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Death Notices
Wood County, Ohio
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Wood County Deaths
as Reported in Area Newspapers
and other sources
Note: there is no attempt to be all inclusive

Other Obituary notices for Wood County

Note: Listed here are death notices; not obituaries. There may be obituaries in the reference or not. There has been no attempt to capture obituaries on this page.

This file has become too large to be maintained in one file. Thus, the death notices are now found in four different files, linked from this page. All death notices beginning with A thru G are in one file, with H thru M, N thru S, and T thru Z located on the other pages. In the future, further splits will occur as files become larger. Thank you for visiting.

    Death Notices A thru G

    Death Notices H thru M

    Death Notices N thru S

    Death Notices T thru Z

  • TB, = THE BLADE, Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio
  • ST, = SENTINAL-TRIBUNE, Bowling Green, Wood County, Ohio

Link for other Wood County Obituaries

Communities Located within Wood County, Ohio

Bairdstown, Bloom Twp
Blake (Ghost Town), Portage Twp
Bloomdale, Bloom Twp
Bowling Green, Center/Plain
Bradner, Montgomery Twp
Bruning (Ghost Town), Freedom Twp
Clay Junction (Ghost Town), Lake Twp
Coontown (Ghost Town), Montgomery Twp
Cummings (Ghost Town), Lake Twp
Custar, Milton Twp
Cygnet, Bloom Twp
Damtown (Ghost Town), Liberty Twp
Darrell (Ghost Town), unknown Twp 
Denver (Ghost Town), Henry Twp
Devil's Hole Prairie (Ghost Town), Webster Twp
Dowling (Ghost Town), Middleton Twp
Ducate (Ghost Town), Liberty Twp
Eagleville (Ghost Town), Bloom Twp
Fenton (Ghost Town), Webster Twp
Fort Meigs (Ghost Town), Perrysburg Twp
Fostoria, Perry Twp/Seneca County
Freeport (Ghost Town), Montgomery Twp
Galatea (Ghost Town), Bloom Twp
Germany (Ghost Town), Washington Twp
Gilead (Ghost Town), Grand Rapids Twp
Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids Twp
Gwynndale (Ghost Town), Washington Twp
Hadley (Ghost Town), Milton Twp
Hammonsburg (Ghost Town), Henry Twp
Haneytown (Ghost Town), Milton Twp
Haskins, Middleton Twp
Hoytville, Jackton Twp
Hulls Prairie (Ghost Town), Middleton Twp
Jerry City, Portage/Bloom Twps
Luckey, Troy Twp
Mangen (Ghost Town), Portage Twp
Marvel  (Ghost Town?), Bloom Twp
Millbury, Lake Twp
Milton Center, Milton Twp
North Baltimore, Henry Twp
Northwood, Lake Twp
Old Mungen (Ghost Town), Liberty Twp
Pemberville, Freedom Twp
Perrysburg, PerrysburgTwp
Portage, Partage/Liberty Twps
Prairie Depot (Ghost Town), Montgomery Twp
Risingsun, Montgomery Twp
Roachton (Ghost Town), Middleton Twp
Rossford, Perrysburg/Old Ross Twp
Scotch Ridge, Webster Twp
Six Points (Ghost Town), Portage Twp
Tontogany, Washington Twp
Trombley (Ghost Town), Portage Twp
Walbridge, Lake Twp
Wayne, Montgomery Twp
Welker Station  (Ghost Town), Bloom Twp
West Millgrove, Perry Twp
Weston, Weston/Milton Twps
Wingston (Ghost Town), Liberty Twp
Woodside  (Ghost Town?), Freedom Twp

    Death Notices A thru G

    Death Notices H thru M

    Death Notices N thru S

    Death Notices T thru Z
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