may be partial at the top and bottom of each column.

Different people with the same name are distinguished, when possible, by age or generation, using "Jr./Sr." or "I/II/III", etc. This does not necessarily denote a parent-child relationship. Otherwise, arabic numerals will be used, e.g. "1/2/3", but that is a random assignment.

Note also that there may be variations in the spelling of the same name, but they are included here as written. For example, John Kennon, John Kennin, and John Kinnon may well be the same person, but you'll have to make that assumption for yourself.

Black Diamond Lodge No. 267 New Philadelphia, OH SOUERS Enos S. 496A2


Muskingum HAMMOND James 497A2

Ohio State and Union Law
. . . . .
DOUTHITT Fletcher, Judge 323A1
Companies Buckeye Coal and Coke
. . . . .
FOLTZ Henry, Jr. 325B3
. . . . .
Samuel, Col. 325B3
Fulton Coal
. . . . .
FOLTZ Henry Jr. 325B3
. . . . .
Samuel, Col. 325B3
Walton Ridge Mine
. . . . .
FOLTZ Henry, Jr. 325B3
. . . . .
Samuel, Col. 325B3
Wheeling, Medina & Tuscarawas Valley Railroad
. . . . .
FOLTZ Henry, Jr. 325B3
. . . . .
Samuel, Col. 325B3
Willow Bank Coal
. . . . .
FOLTZ Henry, Jr. 325B3
. . . . .
Samuel, Col. 325B3
Knights of the Maccabees Goshen Tent No. 36 New Philadelphia, OH SOUERS Enos S. 496A2

Grand Army of the Republic

Andrew Crawford Post No. 6 New Philadelphia, OH DOUTHITT Fletcher, Judge 323A3


United States Antrim, OH STOCKDALE James 323B3, 324B5
Knights of Pythias
. . . . .
New Philadelphia, OH SOUERS Enos S. 496A2
Odd Fellows Lodge No. 107 New Philadelphia, OH DOUTHITT Fletcher, Judge 323A3
Ohio National Guards
. . . . .
. . . . .
HAMMOND David 497A2

Ohio Volunteer Infantry

15th Regiment
. . . . .
HAMMOND Charles 497B1
  HAMMOND Johnson 497B1
Company B SALMON Milton L. 510A1
  SEGMAN Thomas 510A1
  SELDERS John 510A1
  TANDY William 510A1
  THOMPSON Benjamin 510A1
  VANCE Samuel 510A1
26th Regiment
. . . . .
GREGG Israel 510A4
  MARSH David C. 510A4
  WEEDON Alfred 510A4
Company D FRAZIER Alexander, Capt. 510A5
  James A. 510A5
  William T. 510A5
Company F ANDERSON Robert 510A6
  BAILEY Jarrett E. 510B1
  BARNETT Samuel C. 510A6
  BARTON J. J. 510B1
  BEAL Abraham R. 510B1
  BOYD Walter 510B1
  BRANINGER Frederick 510B1
  BRILL Benjamin F. 510B1
  Emanuel 510B1
  Francis M. 510B1
  James E. 510B1
  BRINDLEY Henry 510B1
  BROWN Robert J. 510A6
  BURLINGAME Ferdinand 510A6
  Fortunatis 510A6
  Justin 510B1
  BUXTON Daniel I. 510B1
  CALVERT Alfred 510B1
  CAMP Albert A. 510B1
  CANADY Jacob A. 510B1
  CHANCE Benjamin H. 510A6
  CLIPNER John 510B1
  COWAN Andrew M. 510B1
  COWGILL Lewis 510B1
  CRAIG Robert F. 510B1
  CREPPS William A. 510B1
  CROFT William H. 510B1
  CROUCH Joseph C. 510B1
  DENNIS Peter, Lieut. 510A6
  ENGLE Moses F. 510B1
  FERGUSON John, Capt. 510A6
  FINN Owen 510B1
  FOLKET John 510A6
  FRAME Sylvester 510B1
  FRAZIER Alexander, Lieut. 510A6
  FULTON William 510B1
  GARLIN Isaac 510B1
  GAUMER Anthony 510A6
  GITCHEL Ferdinand 510A6
  GREEN Isaac 510B1
  HANCOCK George 510A6
  HERLY Cornelius 510B1
  HILLMAN William P. 510A6
  HULL George R. 510A6
  Joseph M. 510A6
  Madison 510B1
  JACKSON Michael W. 510A6
  JOHNSON Philander 510B1
  JONES Charles S. 510B1
  Garrett E. 510B1
  KENDALL Andrew I. 510B1
  KERR Jonathan 510B1
  KESLER John 510B1
  LARRISON Robert 510B1
  LEWIS Alwood S. 510B1
  LONG Isaac 510B1
  MARSH David C. 510B1
  McKINNY Alexander 510A6
  McPEAK Joshua 510B1
  Mordecai 510B1
  MOORE Alexander C. 510A6
  MORRISON Perry A. 510B1
  MURDOCK Andrew 510B1
  NEELAND Thomas M. 510B1
  NEWLAND Asa 510B1
  Elza 510B1
  Stephen 510B1
  NOBLE Cyrus B. 510A6
  OGAN Philip M., Lieut. 510A6
  OSBORN Charles 510A6
  OSTLER John H. 510A6
  PAINE John W. 510B1
  PATTERSON Josiah 510B1
  PRATT George W. 510B1
  James T. 510B1
  RABE Bryan 510A6
  RANKIN John 510B1
  REIMER William 510B1
  RICHARDS John 510B1
  RICHEY John W. 510A6
  ROBE Josiah P. 510B1
  ROBINSON Samuel F. 510B1
  ROBISON George W. 510B1
  RYNER Solomon 510B1
  SCARBOROUGH Joseph F. 510A6
  SHRIVER John F. 510B1
  SHUN Adrian 510B1
  SINES John 510A6
  SMITH Jacob C. 510B1
  Mathias W. 510A6
  STEELE William 510B1
  STEWART David W. 510B1
  STONER Francis A. 510B1
  TANDY James B. 510B1
  THOMAS Rudolph 510B1
  THOMPSON Alva H. 510B1
  Edward 510B1
  TILLETT Augustus C. 510A6
  TILLOTT John W. 510B1
  TODD David 510B1
  Joseph 510A6
  TYSON Ira 510B1
  VANDERMACK Peter 510B1
  VINING Henry W. 510B1
  WEAVER William 510B1
  WEBSTER John 510B1
  WEEDON Alfred 510B1
  WELLS Edwin 510B1
  WHARTON Jacob 510B1
  Lewis 510B1
  WILSON James H. 510B1
  WISHARD S. G. 510A6

62nd Regiment


87th Regiment

Company I DOUTHITT Fletcher, Judge 323A4

97th Regiment

  HAMMOND David 497A2
160th Regiment
. . . . .
HAMMOND William 497A2
  HAMMOND John 497A2
172nd Regiment
. . . . .
HAMMOND James 497A2
Schools Bell's Wheeling Twp., Guernsey Co., OH
Universities Ohio Wesleyan Delaware, OH DOUTHITT Fletcher, Judge 323A1

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