Atoka High School Seniors 1959


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Bob Cates
Everett Watkins
Albert Furr
Vice President
Dr. R. B. Epperson
Monroe Allen

George Morrison
Mrs. I. L. McAlister
Junior High School Principal
Robert D. Plumlee
High School Principal
W. C. “Pooch” Elliott


Margaret Akers
Oliver Baldwin
Zelma Brecheen
Elizabeth Briggs
Verne A. Briggs
Royce Castleman
Willie Bowman
Todd Dowing
Margaret Hames
Don Hodge
Waurane Hodge
Ruel Holcomb
Roberta Jacobus
Lee Johnson
Wilson McDonald
Bill R. Pingleton
W. R. Ridgeway
W. L. Rippetoe
Esther Sartin
Wesley Smithart
Francile Spring
Margaret Sue Thomas
Walter Scott Wells
Cassie Williams

1959 Seniors

Jimmie Goodson
Kelly Standridge
Vice President
Marlene Latimer
Karen Lovelace
June Callicoat
S. C. Rep.
Betty Faulkenberry
Song Leader
James Adams
Doris Ainsworth
Jim Allen
Sarah Allen
W. K. Bell
Ann Benham
Jerry Bettis
Waymon Blankenship
Kenneth Booker
Bobby Bright
Othel Burleson
Mary Ann Colbert
Clarence Cooksey
Billy Frank Crow
Linda Dale
Frank Dandridge
Norma Darbison
Carrie Davis
Melvin Davis
Dwain Embrey
Frances Faudree
John Faulkenberry
Mari Flo Gilbreath
Linda Goodson
William Goodwin
Wayne Grist
Lawrence Hall
Scott Hammond
Benjamine Harrison
Glenn Heatherly
Ruthie Henderson
Jimmy Hewitt
Bonnie Hopson
Herbert Hyatt
Herman Hyatt
Joyce Jackson
Barbara Jones
Glynna Jones
Lavona Jones
Mike Lee
Joyce Loudermilk
Tommy Love
Wayne Marlow
Bill Mason
Robert Maxey
Lynn Mayfield
Dee McCormick
Don McGinty
Barbara Miller
Luna Mussa
Wendell Nichols
Donald Owens
Sherry Parish
Una Payne
Delmar Pernell
Don Pettigrew
S. C. Powell
Gaylene Praytor
Gailian Rains
Wilma Rains
Wayne Ralls
Lynn Reasor
Shirley Rector
Kay Frances Reed
Gerald Reece
Elaine Rich
S. L. Robertson
Billy Dean Sanders
Don Sanders
Carolyn Scruggs
Becky Setliff
Joe Ray Sheffield
Barbara Smith
Eddie Lee Speer
Peggy Strang
David Struck
Granella Watkins
Martha Watkins
Betty Webster
Larry Weintraub
Betty Work