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1963-64 Farris Elementary Class

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"FARRIS SCHOOL 1963-1964"

This picture is of a group of students at the Elementary School near Farris, OK. The school housed first through sixth grades. It was a five room school building, one room being the Cafeteria and Gym, when it rained. The year, 1963 or 1964? The teacher was Mrs. Miller. Can you name the students? Second row from the bottom, and fifth child from the left is the submitter of this picture: Shelia Trimble 1st grade. I will give you the surnames, and you can try and match the name with the picture. Hall, Eskue, Welch, Tindell, Butler, Hamm, Tindell, Welch, Cochran, Bingham, Smith, Wood, Eskue, Hardin, Hulse, McClendon, Crawins or Crauins, Tindell, Welch, Hembree, Smith and Hall.

If you can identify any of the students, please contact me.

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