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Names of Underground Railroad Operators in Highland County.

Balea, W.
Beatty, Alexander
Brooks, William
Campbell, Richard
Cowgill, Benjamin
Cowgill, John
Doster, Henry
Douglas, William
Dunlap, Dr. Milton
Evans, Noah
Fullerton, George
Ghormley, David
Ghormley, William
Gillispie ,
Hibben, Samuel
Hunter, John V.
Keys, William
Lucas, Richard
McClure, " Squire"
McElroy, Ebenezer
McElroy, Thomes
Nelson, John
Nelson, William
Parker, Samuel
Patterson, Alexander
Rodgers, Col. Thomas
Sewell, David
Smith, William
Somers, Absalom
Strain, John R.
Strickel, Stephan
Sumner, Robert
Templeton, Robert
Templeton, William
Thuma, Peter
Tomlinson, Jacob
Tomlinson, Moses
Ustick, W. A.
Van Pelt, Jonathan
Williams, Nat.
Wilson, Adam R.
Wilson, Thomas
Wilson, William
Young ,

Ohio was an important route on the Underground Railroad, which was neither
underground or a railroad. It was a loose network of safe houses operated
mostly by church members, free blacks and others opposed to slavery. Ohio
was the only state in which a slave could run all the way to Canada after
crossing the Ohio river.  There was close to 400 documented sites that were
in Ohio.......

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