Atoka High School Seniors 1977

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Seasons of ’77

Adair, Debbie Howard, Jan
Allen, Doug Hunt, Dee
Armstrong, Gary Hutson, Carl
Bernard, Ted Jackson, Janie
Bingham, Robin Jackson, Laura
Blackmon, Donald Jones, Linda
Brown, Marilyn Justus, Michael
Burnett, Theressa Kinsey, Beverly
Bussy, Ton Lambert, Tammra [Hill]
Calhoun, Robert Linscott, Ronald
Callicoat, Donna Lowe, Donna [Milam]
Carey, Denise Lowe, Kenny
Castle, Doug Lowry, Ronny
Coben, Jimm Mayo, Wesley
Cochran, Tony McCarty, Abby
Copeland, Clay Mitchell, Shirley
Copeland, Keith Mungle, Margretta
Cunningham, Cindy Nicols, Reggie
Derryberry, Ray Patton, Arnold
Donaldson, Jim Pelts, Ricky
Dunkin, Ronald Pettigrew, Dee Ann
Ervin, James Phillips, James
Eskue, Brenda Phillips, John
Fahrny, Debbie Poteet, J. W.
Fine, Joseph Praytor, John
Flowers, Jeff Prater, Roy
Gabbert, Dennis Pugh, Wesley
Garside, Ricky Rawlin, Floyd
Grist, Jerry Ridgeway, Bruce
Guilbeau, Shannon Ross, George
Hairrel, Pam Rounsaville, Rick
Hall, Weldon Sewell, Tammi
Hallows, Connie Shields, Cheryl
Harrison, Marshall Simons, Kelly
Harrison, Wanda Smith, Aaron
Hearrell, Debbie Smith, Steve
Hembree, Diane [Waller] Smith, Wilma
Hembree, Mike Staneart, Johnny
Henry, Michael Steely, Mitch
Herring, Shriver Stough, Cheryl
Hill, Orlan Thompson, Donna
Hogan, Kenny Tidwell, Yolanda
Holcomb, Patricia Williams, Mike
Hook, Patty Wilson, Beverly
Hooper, Michael Wilson, David K.
Hopson, Elaine Wilson, David S.
Hopson, Jody Williams, June