Atoka High School Seniors 1947-48

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Alexander, Alice
Allen, Bonnie
Anderson, Dale
Atteberry, Jewel
Benham, H. C.
Biggs, T. W.
Bishops, Bert
Blankenship, Margarett
Bonnifield, Wallace
Brannon, Eugene
Bryant, J. R.
Camp, Leo K.
Caplinger, Alton
Cates, Becky
Chitwood, Bobby Joe
Cochran, Benton
Cochran, Yvonne
Cooper, Jessie
Decker, Delmalene
Dodd, Nancy
Eaton, Jerry
Frazier, Dorothy
Green, Bonnie
Green, Mamie
Gross, Jack
Hallows, Franklin
Hastings, Delee
Hazelwood, June
Herrod, Billy
Hill, Mozelle
Jacobs, Vina
Kennedy, Barney
Kilgore, Billy
Kilmer, Barbara
King, Gay
Lewis, Paul
Logan, Gene
Logan, Lois
Maxey, Martha
Mayo, Betty
Mayo, Elsie
McAnulty, Oran Dale
McBee, Asalea
Mixon, Jim
Mixon, Joe
Moffatt, Jean
Moore, Bernice
Moore, Beryel
Nanny, Bobby
Nelson, Pat
Norton, Pat
Parham, Don
Phillips, J. D.
Proctor, Sue
Provence, J. V.
Ralls, Betty,
Ralls, Doris
Ralls, Olena
Shipley, Edsel Ford
Smith, Quenta
Snell, Sherman
Stanphill, Billy
Stanphill, Ruth
Sutherland, Lois
Tate, Ray
Taylor, Barbara
Trent, Lena
Walker, Johnie
Weaver, Geraldine
Wheeler, Bobbie
Whittle, Jimmie
Williams, Charlie
Wilson, Robert

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