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"Cemetery Inscriptions of Highland County, Ohio"
Morrow Cemetery, Village of Lynchburg, Dodson Township
PEALE, Henrietta, dau. of S. & Ma., d. Jan. 3, 1844, a. 5-7-11
Margaret, consort of Thomas, d. July 6, 1846, a. 30-6-8
   George A., son of T. & M., d. Sept. 18, 1837, a. 1yr 15ds
   William G., son of same, d. July 17, 1839, a. 1yr 3mos
Mary E., dau. of Thomas & Mary, d. July 27, 1851, a. 1-2-24
   Cordeleu A., dau. of same, d. Jan. 19, 1851, a. 3yrs 11ds
Jane, consort of Frederick, d. Nov. 6, 1846, a. in 70th yr.
   (On a large monument by the graves of the PEALE family are the
following names: Cordelia A.; Mary E.; Sarah A.; George A.; William G.;
"Grandmother Margaret")

F. & A.M. Cemetery, Village of Lynchburg, Dodson Township
PEALE, Inf. dau. of L.C. & S.C. Nov. 17, 1898-Nov. 22, 1898
John W. 1842-1924       Sarah C. 1847-1923  ss
Samuel M. 1846-1907   Clora 1856-1939
   "Husband and Wife"  ss

Masonic Cemetery, Village of Lynchburg, Dodson Township
PEALE, Samuel 1844-1919 (Civil War Marker)
   Laura W. 1850-1916  ss
   Robbie, son of S. & L.W., d. Apr. 18, 1875, a. 13ds
Thomas d. Nov. 18, 1886, a. 81-10-16
   Mary, wife, d. Feb. 13, 1873, a. 51-4-16  ss (On ss with Maggie J.

ROSS, Maggie J., wife of E.A., d. Feb. 2, 1863, a. 22-7-16

Hillsboro Cemetery, City of Hillsboro, Liberty Township
PEALE, John d. Oct. 31, 1892, a. 80yrs   Mary M. d. June 21, 1851, a.
   Lydia B. d. Aug. 6, 1887, a. 65yrs  Wife of John PEALE
   Mary E., dau. 1848-1917      Etta, dau. 1851-1940  ss
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