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Walker picnic
Submitted by; Patricia D. (Walker) Davis
The picnic at Camb.City Park/abt.1963 - Walker Reunion?
front: David, Susan, Charles, Patrick, Jennifer & Willard Walker
middle: Clovis Wm.Walker 3rd, Carol & Ellen Harbin, Robert, Julia, Jennie, Patricia Walker
back: Clovis P. Walker Sr. & Clovis L. Walker Jr.
Carol and Ellen are the children of Clyde & Leona(Walker)Harbin. Robert and Susan are the children of Wilford Walker. David had stiches in his head & that's why it's wrapped. David, Clovis Wm., Patricia, Patrick (twins), Charles, Jennifer, Willard and Julia are Children of Clovis L.& Mary(Huntsman)Walker

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