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"Marriage Records of Highland County, Ohio (MEN)"

Clarence Victor SPRINLE	md	Ellen O. “Ollie” WOLFRUM24 Dec 1898
David Newton SPRINKLE 	md	Joanna FORAKER		19 Aug 1866
Henry SPRINKLE		md	Catharine BOYD		27 Dec 1857
Henry Ralph SPRINKLE	md	Jessie Emily OLIVER	11 Nov 1909
James Ross SPRINKLE	md	Sallie Mary GROVE	25 Dec 1895
John SPRINKLE		md	Jane WHITE		13 Dec 1855
John Henry SPRINKLE	md	Flora WOLFRUM		26 Apr 1893
Samuel SPRINKLE		md	Mary Jane COX		 1 Dec 1859
Samuel S. SPRINKLE	md	Christine Ann FISHER	 3 Apr 1856
Samuel S. SPRINKLE	md	Mary Frances FISHER  AFT 4 Apr 1862
Solomon SPRINKLE 	md 	Elizabeth SNIDER	26 Mar 1822
Thomas Jefferson SPRINKLE md	Louella Frances MOBERLY	 9 Dec 1880
William SPRINKLE	md	Mary Ann HEDRICK	23 Aug 1849
William SPRINKLE	md	Mary Homsel WHITE	21 Nov 1895

"Highland County Marriages (WOMEN)"
America Bell SPRINKLE 	md	James Curtis WILLIAMSON	25 Dec 1879
Anna Mariah SPRINKLE	md	John T. PETERSON	 4 Dec 1880
Elizabeth SPRINKLE	md	Israel Folsom WIRT	11 Sep 1820
Emma Ellen SPRINKLE	md	James Wesley“Cadd”Walker15 Oct 1891
Hannah SPRINKLE 	md	Henry OREBAUGH		20 Aug 1848
Izouria Pearl SPRINKLE 	md	William Ellsworth WORKMAN?? ?? 1906
Lydia SPRINKLE		md	Henry SHAFFER		11 Jan 1847
Mary SPRINKLE		md	Wesley LAFFERTY		 7 Jul 1851
Mary Ann SPRINKLE	md	James WILLIAMSON	23 Nov 1853
Mary Elizabeth SPRINKLE md	George WILLIAMS		 8 May 1880
Mary “Polly” SPRINKLE	md 	John STULTS		13 Mar 1823
Matilda SPRINKLE	md	Absolom LAFFERTY	26 Jan 1845
Melissa SPRINKLE	md	John O. ELLISON		29 May 1887
Rebecca Jane SPRINKLE	md	William Henry STILLE	 8 Dec 1870
Sarah Elizabeth SPRINKLE md	Alexander Greer WEST	26 Aug 1875
Suzanna	 SPRINKLE 	md	Joseph N. FRAZIER	24 Sep 1879
Olive SPRINKLE		md	David Evans GROVE	 2 Aug 1905
Susannah SPRINKLE 	md	Benjamin M. HAMPSHIRE	   ABT 1820
Louisa SPRINKLE		md	John HEDRICK		22 Nov 1849
Sarah “Sally” SPRINKLE	md	John H. HIESTAND	25 Oct 1823
Sarah Ann “Sally” SPRINKLE md	Jonathan Gedgecock Moore16 Mar 1854

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