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Boren Census

1880 Census Boren Montezuma Township 136-Boren Henry 28 Famr laborer IL.. In. In. Effie 20 wife IL.IL. IL. Henrietta, 6/12 IL.IL.IL. 262Mi-Boren John W., 39, Harness Maker IL.IN.IL. Mary 28 Wife IL.KY.KY. 73-Boren Uriah E. 63, Farmer IN.KY.KY. Eliza, 46 wife OH. Va.Va. Warren 9 son IL. IN.OH. Charles 8 son IL. IN. OH. Permelia 6 daughter IL. IN. OH. Colvin Ida May 14 Step-dau. IL. Oh. Oh. 1850 Census 1131 1169 Uriel Boren 36 M Farmer 300 IND. Elizabeth 34 F IND. Rebecca C. 11 F IL. Menecia J. 9 F IL. Mary J. 6 F IL. Joseph W. 4 M IL. 1128 Absolom Borne 30 M Farmer 300 IND. Lucinda 26 F IL. Nancy 10 F IL. John W. 8 M IL. Uriel 5 M IL. Sarah Hutchison Ruble wife of James Ruble is not listed with the Borens in 1880 and I have not as yet found her in any other household. She died in Oct. of 1887 so she has either not moved to IL. Yet or something. This Uriel Boren has to be the one married to Eliza. I need to research the Colvins more because apparently both Uriel Boren and Eliza were married before.

Ruble Cemetery

"Cemetery Inscriptions of Highland County, Ohio" Buford Cemetery, Clay Township LYONS, C.A. ? 1835-1916 (On back of stone: BROWN-LYONS. On front: Cynthia A. RUBLE. Footstone: C.A.L.) RUBLE Henry Co. C. 192nd Ohio Inf. William B. Dec. 25, 1839-Jan. 7, 1926 Lucinda, wife Oct. 30, 1866-Apr. 10, 1964 W. Herchel Aug. 13, 1899-Apr. 15, 1909 ss K.S. 1840-1917 Malinda, wife 1844-1919 ss (Another stone: King S. Co. A. 60 O.V.I., Co. G 192 O.V.I.) Henry b. June 14, 1806, d. Feb. 3, 1893 Elizabeth, wife, b. Mar. 9, 1809, d. Mar. 27, 1852 ss F. & A.M. Cemetery, Village of Lynchburg, Dodson Township RUBLE Mary, wife of James, d. Nov. 21, 1849 Cynthia Ann, dau., d. May 20, 1851, a. 13-3-13 Redkey Cemetery, Hamer Township RUBLE, James Co. K. 60 Ohio Inf. Ruble Cemetery, Salem Township RUBLE R.M. b. Feb. 10, 1819, d. Oct. 28, 1892 Eliza b. July 9, 1823, d. Apr. 10, 1903 Daniel T. b. June 30, 1845, d. Feb. 24, 1877 Robert M. b. Mar. 11, 1861 Alexander b. Aug. 19, 1854, d. Aug. 16, 1883 ss (On ss with Sarah M. ABER & Hannah HASTING) Sara J., dau. of Eligah & Jane, d. July 4, 1864 John A., son of E. & J., d. July 24, 1876, a. 21-7-8 J.W. b. Mar. 20, 1832, d. Oct. 27, 1905 Mariah, wife, b. Oct. 5, 1836 John L. 1846-1921 Sarah E., wife 1853-1921 ss Ida T., dau., d. May 8, 1877, a. 1-1-17 Sarah E., wife of Perry, d. June 4, 1863, a. 20-10-7 ABER, Sarah M. b. July 21, 1850, d. Dec, 18, 1882 HASTING, Hannah b. Dec. 30, 1855, d. Feb. 13, 1881 Union Chapel Cemetery, White Oak Township RUBLE George W. 1838-1911 Catherine A. 1842-1925 ss Andrew d. Apr. 4, 1861, a. 61-11-20 Rebecca, wife d. Jan. 28, 1862, a. 58-8-17 Maggie, wife of Ed 1876-1895 G.A. 1836-1902 "Father & Mother" Ann, wife 1832-190_ ss Roberts No. 1 Cemetery, White Oak Township RUBLE John P. b. Apr. 23, 1835, d. Apr. 1, 1895 Jemima, wife, b. Oct. 2, 1837, d. Sept. 13, 1896 ss Rebecca, wife of E.L., d. Apr. 12, 1892, a. 28-4-12 Unknown Cemetery No. 2, White Oak Township Residents of the community state that a brother and sister of Perry RUBLE are buried here.

Ruble Marriage

"Marriage Records of Highland County, Ohio (1805-1880)" RUBLE Andrew and Nancy WELTY issued license May 19, 1842 (OR) Elijah m. Jane ROUSH Aug. 16, 1846, by Wm. W. Malcom, J.P. Jane m. David WALKER Nov. 5, 1829, by John Hixson, J.P. Robert M. m. Eliza STROUP Oct. 15, 1844, by James H. Pugh, J.P. (I think this is the one listed as Morris Ruble.) Thompson m. Margaret (CHAPMAN? CHAPLIN?) Feb. 1, 1849, by Benj. Thomas, J.P. Bride's surname is CHAPMAN in OR, CHAPLIN on marriage return.

Ruble Census

"1850 Census Highland County, Ohio" Hamer Township pages 569 & 569 RUBLE, Morris, 30, M, 100, VA Eliza, 26, F, OH Daniel, 5, M, OH John L., 3, F (sic), OH Maria, 2, F, OH Sarah A., 2/12, F, OH RUBLE, Elijah, 26, M, Farmer, 600, OH Jane, 23, F, OH Margaret A., 2, F, OH Mary E., 1/12, F, OH page 571 RUBLE, Andrew, 27, M, Farmer, OH Nancy, 24, F, OH George A., 7, M, OH James D., 5, M, OH Mary S., 3, F, OH Sarah A., 7/12, F, OH page 573 RUBLE, James, 58, M, 135, VA Union Township page 389 WALKER, David, 47, M, Farmer, PA Jane, 42, F, VA Lydia J., 20, F, OH Harriet E., 18, F, OH Eliza J., 15, F, OH Andrew J., 13, M, OH Rebecca A., 11, F, OH Martha, 8, F, OH Wm. T., 3, M, OH RUBLE, Isabel, 70, F, VA Fairfield Township page 192 JUDKINS, Robert P., 37, M, Physician, 2000, OH Ann B., 27, F, NJ Gertrude, 7, F, OH Eugene, 5, M, OH Emma, 2, F, OH CAMPBELL, John W., 14, M, VA RUBLE, Eliza, 15, F, OH

Ruble Wills

"Wills, Adminstrations, Guardianships and Adoptions of Highland County, Ohio (1805-1880)" RUBLE, Andrew. Date: Apr. 2, 1861. Wife: Rebecca. Children: John P., Mary Borden, Sarah Dehass, Lucinda Stout, Elizabeth Hasalam, Louisa, "my two younger sons" George W. and King S. Executor: Jacob Stout. Witnesses: John Fender, William Kibler. Proven Apr. 11, 1861. The widow elected to take under the will. Sureties: Isaac Vance, Alfred Roberts. Appraisers: John Fender, Henry and William Kibler. RUBLE, Balsor (Balser), of Clay Township. Date: Sept. 19, 1848. Wife: Dolly. Children: Elizabeth, Mary, "John Ruble heirs", Motlane, Sally, Dolly, Lydia, Henry, George W., William J., Catharine. Executor: Samuel Ridings. Witnesses: James Ackles, Louis Gorman. Proven Oct. 18, 1851. Sureties: Uriah Faris, James Ackler. Appraisers: William Shaw, Kelly Allmond, Noah Smith. COFEL (COFFELL), Elizabeth. Date: Jan. 9, 1822. Half-brother: Henery Surber, Senr. Half-sister: Daugherty Ruble. To "Sarah Ruble...Elizabeth Lanty...Catty Stout." "I also will and bequeath all my property in Tennessee to my beloved sister Matlene's daughters equally divided." "I also will and bequeath one hundred dollar bond to be equally divided amongst my brothers and sisters, Catharine Doke and John Surber Daugherty Ruble Matlene Rinker Jacob Surber and Henry Surber, Senr. to have 20 dollars more than any of the rest and my beloved step-father Jacob Surber, Senr." Executor: Henry Surber. Witnesses: Patk. Montgomery, Henry Surber, Berbary Surber. Proven Apr. 1, 1822. Sureties: Henry Surber, Sr., Henry Surber, Jr., Jeremiah Grant. Sept. 24, 1844. John Ruble, Executor named in the last will of William Ackles, dec'd., refused the appointment and the court appointed Mary Ackles Administratrix W.W.A. Sureties: Walter Smith, John Ruble. Appraisers: Abraham Vance, David Martin, Samuel Ridings. May 11, 1846. David Thompson appointed Guardian of Joseph aged 19 years 29 months, Sarah Ann aged 16 years, John Washington aged 15 years, George aged 9 years, William aged 7 years, Wesley aged 5 years, Isaiah aged 3 years and Rachel Ruble aged 3 months, children and heirs of John Ruble, dec'd. Surety: George Roush, Sr. Oct. 10, 1849. David Thompson appointed Guardian of Magdalena Ruble aged 15 years, minor heir and legal representative of John Ruble, dec'd. Surety: Thomas Colvin. STOUT, Benjamin, of Concord Township. Date: Aug. 16, 1862. Children: George W., Paten, Louisa Stivers, Jacob, Jemima wife of John P. Ruble, Richard, Polly Ann, Alberthine, John A. Executor: Henry Surber. Witnesses: Peter Winkle, George Sanderson. Proven Oct. 22, 1862. Sureties: John Coffman, D.F. Pulliam. Appraisers: John Fender, John P. Surber, Michael Winkle. Nov. 23, 1866. Samuel Stratton appointed Administrator of the estate of George Ruble, dec'd. Sureties: Henry and J.C. McQuitty. Appraisers: Ab. Coffman, Jacob Ready, Aaron Stratton. Dec. 6, 1866. Lewis Stratton appointed Administrator of the estate of David Ruble, dec'd. Sureties: John McQuitty, Henry Ruble. Appraisers: Aaron Stratton, Abram Coffman, Jacob Redky. Oct. 26, 1871. Robert M. Ruble appointed Administrator of the estate of Lewis Stroup, dec'd. Sureties: Daniel and Calvin Stroup. Appraisers: J.B. Cochran, Nely McLaughlin, Sam'l Sprinkle. Apr. 26, 1875. No widow surviving and sons of deceased waiving their right to administer the estate, the court appointed R.M. Ruble Administrator of the estate of Daniel Stroup, dec'd. Sureties: Danl. and John Stroup. Appraisers: John Barr, James Smith, Duncan Young.

Ruble Deaths

"Death Records of Highland County, Ohio 1867-1908" RUBLE, Daniel T., single, d. 1-18-1877 in Salem Twp., age 29-7-18, b. Dodson Twp. John A., single, d. 7-24-1876 in Salem Twp., age 21-7-17, b. Salem Twp. Ida T., d. 5-8-1877 in Salem Twp., age 1-1-17, b. Ohio male (son of Alex Ruble & Martha Stockwell), d. 8-3-1800 in Salem Twp., age 5 days, b. Ohio Alex, married, d. 7-1883 in Salem Twp., age 29, b. Ohio Henry, married, d. 8-14-1884 in Clay Twp., age 36-10-26, b. Ohio Rebecca Ann, married, d. 4-12-1892 in Mowrystown, age 28, b. Ohio Mary E., d. 4-8-1893 in Salem Twp., age 2-1-22, b. Ohio Morris, married, d. 10-28-1892 in Salem Twp., age 74, b. Ohio Rebecca, married, d. 4-12-1892 in White Oak Twp., age 28-4-12, b. Ohio Henry, widowed, d. 2-3-1893 in Clay Twp., age 86, b. Penn. Mary E., d. 4-17-1893 in Salem Twp., age 2-2---, b. Salem Twp. John P., married, d. 8-21-1894 in Union Twp., age 28-3-20, b. Highland Co. John P., married, d. 4-1-1895 in White Oak Twp., age 59-11-8, b. White Oak Twp. Jemima, widowed, d. 9-13-1896 in White Oak Twp., age 58-11-11, b. Highland Co. Cary A. Sr., married, d. 11-24-1900 in Lynchburg, age 28-6-6, b. Taylorsville Cary A. Jr., d. 12-12-1900 in Lynchburg, age 17 days, b. Lynchburg Harry, d. 12-2-1900 in Hillsboro, age 2, b. Hillsboro Elijah, married, d. 11-5-1901 in Pricetown, age 77-11---, b. Ohio George A., single, d. 1-18-1902 in Dodsonville, age 20-3-11, b. Ohio Samuel, single, d. 8-18-1901 in infirmary, age 60, b. Ohio G.A.(male), married, d. 9-6-1902 in Taylorsville, age 67---1, b. Taylorsville(parents John Ruble & Sarah Coffman) Ann, widowed, d. 9-28-1904 in Mowrystown, age 73, b. Taylorsville J.W. (male), married. d. 10-27-1905 in Pricetown, age 74-3-20, b. White Oak Twp. (parents John Ruble & Sera (Sally) Coffman)

Ruble Interview

John Rubel-John Ruble in Virginia The following information about our 1761 John Ruble is taken from answers to questions to John Ruble by J.P. Henry Surber in White oak Township, Highland County, Ohio, June 21, 1833. I have condensed the two pages of questions and answers somewhat for those who might not be able to read the copy of the Pension application in the Appendix.) John Ruble was born in Shanandoah County in 1761. In September 1777 he was drafted for three months service in the Virginia Militia. Under Capt. Anthony Rader's command he marched to the headwaters of the Greenbrier River to Fort Work to protect the people from attack by the hostile Indians. (Headwaters of the Greenbrier River are in or near Monroe County, Virginia = Now West Virginia) " I was frequently sent out by my Captain as a spy against the Indians. In performing this duty as a spy, I ranged through the country in the neighborhood of Fort Work. I was discharged at the end of the three months and returned to Rockingham County." "In July 1778 I was again drafted for the Virginia Militia to serve against the Indians under Capt. Abram Linkhorn, which company belonged to the regiment commanded by Col. Benjamin Harrison. I was marched to a point on the Ohio River about fifty miles below Fort Pitt where I joined General McIntosh service. At that point during a month I helped build Fort McIntosh. I was then marched to the headquarters of the Tuscrawas River in the Northwet Territory in pursuit of hostile indians. There I helped build Fort Senuance. (Massilon=Canton, Ohio area.) I remained there several weeks during which time General McIntosh made a treaty with the indians. I served four months during this period. I was discharged and returned to Rockingham County." "In August 1781 I was again drafted and served under Capt.Bags in Col. Darke's Regiment. I was marched to Yorktown which was occupied by the British Army under General Cornwallis. We joined General Washington before Yorktown. I remained in active service before said town until 3 days before the surrender of Cornwallis. I received my discharge and returned to Rockingham County, Virginia." He also stated that he lived in Rockingham County about 20 years. Moved to Shanadoah, Va. Lived there a few years, then to Augusta County for 7 years, when I moved to Monroe County, Virginia. Just when John arrived in Monroe County is not known/ (Albertine (Aunt Tine) Ruble Louderback, daughter of John P. Ruble furnished the following information.) John Ruble born 1761 died 1839 in Highland County Ohio married Sarah Ballard Children 2-1-William 2-2-John, Jr.-married Isabella Snodgrass 2-3-Andrew -married Rebecca Clark 3-1-John P. Ruble son of Andrew and Rebecca Clark Ruble 4-1-Albertine daughter of John P. Ruble and Jemima Stout 2-4-James married Sarah Hutchison 2-5-George Albertine (Aunt Tine) Aunt Tine wrote " Grandfather Ruble's name was Andrew, his father's name was John Ruble born in old Virginia. His wife a Ballard. Grandmother Rubles name was Rebecca Clark, daughter of John Clark. Rebecca's mother was a Cunningham. She was born in Monroe County, West Virginia. Aunt Tine also added that Andrew had four brothers. James, William, Jack(John Jr.) and George Monroe County, West Virginia records show the following: 1. John Ruble , Jr. married Isabella Snodgrass Oct. 10, 1810 2. James Ruble married Sarah Hutchison Jan. 19, 1813 3. John Ruble and his wife Sarah sold 200 acres of land on Turkey Creek to Goerge Barne on Sept. 21, 1821. This is all that I know about the history of the 1761 John Ruble in Virginia. At this time a genealogist in Winchester, Virginia, is still searching for information regarding John and his relationship to George and Ulrick Rubel. Joseph Ruble son of John Ruble and Sarah Ann Coffman John Ruble son of Balzer Ruble and Mary Surber. Joseph Ruble who makes his home in Newburg, Township, is one of those enterprising and useful men who names are familiar through the lenth and breadth of the communities in which they reside. Mr. Ruble's birth occurred in Highland County, Ohio August 13, 1826, being the second of in number of the ten children born to his parents, John and Sara Ann (Coffman) Ruble. His youth was passed in his native county and there he received his education and there learned the principles which have guided his prosperous life over the numerous shoals that too often beset the pathway through life. Our subjuect's father and mother both came from Pennsylvania when they are quite young and after their marriage settled in Highland County, Ohio, where they continued to reside until death came and claimed them. They were deeply religious people and took an active interest in promoting the religious and educational causes of the place in which they lived. After reaching manhood's estate, our , subject came to Pike County, in the spring of 1848, and on March 7,.1851, he united in marriage with Miss Rebecca Ann Foreman, who like himself was a native of Highland County, her birth occuring January 22, 1834. To this union were born six children, viz. Martha J. who is the wife of Hiram Weaver, Rachel Ann, who married Miss Minnie E. Benson, and Rebecca, who is the wife of Frank Breitenbucher. Mrs. Rebecca A. Ruble died in this township, January 11, 1864, and her husband was married on May 12, 1864, to Miss Mary Ann Foreman, who was born in Highland County October 30, 1830. They had two children, viz; Nellie, who died when eight years of age; and Tacie. The subject of our sketch is a popular man alike in business, political and social circles and has at different time been elected to hold offices of public trust and responsibility of no mean order. He was at one time Highway Commissioner and filled that office most satisfactorily both to himself and the community at large. He is a member of the Church of Christ, in which he has served as Deacon for a period of forty years. He is also much interested in educational matters and appreciates the vast importance of a good education for both boys and girls, in order that they may be fitted to take their places in the busy commercial world when a necessity for so doing presents itself. His agricultural duties consume the greater portion of his time and he devotes much attention to the cultivation of his land and also to keeping his residence and barns in good condition. His farm comprises forty acres.

Ruble History

"History of Ross & Highland Counties, Ohio" RUBLE, David: Sixtieth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company B, Private RUBLE, James: Sixtieth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company K(Highland Co.), Private RUBLE, Henry: One Hundred and Ninety-Second Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company G, Private RUBLE, King S.: One Hundred and Ninety-Second Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company G, Private, Discharged May 13, 1865 White Oak Township, Names of Early Settlers "Before 1812 the following were added: John and George Borden, Samuel Bell, John Coffman, John Davidson, Daniel Gibler, William Hough, Andrew Martin, Leonard Mowry, Bolser Ruble, John Sloan, Jacob Soon, Jacob Stout, Jacob Suber, Joseph Thomas, and Hugh Wisby, and perhaps a few others." Salem Township, Pricetown "The Christian church at Pricetown was organized in the fall of 1856....Revs. J.W. Ruble, J.G. Faris, and V.B. Custer, supply the preaching at present." Clay Township "The Christian church at Buford was organized about 1835. The first preachers were George Vandeman, Peter Sheik, and J.B. Lucas. The members organizing the church were Nathan Pulliam, who was also a preacher, John Ruble, George and Samuel Foreman, Thomas Florence, and David Thompson, a local preacher....Their last regular preacher was Rev. H.H. Bingerman. Rev. Washington Ruble and Rev. W.D. Moore supply the pulpit, from time to time, at present.

Ruble Vitals

MARRIAGES Walter Ruble and Hannah Hayworth was married by Joseph Roberts Esq in the State of Ohio Clinton County Novr 19th AD 1811 Walter Ruble and Sarah Wright was married by Joseph Roberts Esq in the State of Ohio Clinton County May 26th AD 1814 Walter Ruble and Elizabeth Mendenhall was married by John A. Momann Min. in the State of Indiana Randolph County Novr 5th 1857 BIRTHS Walter Ruble the Son of Samuel Ruble and Rachel his wife was born the 25th of Decr AD 1789 Hannah Hayworth the Daughter of Absalum and Pheby Hayworth was born the 13th day of Feby 1796 Deliah Wright the Daughter of Sarah Wright was born the 24th of May 1812 James W. Ruble the Son of Walter & Hannah Ruble was born the 5th of Octr 1812 Hannah Ruble the Daughter of Walter & Sarah Ruble was born the 25th of April 1815 Jonathan W. Ruble the Son of Walter & Sarah Ruble was born the 9th of Novr 1816 Rachel Ruble the Daughter of Walter & Sarah Ruble was born the 30th of May 1819 Anna Ruble the Daughter of Walter & Sarah Ruble was born the 18th of Octr 1822 Hester Ruble the Daughter of Walter & Sarah Ruble was born the 26th of Septr 1824 Sarah Ruble the Daughter of Walter & Sarah Ruble was born the 21st of Octr 1826 Rebecca Maria Ruble the Daughter of Walter & Sarah Ruble was born the 15th of Octr 1828 Henry Ruble the Son of Walter & Sarah Ruble was born the 11th of Octr 1830 Rachel Thornburg the Daughter of Henry & Rachel Thornburg was born the 5th of Decr 1766 DEATHS Hannah Hayworth Daughter of Absalum & Pheby Hayworth Died the 14th of April 1813 Rachel Ruble Daughter of Walter & Sarah Ruble Died the 18th of Decr 1836 Sarah Ruble Daughter of Walter & Sarah Ruble Died the 4th of May 1827 Samuel Ruble Son of Peter & Sarah Ruble Died the 15th of Oct 1839 Rachel Ruble Daughter of Henry & Rachel Thornburg Died the 29th ofJany 1844 Sarah Ruble Daughter of Thomas & Anna Wright Died the 22nd of Jany 1852 Sarah Wright the Daughter of Thomas & Anna Wright was born the 11th of May 1793 Anna Helms the daughter of Walter and Sarah Ruble Died Feb 8th 1875 Walter Ruble departed this life December 8th 1878 Elizabeth Ruble departed this life Nov 11th 1874 Samuel Helms Departed this life January 30th 1879 Sarah E. Helms departed this life May 25 1879

Poll Books

Return to THG March 1996, The Hoosier Genealogist, or the IHS Home Page POLL BOOKS OF THE ELECTION OF OCTOBER 13, 1818 It is indeed fortunate that the Poll Books of the election of October 13, 1818 are still in existence. The electors voted for Governor of Ohio, Representatives to Congress, Representatives to the State Legislature, County Commisoners and Coroner. The Poll Book of Concord Township in the election of October 13, 1829, the only one found for that year, is also included here. The poll books for other elections are not in existence. Many of the names here are misspelled. BRUSHCREEK TOWNSHIP. Electors: 38. William Head James McCague Daniel McGichan John Woods James Willson Bigger Head George Gall, Junr Matthias Fry Tobias Barnet Isaac W. Wood Abraham Roads Joshua Bennet, Junr James Cummins Samuel Slarrow Jacob Millen, Junr. Thomas Cammuns Anthony Franklin Henry Kneisley James Jolley Samuel Shoemaker John Stults Jacob Staeley Isaac Jahnagon Simon Shoemaker Daniel Ammen Michael Stults William Scott John Middleton John Long Peter Staeley Simon Simmons John Roads Shoemaker Peter More Fredrick Braucher John Hile Eli Johnegan Thomas Dick David Ammen CONCORD TOWNSHIP. ELECTOR: 95 Abraham Wells George Parkeson John Davison , Junr. John Lance John Hair Abner Badgley John Davison , Junr. William Hindman Robert Graham Robert Badgley (two by this name) Abraham Wilken Jerred Long Jacob Mourry Ashford Hough Joseph Davison Robert Findley Henry Bond John Hair, Junr. John Ross Jacob Sauhm Fredrick Gibler Isaac Greathouse John Hoop Joseph Wisby Eli Collins, Junr. Robert Partridge Adam Ewing Samuel Lile Fredrick Caley James Roberts William Rea Simpson McArthur John Foreman Benjamin Borden Samuel Hindman John Hays Lewis Coffman Robert Davison Peter Gannon James Pettyjohn William Igoe John Whitley Edward Brown John Partridge Jacob Coffman John Gaught Godfrey Wilkin Thomas Pettyjohn Hugh Wisby Samuel Whitley Ruben White John Pettyjohn Eli Collins , Senr. John Hindman Henry Lance Walter Hill William Mowry Paten Hough William Brown William Lile John Grimes Ballzer Ruble Jonas Rotrough Andrew Badgley Thomas McGee Adam Bingaman John Davison, Senr Andrew Martin John Florence William Hough George Barngroover Stevenson Hair Sinclair Ross Jacob Stout Severn Brown John Bell Henry Neiss Andrew Murphy Harclus Murphy David Slean Samuel Nichols Jacob Borden Jesse Bryan Isaiah Roberts John Clark Henry Surper Jacob Surper Edward Earl Jesse Greathouse Anthony Saunner James Forsythe John Sloan William Boyd David Barngrover John Wardlow FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP. ELECTORS: 182 Havilah Beardsley Benjamin Carr Gideon Lea Henry Kinsor John Davis Davis Lupton William Johnson Stephen Cotrell Richard Cherry William Lupton James Johnson Adam Kinsor Richard Bloxsom Allen Lupton George Kinsor Asa Ladd Elijah Bocock George Andrews Samuel Davidson Isaac McVey Samuel McClure Abner Johnson Thomas M. Johnson Solomon Lupton Banner Bentley Thomas Nunn Foster Leverton James Wright

Ruble Probate

Probate 2 Abraham Welty vs Elizabeth Welty. (Filed Nov.22, 1856.) Divorce. Plaintiff alleges that he married to Elizabeth Stafford, a widow, formerly Elizabeth Patchel, in 1832. Defendant left his home for six weeks in 1836 for the reason that the plaintiff refused to put out of his house his two children by a former marriage. One child aged about 4 years and the other 6 years. She returned, and on Sept. 8, 1854 left him again, making her home in Indiana and Ohio. She refused to return because plaintiff would not give a "larger portion" of his estate to their son. His children are now grown, married, and have their own homes. (Law Record 1, page 684.) Reuben Chaplin and Mary, his wife, vs Thomas Barr, et al. (Filed Apr.8, 1856.) Partition. Plaintiffs allege that Mary Chaplin is a child of Thomas Barr, dec'd., who died seized of 75 acres, being the same land set off to Sarah Barr, now dec'd., for the dower estate in the lands of her deceased husband, Thomas Barr. Thomas Barr of Iowa, of full age, Horatio, George, John W., and Albert Barr of Highland County, minors, Elijah Faris being their guardian , are children and heirs of Thomas Barr, dec'd. They and Henry Shafer of Brown Co., Ill., who holds an interest by conveyance from Henry Roush and Susannah, his wife, late Barr, are tenants in common with plaintiffs. (Chancery Record 2, page 502.) "NOTICE The Public are hereby notified that I shall apply to the next Court of Common Pleas to be held in and for the County of Highland for License to keep a Grocery at my house in the town of Hillsborough in said County-I will also apply to said Court for License to keep a tavern at the same place Hillsborough 23d June 1829 David Miller" "We the undersigned Freeholders and House holders residing in Hillsborough and its vicinity do respectfully represent to the Honorable the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas for Highland County, Ohio, that another Tavern and Grocery in the Town of Hillsborough would conduce to the public accommodation and convenience generally and we recommend David Miller as a person well qualified to keep a Tavern or Grocery in every respect and petition your Honors to grant said Miller a License therefor or for either of them and your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray Amos Grantham, J.A. Doggett, H.W. Spargur, Robert Stuart, John H. Mitchell, Joseph Dryden, Jno Smith, Wm. C.Scott, Michael Haller, Moses H. Kirby, John Jones, Armestead Doggett, John Roads, William Carothers, Isaac Parker, Isaac Woodrow, Wm. Doggett" Probate 3 William W. Malcom vs Leroy Jordan , et al. (Filed Sept. 23, 1847.) Suit over land title. Plaintiff alleges that on Mar. 24, 1827 a bounty land warrant for 200 acres, No. 6707, was issued out of the land office of Virginia to Henry, George, Elizabeth, and Susan Worley, heirs of Mathew Worley, dec'd.,for his services in the Revolutionary War. "That shortly afterwards Elizabeth married Martin P.Burk of Bedford Co., Va. And Susan married John Wilkinson of same county and state." In 1827 the owners of said warrant entered into a contract with Anthony Evans, now ded'd., Charles Whitely and Leroy Jordan, then of Bedford Co., Va. In which the last named parties jointly under took in consideration of one half the land, situated in the Virginia Military District, to survey said 200 acres so as to appropriate it to the contracting parties. They surveyed said land in Highland County situated on the North Fork of White Oak Creek. In 1829 the parties agreed that Evans, Whitely and Jordan could sell the land and receive one-half of the purchase price. The Worley heirs assigned their interest and the the three men, on Jan. 19, 1830, contracted to sell 100 acres to John Scott of Highland County. Scott assigned the contract on July 25, 1833 to Samuel Bell of Highland County, who on Jan. 12, 1841 assigned it to plaintiff. On Jan. 19, 1830 , Evans, Whitley, and Jordan contracted to sell the remaining land to Nathan Chaplin of Highland County. On Apr. 10, 1847 he assigned the contract to plaintiff. This land was never deeded to plaintiff, and in Dec., 1841 was sold for back taxes to the plaintiff. Said land was not patented by the government, and plaintiff prays that it be patented to him so he can perfect his title. ( Record 8, page 638.) Commissioners Office Highland County March 27th 1820 To the Honble the Court of Common Pleas of said County this may certify that on the 9th day of August last the Commissioners established a new Township by the name of Salem out of the territory formerly belonging to New Market and Union Township as appears from their records By order of Commissioners Henry David Clerk". ( Original paper.) " The 15th of May 1820 To the Honourable the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Highland County--We the undersighned earnestly pray that your honours would grant us the liberty of electing two Justice of Peace for sd township under those circumstances the Situation of our township at present consists of two settlements and a large boundry without inhabitants between the two settlements so that the distance from the Centre of one Settlement to the other will be nine miles under those circumstances as the law allows us the previlege we hope your honours will grant us the Liberty and your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray & Nathanel G. Pucket David Hillibrane James (Has?) Stephen Thompson Allison G. Keys Archibald Walker Anthony Stroup William Busick Martin Puckett James Colvin John Walker Joseph Miars David Sullivan Joseph Moler Benjamin Gilbreth John Shafer Samuel Mcquity Henry Landess Wm. Reveil Dannil Shafer Christopher Miller Felin Landess Thos Reveil George Shafer Alexander Fullerton Jacob Landess William Davis Samuel Thornton Danniel Gordon Mason Harris William Mcquity William Terrell Samuel Boyd Morris King John Sanders Senr Thomas Murrell John Fraisure Matthias Barr James Mcune John A Murrell Abraham Carver William Chaplin Stogdale Sharp Acy T Henderson John Chaplin William Scot Hanniel Jones John Clark John Eakins Nathan Pulliam Andrew Pegan George Smith Robert McLaughlin George Rader John (Vannossale?) John Barnes John Landess John Springer Peter Vanmatre David Welty George Roush Henry Roush William Spickert John Moler Jacob Foust Adam Shafer Zachariah Walker James F. Fowler John Mcferren William King Thomas Spickard Andrew Shafer Senr Jacob Faust John Colvin (original paper.) Probate 4 Moody J. Pulliam vs Jackson Ruble, et al. (Filed Mar. 214, 1858.) Partition. Plaintiff alleges that he is seized of an interest in 85 acres in Survey No. 11030 in Clay Township. The defendants who have an interest in said land are: The children of John Ruble, dec,d: Jackson Ruble of Missouri; Jacob B. and Joseph Ruble, and Sarah Ann, formerly Ruble, the wife of Joseph Gibler, all of Illinois: John W., George, Henry W., Wm. J., Josiah, and Rachel Ruble, and Mary M., late Ruble, the wife of Henry Temple. The children of Polly Coffman, dec'd., late Ruble: Jacob Coffman, Jr. and Polly, late Coffman, the wife of Asbury Wamsley, all of the Territory of Kansas; Samuel, John, Philip, and George Coffman. The widow and children of George Ruble, dec'd; Nancy, his widow, and David, Henry, George, Margaret, and Lucinda Ruble. The widow and children of Joseph Mock, dec'd; Mary, his widow, and Mary, John, Joseph H., Jacob, Milly, and Henry Mock. The court appointed A. G. Mathew Guardian and Litem of William J., Henry W., Josiah, Rachel, David, and Lucinda Ruble, Samuel Coffman, andJoseph H. Mock, minors. In the Service by Publication on the defendanbts there appears this statement after their names:" all of the State of Ohio; children and heirs of Balser Ruble, dec'd late of Highland County , Ohio." (Chancery Record 2, page 719.) (Compilors' note: The papers in this suit do not state the relationship, if any, fo the plaintiff to the defendants, or how he acquired his interest to bring this suit.) David Thompson Vs The heirs of John Ruble , dec'd. ( Filed Aug. 10, 1849.) Partition. Plaintiff alleges that he purchased from three of the heirs of decedent their three equal shares in 148 3/4 acres on the North Fork of White Oak Creek in Abram Buford's Survey No. 1465 of 1000 acres. The defendants, George A., William, Wesley, Isaiah, John W., Magdalena, and Rachel Ruble, children and heirs of decedent, are tenants in common with plaintiff. Decedent left no widow. (Chancery Record 1, page 16.) (Compilors' note: The defendants were served by publication, indicating that they might be non-residents of Ohio.) Israel Rice, Admr. Of estate of Abraham Moler, dec'd , vs the widow and heirs of decedant. (Filed Oct. 13, 1851. ) Petition to sell land to pay debts. Plaintiff alleges that decedent died seized of 65 acres on the North Fork of White Oak Creek, par to Survey No. 1465 of 1000 acres, leaving his widow, Polly, since married to Valentine Bobb, and the following heirs: John W. , Ann, Jane Catherine, Rosa Ellen, Sara Elizabeth, and Andrew Moler, all of Highland County, Margaret Moler of Clinton Co., Ohio: and Lewis Moler of Virginia. The court found that Margaret and Rosa Ellen filed an Answer by their Guardian, David Thompson. (Chancery Record 1, page 477.) Israel Rice, Admr. Of estate of Abraham Moler, dec'd. , vs The heirs of decedent. (Filed Oct. 17, 1851.) Petition for order to convey land., Plaintiff alleges that decedent, while living, contracted to sell 60 acres on the North Fork of White Oak Creek to Minor Charles, who assighned the contract to John Ruble. Ruble has since died leaving his heirs, John Washington, Delena, George, William, Wesley, Isaiah, Rachel, Jacob, and Joseph Ruble, and Sally Ann, the wife of Joseph Kibler. ( Chancery Record 1, page 441,.) (Compilors' Note: In Chancery Record 1, page 444 is another case in which Moler contracted to sell 60 acres to Wilson Moler.) Probate 5 Henry Roush and Susannah, his wife, vs Sarah Barr, et al. (Filed Apr. 29, 1854.) Partition. Plaintiffs allege that Susannah Roush was a child of Thomas Barr, dec'd., who died seized of 274 1/4 acres and Lot No. 34 in Dodsonville. Thomas Barr, whose wife is Betsy Jane, Mary Chaplin, wife of Reuben Chaplin, adults, and Horatio, George, John, Wesley, and Albert Barr, minors, are also children of decedent, and tenants in common with plaintiffs. Sarah, the widow of Thomas Barr, dec'd ., is entitled to dower. (Chancery Record 2, page 116.)- Jonas Roush vs Henry Roush , et al. ( Filed Jan. 30, 1856.) Partition. Plaintiff alleges that he has an interest in 500 acres of land in Survey No. 3851, excepting 200 acres conveyed by John Roush and wife to Henry Roush Apr. 20, 1808, 65 acres conveyed by John Roush and wife to Reuben Chaplin Nov. 30, 1843, and ain interest in another tract, making a total of 265 acres subject to partition. John Roush, Sr., ded'd died seized of the land, and by his will he devised it to his widow, Elizabeth, for life, then equally to his children or the heirs of a deceased child. Henry, a son of decedent, has purchased his mother's life estate, she now residing in Indiana. Plaintiff has also purchased the interests of George, John, Philip, Allen, and Michael Roush, sons of decedent. "That one Adam Shafer & Catherine Shafer late Catharine Roush, daughter of said testaor resdents of said County of Highland...Morgan Gibler of Portsmouth, Ohio, Lewis Gibler of Illinois, John Gibler, Leah King, late Leah Gibler, Rebecca Stout, late Rebecca Gibler, Milly Roberts, late Milly Gibler all of Highland County Ohio children , and Cyrenia Woods, Daniel Woods & Lewis Woods of Highland County minors & grandchildren of Daniel Gibler and Molly Gibler, dec'd late Molly Roush daughter of said testator... That John Stroup, Sylvanus Stroup, Philip Stroup, Sydney Stroup, Michael Stroup, Carey Stroup, George Stroup & Elizabeth Stroup, children of George Stroup & Betsey Stroup, dec'd. late Betsey Roush, daughter of said testator: and also William and Elliott Stroup grandchildren of said Betsy Stroup, all of whom children and grandchildren reside in Clermont County Ohio. That George Gardner, Levi Landress, John Landress, Andrew Shafer and Polly Shafer his wife, late Polly Landress and John Stevenson and Louisa his wife late Louisa Landress of Highland County Ohio, and Lewis Landress of Indiana and John Willett and Nancy Willett his wife, late Nancy Landress of Pike County Illinois, children of John Landress and Sally Landress dec'd his wife late Sally Roush daughter of John Roush Sr. dec'd, are tenants in common" with plaintiff. ( Chancery Record 2, page 454.) Probate 6 Elizabeth Foreman, et al, vs Nancy Horine, widow of George Horine, dec'd.,Henery Horine, Valetine Bishop and Eve, his wife, late Horine, adults, Rhue, Elizabeth, George, Jefferson, Cassa, Elenor, and Nelson Horine, minors; all heirs of George Horine, dec'd., and Robert Higgins. (Filed March Term, 1819.)Suit for order to convey land. Plaintiffs Elizabeth Foreman, widow of Daniel Foreman, dec'd., George, David, and Jacob Foreman, heirs of David Foreman, dec'd, allege that in 1814 they purchased of George Horine 300 acres on waters of White Oak Creek in Robert Higgins Survey, the said Horine having pruchased the land from Robert Higgins. George Higgins died intestate leaving the defendants his heirs, excepting Higgins, all residents of Kentucky. Higgins had never conveyed said land to Horine, and Horine died before he could convey the land to plaintiffs. The court finds the defendants Horine and Bishop to non-residents of Ohio, and orders the sheriff of Brown Co. , Ohio to serve Robert Higgins with summons. (Record B, page 463; Order Bvook 1816-1820, pa. 238.) The outside of this letter is addressed to Mrs. Elizabeth Foreman. On the left side is stated "By Mr . Foreman", and then is written "State Ohio". "To all whom these presents may concern Know that I Robert Higgins of Clermont County State of Ohio do give unto George Horine husband of my daughter Nancy Three hundred acres of land out of a tract lying and being in said County on the Little North fork of White Oak Creek and joining lands of Co. Abraham Buford it being his legacy of my lands as husband to my said daughter Nancy. He is to take it out of any corner of said Survey and run it as convenent as it can be done with Justice to the other part of said Tract of land, and this said instrument of writing I shall Site in my Will. As Witness my hand and seal this 29th day of October 1808 Robt Higgins seal fifty acres of the above mentioned land said Horine has paid me for Mrs. Foreman The above is a copy of the instrument of Writing now in my possession as Executor of the late George Horine Decd. I send it by your Son who delivered me your letter requesting the copy as also the affidavit of the Lost Bond, I am with sentiments of respect yours J Head Novr 29th 1819" (Orgininal paper) Robert Higgins vs George Foreman, et al. (Filed Oct. Term, 1820.) Ejectment. Plaintiff alleges that he had leased land in Concord Township in Dec., 1817, and that the defendants George, David and Elizabeth Foreman, neow in possession, ejected him from the land. (Record C, page 110.) Probate " This day the declaration of Jacob Surber a Revolutionary Soldier an applicant for a pension was presented to court and after investigating the matter are of the opinion that the interogatories prescribed by the War Department were put by John Colvin a Justice of the Peace-to the applicant-That said applicant was a Revolutionary Soldier and served as he states-and that he could not conveniently attend personally before the court to make his declaration by reason of old age & consequent bodily infirmity and the court are also of opinion that Nathan Pullam who has signed the proceeding certificate is a clergyman residing in this County and That Fredrick Gibler and Anthony Sonner who also signed the same are also residents of said County are creditable persons and that this statement is entitled to credit all of which is ordered to be certified."(Order Book No.5, 1829-1834, page 368, July 16, 1833.) "This day John Ruble a Revolutionary Soldier presented his application for pension and after investigating the matter are of opinion that the interogatories prescribed by the War Department-were put by Henery Surber a Justice of the Peace to the applicant that said applicant was a Revolutionary Soldier amd serves as he states and that he could not conveniently attend personally before the Court to made his declaration by reason of old age and consequent bodily infirmity-and the court are also that John Wardlow , Frederick Gibler and Henery Surber who signed the certificate are residents of said County and are creditable persons and their statement is entitled to credit-all which is ordered to be certified." (Order Book No. 5, 1829-1834, page 368, July 16, 1833.) Isaac Chapman and Rachel , his wife vs the heirs of Thomas Colvin , dec'd. (filed May 27, 1841.) Partition. Plaintiffs allege that Rachel Chapman, formerly Colvin, and Isaac Chapman have an interest by inheritance in over 10041/2 acres on the waters of White Oak Creek in Survey No.s 2304, 898, 8329, and 10786. George Roush and Polly , his wife, fomerly Colvin: John Colvin and Jane, his wife; John Hughey and Frances, his wife, formerly Colvin who reside in Pike Co., Mo., Samuel Colvin and Isabella, his wife, who reside within 14 miles of St. Louis Mo., Caleb Chapman and Sarah, his wife, formerly Colvin, Amos Colvin and Elizabeth, his wife, Thomas Colvin, John Wood and Hannah, his wife, and Jacob Cochran and Jane, his wife, formerly Colvein, "who with the exception of John Hughey and wife and Samuel Colvin and wife are all residents of Highland County, Ohio" and all of full age and all co- parceners with plaintiffs. In the Answer of Samuel M. and Isabella Colvin, they allege that they are heirs of Thomas Colvin, ded'd. (Record 6, page 461.) In the deposition of Charles Hughey, July Term, 1841, he states that during the past summer he was at the house of John Hughey in Pike Co. Mo. While he was there John Hughey received a letter from Issac Chapman & Rachel his wife formerly Rachel Colvin & himself the said Isaac Colvin had filed a petition for part of the lands of Thomas Colvin decd their father in the court of Common Pleas of Highland County in which they had made the heirs of said Colvin decd defendatns..."(Orginal paper.) (Compilers' note: In the case of Issac Colvin and John Wood, Admrs. Of estate of Thomas Colvin, dec'd , vs the heirs of decedent (Filed 8-28,1844) they allege that the decedent died in Feb.,1841; that Mary is the wife of George Roush and they make '"the unknown heirs of John Hugey and Fanny, his wife, formerly Colvin, dec'd. "party defendants. This case is for an order to convey 4 acres on the waters of White Oak Creek in Boyer Survey No. 892 which decedent had contracted on Sept.16, 1830 to sell Abraham Welty. (Record 7, page 268.) Evart A. Thompson vs Jacob Gibler , et. Al. (Filed Sept. 1844.) Partition. Plaintiff alleges that he has an interest in Lots 16 and 18 in Buford, formerly owned by Mathias Gibler, ded'd , by pruchase of the dower interest of Catherine, decedent's widow, and by the purchase of the 3/4 interest from his children, Mary, wife of William Faris, Isabella and Ann Gibler. Jacob B. Gibler, a minor under 14 years whose guardian is Abraham Welty, is a child of decedent and owns the remaining 1/4 interest. (Record 7, page 266.) William League, et al, vs the heirs of Edwin Conway, dec'd , it al.(Filed Sept. Term, 1845.) Petition for order to convey land. Plaintiffs William League and Ann, his wife, John Ruble and Ruth, his wife, allege that on 8-19, 1818 Samuel Winston , attorney in fact of Charles Thornton, then of Campbell Co., Ky. Who was attorney in fact for Edwin Conway of Virginia, excuted to Thomas Ruse, then of Highland County, now deceased, a contract to sell to Ruse 83 1/3 acres on Turtle Creek, par of Dade Survey No. 4550. Said Ann League and Ruth Ruble are the sole heirs and children of Thomas Ruse, dec'd who died intestate leaving----------, his widow, who has since died. Edwin Conway and Charles Thornton are both dead, their heirs are unknown, and Samuel Winston is a resident of Campbell Co., Ky. (record 7, page 648) Sarah Chaplin vs Reubin Chaplin. (Filed July?,1847) Petition for dower. Plaintiff alleges that William Chaplin died in 1831 leaving her his widow. Under decedant's will he devised 150 acres to his son, Reubin Chaplin. Plaintiff claims right of dower in said land. In the Answer of Reubin Chaplin.. he alleges that plaintiff lived with her son-in-law, David Welty, for some 11 years. In Sept., 1844 plaintiff came to live with him and stayed 1 year and 7 months to April, 1846. She was then 80 years of age "or upwards". In the affidavit of Hannah Chaplin, wife of William Chaplin, she states that Jerry Walker and Robert McGlaughland are Plaintiff's sons - in-law. In a statement made by Reuben Chaplin, Jr. of lawful age, he states that the defendant is his uncle.(No record; see orginial papers.) William M. Malcom, Admr. Of estate of John Thompson , ded'd, vs the heirs of decedent. (Filed Mar. Term, 1848.) Petition to complete contract. Plaintiff alleges that John Thompson, ded'd., while living, executed a contract dated Sept.16, 1843, to convey a lot in Dodsonville to George Shafer. Thompson died intestate leaving the following heirs: James Thompson of Iowa; Jacob Thompson, Phebe, formerly Thompson, the wife of Uriah Gaunt, both of Indiana; Elizabeth, formerly Thompson, the wife of Joseph Chaplin of Highland County; and Oswell and John W. Sutton, and Catharine M. formerly Sutton, the wife of Theophilus Davis, all of Clermont Co., Ohio, the last three being the only heirs of Eleanor Sutton, formerly Thompson, ded'd. (Record 8, page 409.) **William, third son of Lewis Coffman, 1828-1901, married Sarah Ruble, 1834-1912. She was a daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Overstake) Ruble. William reared his family on a farm northeast of Buford. Their children were Anna (Mrs. George Devitt, who lived north of the Strausburg settlement); Lewis, Jr.; Elizabeth (Donohoo); and Mary Ann (Mrs. William Temple). After his death she married John Hall. **RUBLE, Andrew. Date: Apr 2 1861. Wife: Rebecca. Children: John P., Mary Borden, Sarah Dehass, Lucinda Stout, Elizabeth Hasalam, Louisa, "my two younger sons" George W. and King S. Executor: Jacob Stout. Witnesses: John Fender, William Kibler. Proven Apr 11 1861. The widow elected to take under the will. Sureties: Isaac Vance, Alfred Roberts. Appraisers: John Fender, Henry and William Kibler.

Family Info

Descendants of Sarah RUBLE (MY LINE IS DeHASS) 1 Sarah RUBLE b: 1829 d: January 11, 1906 in Highland Co., OH . +Isreal B. DeHASS b: March 18, 1829 m: January 27, 1853 in Highland Co., OH d: January 01, 1912 in Highland Co., OH . 2 Annie Lu DeHASS ..... +Earl RIZER b: July 23, 1870 m: September 17, 1893 in Highland Co., OH d: March 23, 1920 in Highland Co., OH ..... 3 Ruth RIZER b: April 29, 1895 in Highland Co., OH ......... +Paul Hugart McMULLEN b: April 17, 1895 d: June 1983 in Hamilton Co., OH . 2 Lida DeHASS b: 1854 ..... +Charles Agustus RUETENICK b: 1856 m: February 19, 1882 in Highland Co., OH ..... 3 Samuel RUETENICK b: January 30, 1883 in Highland Co., OH ..... 3 Lummie Jane RUETENICK b: January 31, 1883 in Highland Co., OH ......... +?? LAURENCE . 2 John P. DeHASS b: October 15, 1857 d: March 15, 1860 . 2 Lou G. DeHASS b: 1861 d: August 18, 1881 . 2 William A. DeHASS b: September 30, 1862 d: April 04, 1863 **Franklin Sylvester Ruble, born in Highland Co., OH, married Sarah Janie Young, also born in Highland Co., OH they had Mark Auldice Ruble, born June 9, 1907 in Highland Co., OH. **Barker Cemetery off 131 north of Pricetown, OH. Frank S. Ruble (1-9-1878 3-1-1913); Jane S. Ruble (2-28-1886 3-28-1951); Mark A. Ruble (6-9-1907 ); Dlebert J. Ruble (11-13-1910 ). **Ruble Cemetery out of Pricetown, OH. George Alvin Ruble (died 1-18-1902, age 20-3-11, son of John L and Sarah E. Ruble); John L. Ruble (1848-1921); Sarah E. Ruble (1853-1921); J. W. Ruble (3-20-1832 10-27-1905); Mariah Ruble (10-5-1836 ); R. M. Ruble (2-10-1819 10-28-1892); Eliza Ruble (7-9-1823 4-10-1903); Daniel T. Ruble (6-30-1845 2-24-1877) Sarah M. (Aber) Ruble (7-21-1850 12-18-1882); Alexander Ruble (8-19-1854 8-16-1883); Hannah (Hasting) Ruble (12-30-1855 2-13-1881); Robert M. Ruble (3-11-1861 ). **Daniel Clark Young married Mary Ruble, son George Russell, born 10-11-1880 in Highland Co., OH. **John Ruble, a resident of Highland Co. for several years, died in Dec 1829. He was born in Shenandoah County, VA in 1761. His family originated in Germany. In 1777, when only sixteen years old, he served as an Indian Spy in Capt Anthony Rader's Company. Later he acted as a Drummer in Capt Leekhorn's Company, in an expedition againts the Indians. Andrew Ruble, 1800-Apr 4, 1861, and his wife Rebecca, 1804-Jan 28, 1862, also came to Ohio. At their death they were buried in the Union Chapel Cemetery. Balser Ruble took a roundabout way to get to Ohio. He chose for his bride Mary Surber, who was also of German origin. He was a stone mason by trade and helped with the stone masonery on the capitol at Richmond, VA. After marriage they moved to Tennessee where they lived for a few years before settling on a farm near Taylorsville in Highland Co. Balser Ruble survived until he reached his ninety-seventh year and his wife until her ninety-third year. Balser and Mary (Surber) Ruble were the parents of fourteen children, four of them died before they were a year old. The children were John, Henry, George, Jackson, Katy, Lydia, Dollie, Madeline, Sally, and Betsy Ruble. The family lived in Salem, Union and Clay Twps in the earlier days. > John, eldest son of Balser Ruble, was born in 1805. He married Sarah Coffman, daughter of Lewis and granddaughter of Jacob Coffman. Their children were: Jacob; Jospeh, who lived in IL; John W., 1832-1905 (his wife, Maria, was born in 1836); George A., born in Sept 1836; William; Henry W.; Isiah; Sarah A.; Dehina, and Rachel Ruble. Of these children, Henry W. lived in Kansas, Isiah in Minnesota, and Sarah in Illinois. The parents of John and Sarah (Coffman) Ruble both died in 1845. Henry Henry I. Ruble, second son of the pioneer, Balser Ruble, was born June 14, 1806, while his parents were living in Tennessee. He married Elizabeth Overstake, born Mar 9, 1809, she died Mar 22, 1852. Henry Ruble survived his wife for a period of forty-one years. They became the parents of six daughters and one son. They were Sarah (Mrs. William Coffman); Cynthia (Mrs. James O. Brown and secondly, Mrs. Samuel A. Lyons); Ellen, 1830-1884 (Mrs. Moody J. Pulliam); Elizabeth (wife of A. D. Wiggins, popular pension lawyer of Hillsboro); Mary (Mrs. Lewis R. Duckwall); and William K. Ruble who married Lucinda Overstake, born in Oct 1866. Their children were Henry B. (married Lola Puckett, had two daughters, Roberta and Ruth); William H.; Herschell, 1899- 1909; and Elizabeth Ruble, 1904-1926. No info on George and Jackson.

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