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Last Will and Testament of

Elizabeth HAMMOND

From Guernsey County Probate Court Will Book B, p. 231

Written 1821 January 6; recorded 1848 November 17

Transcribed and submitted by Leslyn Lang.

In the name of God, I, Elizabeth Hammond wife of George Hammond late of Brook County, in the State of Virginia, deceased, do make ordain, and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following. To wit:

First: As testrix of the Estate of my late husband, George Hammond I am of the time of the execution of this will indebted to my daughters, Nancy Hammond and Catherine Merryman a part of the sum due from their father’s estate, which it is my intention to pay as soon as possible; but should I die and leave the same or any part thereof unpaid, then I hereby direct that the said remaining balance be paid out of my moneys or property I may own at the time of my death.

Second: Thomas Crawford, the husband of my deceased daughter, Ellen Hammond, has never settled with me for his wife’s portion of her father’s estate. I hold his two notes: one for four hundred dollars, dated January 1, 1819. Payable in three months. This principal of which has been paid at this time endorsed on said note and dated January 1, 1819. ___ three hundred dollars payable in twelve months; the whole of which, with interest remains unpaid, the sums due from these notes I have intended to apply to the payment of said Thomas Crawford of the amount due him in right of his wife: and have offered to apply it which he hath declined. My will and direction is that the said sums do and said notes be so applied to the payment of said sum so due to said Thomas Crawford in right of his wife in case he can suit to make such application and if he refuses to make such application then that the sum be preserved as and offset against my claim ______ refute against my estate upon a ________ of the amount due to him in right of this wife.

Third: I will and bequeath to my son Henry Hammond, my eight day clock which now stands in his house.

Fourthly: I will and bequeath to my son Henry Hammond and to my daughters, Elizann's [sic] and _______ Merryman and to their heirs, in equal shares all the rest and residue of the property of which I may die possessed or to which at the time of my death, I may be entitled, whether the said be in lands, moneys, credits, goods, chattel, or __________.

Fifthly: I hereby institue [sic] my son Henry Hammmond executor of this my last will and testament. In testimoney [sic] whereof I have hereto put my hand and seal; and published and declared this to be my last will and testament. This sixth day of January A.D. 1821.

     Eli Hammond (seal)


2001 July 28: First published here.

2001 July 29: Added location in will book, date of recording, restored names in "Fourthly" to original unclear state.

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