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Wood Co AHGP
WOOD County, Ohio
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The information on these Surname pages contains lists of names, events, years, locations, and sources; be cautious with inferences. [See the "Bibliography" page, which is located on a separate bibliography page]. These materials are intended to inform that these folks had a Wood County connection and provide references for further study. The references are a place for researchers to find additional information.

It is suggested that the researcher join a RootsWeb or USGenNet surname or a geographical e-mail list. Such USGenNet surname/geographic e-mail lists are located at Such RootsWeb lists are located at

Most researchers like to make their own discoveries, as opposed to someone just handing them unverified information. That is where the "fun" is to be found. Besides, each researcher must, themselves, evaluate any information that they include in their "family" histories and genealogies. Therefore, the pertinent information is name, event, time period, geographic location and reference for information.

This set of pages is organized by name, type of informaion or event, time period or year, geographic location, and source. This covers the most relevant information for searches by the researcher. This gives an opportunity to narrow down a search for a particular surname, thus saving some time and energy on the part of the researcher.

The reference source is a short hand, giving the source and location within that source. The complete source is located/cited on a bibliography page linked from each page.

To ask for look-ups, it is suggested that a researcher join a RootsWeb surname or geographic location e-mail list. Such lists are located at An alternative would be to mail a request to the Wood County Chapter, Ohio Genalogical Society, One Courthouse Square, Bowling Green, OH 43402 []. In your request, please give, at a minimum, such information as name; event; time period/year; location; and complete reference.

Should folks want to volunteer to do "look-ups" for any of the resources they have available, a separate page will be developed for that purpose.

The entrees are alphabetical on several separated pages.

This set of pages is designed as the central page and all of the alpha pages are linked from this page. Thus, you will have to return to this page if you wish to visit any of the other pages.

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Event Abbrieviations
1stfam  =  First Family of Wood County
cem     =  Cemetery
mem     =  In Memory notice
obit    =  Obituary notice

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