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Jeremiah (Jerry) Evans, Andrew's brother, provided the above and following information for date and place of Andrew's birth and name of Father on Andrew's Death Certificate. Andrew Evans was born in Brown Co. , OH Oct. 3, 1849, according to Andrew Evans' obituary in Hamburg, IA Newspaper in the year 1929. He was the son of Samuel and Catherine Dragoo Evans.
The Latter Day Saints IGI shows Samuel Evans b. 1824, married Katherine Dragoo ( b. ca. 1828,) Oct. 24, 1846 in Brown County, Ohio. In the 1900 McMinn County, Tennessee Census, Andrew Evans indicates both his parents were born in Ohio.
A post card sent by Mary Young to Andrew's son, Sylvester, gives Andrew's Mother's name as Catheran. Catheran's maiden name was first thought to have been Dragoo, because the house pictured on the post card is referred to as the "Benjamin Dragoo house, at the foot of Howard Hill." According to Mary Young, Catheran was born in the Benjamin Dragoo house. The 1880 Ohio Census Index lists numerous Dragoos. Vi Parsons, who is the editor of the Dragoo Family Newsletter, says, "I believe Howard Hill is in De Kalb Co., Indiana, possibly in the area near Auburn.
A CD index of all place names on the USGS maps of the United States indicated there is a "Howard Ridge" near Maysville in Brown County, Ohio.
The LDS IGI shows Andrew, age one Year, in the Samuel Evans household in the 1850 Census of Brown County, Union Township, Ohio. The 1850 Ohio Census of Union Twp. , pg. 24 lists Samuel Evans 24, Catherine 22, William 2, Andrew 1. Pg. 22 of the 1850 Ohio Census of Union Twp. lists Benjamin Dragoo 51, Elizabeth 48, nine children and a 72 year old woman (Katherine Kumpton? Elizabeth Dragoo's Mother?) living with them. Benjamin and Elizabeth are probably Catherine Dragoo Evans' parents.
The LDS IGI lists Jeremiah age 7 living with Samuel Evans in the 1860 Census of Brown County, Ohio. Andrew is not in Samuel's house hold at this time. Jeremiah is Andrew's younger brother. The 1860 Brown County, Union Township, Ohio Census, pg. 259 lists Samuel Evans 36, William 13, Andrew 11, Jeremiah 7, Eliza A. 5 and James 4. At long last, here is Andrew's entire family with the exception of his Mother Catherine Dragoo Evans!
Catherine died on Dec 22, 1857 in Brown Co. , Union Twp. , OH. This is also the date of birth for her youngest child, Benjamin Evans. Perhaps Catherine died during Benjamin's birth. Catherine's husband, Samuel Evans, died in 1860.
Family lore holds that Andrew's parents were killed when Andrew and Jerry were very young. The two boys were adopted by a family who treated Andrew badly. Andrew ran away from home, at an early age, and joined the Army.
Perhaps Andrew ran away from home and joined the Army at an early age but his Father, Samuel Evans, is still alive in 1860 according to the 1860 Brown County, Ohio Census. Also, Andrew is only one year old in Samuel Evans household in the 1850 Census of Brown County, Union Township, Ohio.
According to Andrew's Army Record & declaration for an Invalid's pension. Andrew served as a private in Co. D Th U. S. Calvary in the U. S. campaign against the Comanche Indians. . His complexion and hair dark, eyes - Grey when he entered the Army at Cincinnati, Ohio on Nov. 11, 1867. Andrew's Army Record & declaration (# 714634) for an Invalid's pension indicate he served as a private in Co. D Th U. S. Calvary in the U. S. Army's Western campaign against the Comanche Indians. Naturalization book Vol. # 1, #29 (1856-1884) lists Klotter, Flornce - Native of Austria, landed Baltimore Nov. 1854, thence to OH, made declaration of intent on April 15, 1856. This is probably Sophia's Father, due to the facts that his time of arrival in the USA coincides with hers and the fact that there is a Florian Glatter is buried in the old section of the Sardinia, OH Cemetery. Sardinia is where Sophia and her Mother Josephine lived.
The 1870 Ohio Census, Clay Twp. , Highland County, pg. 30 lists Josephine Clutter 60, born Austria, value of real estate - $780.00, Sophia 20, born Ohio. This is, in all probability, the Sophia Clutter who Andrew would later marry, Josephine is most likely Sophia's Mother.
The 1900 TN census shows that Sophia immigrated to the U. S. A. In 1854. Sophia was born in Austrislezen, Austria Feb. 24, 1850. Therefore, she would have been about four years old at the time she arrived in the U. S. A. with her brother, Jake, and their parents, Joseph Florian and Josepha Franke Klotter/Klutter. The census does not state that Astrislezen was Sophia's place of birth, but this is assumed to be her place of birth because that is where her sister Josepha Clutter Flassig was born, according Josepha's obituary.
About 1875, Andrew met Sophia Clutter in a little Dutch village, near Cincinnati, OH, according to Andrew's grandson, Elmer Grayson. The LDS IGI indicates Andrew Evans married Sophia Clutter Jan. 13, 1876 in Highland County, Ohio.
According to Andrew's neighbor, J. H. Paddocked(?) resident of Clay Twp. Highland Co. , OH, Post office address Sardinia, OH. J. H. was Acquainted with Andrew for eleven years prior to Andrew's move to TN around Jan. 20 1887. J. H . says his property joined that of Josephine (Josepha Franke Glatter) Clutter who was Sophia Clutter's Mother and that Sophia lived with her Widowed Mother at the time she and Andrew married. Andrew often worked for J. H. Andrew and Sophia continued living with her Mother until they moved to TN. Andrew stated he moved to Monroe Co. , TN about 1885.
Florian Glatter's tombstone reads as follows; Florian Glatter, yelzolircn Jan 1ster. 11erz 1799 gestorben am 12th February 1870 and under this it reads; Friede Seiner Aoche Alter 70 Jatir, 11 Monat, 14 tage. (There are numerous Clutters buried here.) The 1870 Ohio Census, Clay Twp. , Highland County, pg. 31, lists Joseph Clutter 29, Born Austria, Susan C. 21, born OH. , Lewis E. 11/12, born OH. Joseph indicates he is a citizen of the United States Although the Sophia above indicates she was born in Ohio, she is probably the sister of this Joseph Clutter since he is so nearby, was born in Austria and was probably named after his Father, Joseph Florian Glatter. In his pension application, Andrew complained of back and eye pain. Eye problems began after prolonged exposure in pouring rain at Salt Creek, TX in Sept. 1871. In the hosp. at Ft. Griffen TX after sickness and fever were incurred at Buffalo Springs, TX on N. Fork of Red River. Left eye was removed about this time due to eye disease.
Sophia lived with her Widowed Mother at the time she and Andrew married, Andrew and Sophia continued living with her Mother until they moved to TN.
The 1880 Ohio Census of Clay Township, Highland County, is the first location we have, to date, of the Evans family after Andrew and Sophia were married in Highland County, Ohio in 1876. In the 1880 Ohio census we find Andrew Evans 40, farmer, born Ohio, Father born Ohio, Mother born Ohio, Sophia Evans 35, Wife, housekeeping, born Austria, Father born Austria, Mother born Austria. Rebecca Evans 3, born Ohio, Lafayette Evans 2, born Ohio, Israel Evans 8/12 born Ohio.
According to Andrew's Obituary, he and his Sophia united with the Christian Church in Ohio shortly after their marriage and were very true to their faith.
Living next door to Andrew and Sophia in the 1880 Ohio Census is Charles Feikee 44 and wife Hannah 42 (probably Sophia's older sister Johanna) both born Austria. They have six children and a mother-in-law named Josephine Clutter 70, born Austria. Josephine is most likely Sophia's Mother. Also living near by in this census is Orfie Clutter, possibly, another of Sophia's sisters.
Sophia's children said she was a school teacher at one time and that she taught them and their Father to read by pointing out words in the family Bible, with her knitting needle, as she sat by the lamplight mending socks.
According to Bertha Evans, the Evans family moved from Ohio to Tennessee when Sylvester Evans was two years old, which would place the move around 1886. According to Sylvester Evans, ld his family that he had passed through the Sweetwater Valley area of Tennessee while working with a railway crew maintaining track from Cincinnati, OH to New Orleans, LA.
The crew walked/worked the entire distance from Ohio to Louisiana and back, finding food and shelter along the way as best they could. Andrew said he thought the Sweetwater Valley was the most beautiful place he had ever seen and that he hoped to live there one day.
According to Andrew's neighbor, J. H. Peddicud(?), resident of Clay Twp. Highland Co. , OH, Post office address Sardinia, OH, he was Acquainted with Andrew for eleven years prior to Andrew's move to TN around Jan. 20 1887. In his pension application (#714634) Andrew stated he moved to Monroe Co. , TN about 1885.
Bertha Evans Leonard says her Father, Sylvester Evans said his family moved to Tennessee when he was two years old which would place the move around 1886.
The News Democrat, Georgetown, OH 1912, carried Josephine Clutter Flassig's obituary which lists her as a Native of Austrislezen, Austria and states that she emigrated to America in the year 1854 and first settled in Ripley, OH. Since Josephine was Sophia's older sister, it could be assumed that Sophia's life paralleled Josephine's with regard to their place of birth and time of immigration.
According to Sophia's Grand Daughter, Jessie Williams Jacobs, Sophia gave her children pet names of Austrian origin. Lorenzo was called Neuyn, Lafayette was known as Lawsook and William was Sikum.
Sophia's daughter, Hannah Elizabeth Evans, said Sophia was "full blooded" German and that Sophia's maiden name, Clutter, had been spelled Glutton in Germany. Actually it seems the name Clutter is sometimes found referred to as Kloder, Glatter and Klotter. The names of all Andrew and Sophia's children were, Rebekah born. Feb. 26, 1877 Sardinia, OH, died March 6, 1920 Vonore, Loudon County, TN. , buried at Christianburg Baptist Church Cemetery in McMinn County, TN. Lafayette born Aug. 17, 1878 Sardinia, OH, died Oct. 12, 1910 Sweetwater, TN. Israel born Oct. 15, 1879 Sardinia, OH, died Sept. 25, 1966 Monroe County, TN. Lorenzo born Feb. 24, 1882 Sardinia, OH, died May 1944 San Antonio, TX. Sylvester born Jan. 2, 1884 Sardinia, OH, died Feb. 15, 1966 Monroe County, TN. Anna Sophia born Nov. 20, 1888 Head of the Creek Community in McMinn County, TN, died Dec. 23, 1910 in McMinn County, TN. William Alfred born June 20, 1891 Head of the Creek Community in McMinn County, TN, died Aug. 11, 1939 CA. Bertha Leonard said, Andrew's wife, Sophia had an inheritance of $200.00 in gold coin, Andrew and Sophia used this money to purchase land near Sweetwater from Mr. Bill Yearwood. In 1886, sentiment against the North were very much in evidence in Sweetwater, TN. Mr. Yearwood's friends influenced him to tell Andrew that there was a legal problem with the deed which prevented him selling the land to the Evans family. Andrew had already paid Mr. Yearwood the $200.00 in gold coin, which he never saw again.
Bertha continued, "This negative sentiment toward people from the North caused the Evans family many hardships in the years to follow. They were forced to move from place to place, few people would give Andrew a job. People, in general, just tried to starve him out. In order to eat, the older boys in the family would track rabbits in the snow and club them to death. After helping local farmers blucher their hogs he would take his pay in pork, but the farmers would only allow Andrew to take the pigs feet."
The first place the Evans family lived in Tennessee was about four miles south of Sweetwater on the left of Southbound TN rt. 11, says Bertha Leonard. The farm is now (1986) owned by Mr. Oliver Smith. There is no sign of a house ever having existed here, just a few large old trees standing among some large flat rocks. This is all that remains of what the Evans family knew as Ragoo (Reagan?) Station, when they lived here a hundred years ago. Another of the Evans family's homes was South of Niota, Tennessee, says Bertha Evans Leonard. The location was near the railroad. Sylvester Evans often spoke of tramps who would stop at the Evans home to ask for something to eat and a place to spend the night.
"Then, there was the rental house we had on the C. D. Browder farm near Sweetwater," said Sylvester Evans' daughter, Bertha. The Browder home is a large two story white frame home which was built in 1870, according to C. D. Browder's daughter, eighty eight year old (1986), Margaret Browder. This was located by driving South from Sweetwater on U. S. 11 and turning left toward the Head of the Creek Community just after passing the convalescent home on U. S. 11. The Browder farm is on the right of this road to the Head of the Creek, between U. S. 11 and the rail road. The Evans family home on the Browder farm was near the railroad.
"We scrubbed the floor and moved in," says Sylvester Evans of their home on the Browder farm. " Then we had a dance, most of the family could play the fiddle." Jessie Williams Jacobs says her Mother could really play Turkey in The Straw. Jessie's Mother was Andrew's daughter, Hannah Elizabeth Evans Williams. The fiddle Jessie's Mother could play so well has been an Evans family treasure for three hundred years. Jessie owns that treasure today.
Sylvester Evans told his daughter, Bertha Evans Leonard, that Andrew was too young to join the Army when he did. Bertha Leonard's Mother, Celia Bookout Evans said Andrew drew a Civil War pension. The pension was probably actually for his Army service during the campaigns against the Indians in the West.
Andrew's Grand daughter, Bertha Evans, says a doctor told Andrew that he would die unless one of his eyes, which had rheumatism, was removed. Sylvester Evans told his daughter, Bertha, that Andrew had a glass eye but didn't know how the eye was lost. The 1900 McMinn County Tennessee Census Th district lists the following Evans. Andrew 51, born October 1849 in Ohio, Father born Ohio, Father's name - Samuel, Mother born Ohio. Sophia 50, relation - wife, born Austria, Father and Mother born Austria. Israel 20 b. Oct. 1879 Ohio, Lorenzo 18 b. Feb. 1882 Ohio, Sylvester 16 b. Jan. 1884 Ohio, Hannah E. 14 b. May 1886, Annie S. 11 b. Nov. 1888 TN, Wm. A. 8 b. June 1891 Lafayette Ervin (Evans) bought a 90-acre tract of land, in Monroe County, TN, from W. T. And Lona H. Lenoir (Lenoir City founder) on Dec. 2, 1905, according to a listing in a Monroe County Deed Book. This property is located near the head waters of Sweetwater Creek in Monroe County and was known as "The Old Roy Place." Although Lafayette's last name is misspelled, this is probably the Andrew Evans home place because this is the approximate location of the log home the Evans family later built in the Head of the Creek Community. Bertha Leonard said, although the deed was only signed by Lafayette the land was owned by all the Evans family. Sylvester Evans said there were seven springs on the Evans home place.
Andrew and his sons built a log house on this property in the Spring of 1904, according to Bertha Evans Leonard. The logs use in the walls were eighteen to twenty inches across and were hand hewn to resemble huge thick planks. There was a wood shingle roof and a fireplace. Inside were two large rooms at the front of the house. Doors from these rooms led to the front porch, which extended across the front of the house. Toward the rear of the house is a large kitchen and inning room. Upstairs there are two larger rooms and a smaller one.
Bertha Leonard thinks Andrew and Sophia remained in this house until Lafayette and his wife, Laura Thompson moved into it Oct. 3, 1906. Lafayette and Laura remained in this house until 1909.
About this time, Andrew, Sylvester, Bill Grayson and Bertha Leonard's Uncle Bill built a second house on the Evans property, up on the hill above the first house. Bertha says this house had a big beautiful living room, a bed room, a nice kitchen and a dining room which had a double wide fireplace.
Sophia Evans died of pneumonia in 1900, while living the C. D. Browder farm in Sweetwater, TN, according to Mae Evans Gunn. Sophia was taken by wagon to Christianburg Baptist Church Cemetery, where she was buried in an unmarked grave. Bertha Evans Leonard believes that Sophia was buried at the lower right front corner of the cemetery as it is viewed from U. S. 68.
Bertha thinks that Sophia was buried by her daughter, Rebecca, who married Bill McBroom. There is no tombstone for Rebecca but there are McBroom Tombstones in the lower right front corner of the cemetery. Bertha says only seven people attended Sophia's funeral and that Sophia received no flowers. Christianburg cemetery is on the right side of U. S. 68, a few miles North West of Sweetwater.
In his later years, around 1911, Andrew lived in a one room cabin at the foot of Sweetwater Ridge, near Sweetwater, TN,. Bertha Evans Leonard says Andrew called this his "Do Better House" because he was just living there until he could "do better."Andrew's daughter, Hannah Elizabeth Evans, lived here with him for a while. Around 1920, after the do better house, Andrew probably lived with his son, Sylvester for about three years.
In Pension application documents filed in Lenoir City, Loudon Co. , TN, dated April 3, 1920, Andrew stated his height as 5 ' 8 3/4" , and weight as one hundred forty four lbs. He was discharged at Ft. Concho, TX Nov. 11, 1872. According to his obituary, Andrew went to California to live with his son, William Alfred Evans While living with Sylvester, Andrew told his grand son, William Grayson about how he had run away from home to join the Army Bertha Evans Leonard said that she was a little girl when Andrew, (Bertha's Grandfather) lived with her parents, Sylvester and Celia Bookout Evans. Andrew was always sick and sat in front of a fire, in the fireplace, with his hat pulled down over his eyes. "Once I walked between him and the fireplace and he kicked me. My Mother just happened to be near by and grabbed me, or I would have gone into the fire."
While living with his son, William, at route 1, box 9, Colton, CA, Andrew decided to visit his brother, Jerry, in Iowa. William tried in vain to dissuade Andrew, because William knew that Andrew caught colds easily and there was a big temperature variation between California and Iowa at that time of the year. Andrew wouldn't hear of postponing the trip, he said, "I haven't seen Jerry in fifty years and I'm going." Since Andrew was eighty years old at this time, it was decided his grand daughter, Viola Evans, would accompany Andrew. By the time they got off the train in Iowa, Andrew was shivering with fever and told Viola he wanted to get back to California before the Iowa weather got bad. A few days later, as it snowed, Andrew was buried in Hamburg, Fremont County, Washington Township, IA. Andrew had died of pneumonia on Nov. 9, 1929, he was 80. The foregoing data was taken from Andrew's Death Certificate.
Andrew Evans' obituary in a Hamburg, IA Newspaper in the year 1929 states in 1886 he moved to Tennessee. Living there until nine years ago (1920). He moved to California in 1921 and that is his present home.
Andrew Evans' obituary in a Hamburg, IA Newspaper in the year 1929 states he was married to Sophie clutter in 1876. To this union eight children were born, five boys and three girls. Two daughters and one son have passed on. He and his wife united with the Christian Church in Ohio shortly after their marriage and were very true to their faith.
A few weeks ago he came to Hamburg from Colton California to visit his brother, Jeremiah, of this place. While here he was taken sick and all that the best medical skill could do was done, a special nurse from Omaha was obtained, but in vain, he passed away Saturday evening Nov. Th at 6:45 P. M. at the home of his brother in Hamburg. Mr. Evans was a soldier having spent five years in the Indian wars. He leaves to mourn his loss, Israel of San Bernardino, California, Lorenzo of Texas, Sylvester of Sweetwater, Tennessee, Elizabeth of Lewis City, Tennessee, W. A. Evans of Colton, California, J. M. of Hamburg beside many other relatives and friends. Funeral services were held at the Johnson Funeral home on Tuesday Nov. 12, 1929 at 2 P. M. conducted by the Rev. D. N. Gillett of the Church of Christ. Music was furnished by Church of Christ ladies Quartette and members of the American Legion acted as pallbearers. Interment was made in the Hamburg Cemetery. The trip to see his beloved brother, Jerry, had cost Andrew his life. Jerry died Nov. 3, 1943, according to Evans researcher, Dixie Lea Wright.
On April 3, 1920 Andrew stated his height as 5 ' 8 3/4" , and weight as one hundred forty four lbs. He was discharged at Ft. Concho, TX Nov. 11, 1872.
Andrew's pension number was 714634, these pension papers are located in the U. S. National Archives, can # 15025, bundle #20. He is Living in the town of Sweetwater, Monroe Co. , TN when he made this application on Feb. 3, 1892. Andrew was able to sign his name on the application documents.
The Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames by Bardsley lists Evans, Evanson - Bapt. ÔThe son of Evan'. A Welsh personal name. The first form of the name seems to have been Jevon then Yevan, lastly and permanently Evan.
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