Atoka High School Seniors 1979

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Adair, David Allen, Ronnie Armstrong, Jeff
Barnett, Mark Bingham, Kevin Bledsoe, Bryan
Bond, Pia Breger, Zelda Brotherton, Lori
Burke, Nageala Calhoun, Mike Callicoat, Ellis
Carroll, Chuck Cat, Robert Clayton, Arnold
Cook, Glendon DeWitt, Gwen Donaldson, Linda
Durant, Mark Fitzgerald, Cathey Fortenberry, Tammie
Frost, Robin Gabriel, Frankie George, Steve
Goodson, Hershel Griggs, Sherrill Hacker, Janet
Harper, Ron Harvey, Dana Henderson, Austin
Hill, Glenn Hill, Mike Hogan, Benny
Howard, Ronnie Ishmael, Greg Craig, Lane
Lee, Mark Linscott, Debbie Maine, Joel
Marshall, Tommy Mayfield, Kevin Maxwell, Pat [Fortenberry]
Mayo, Henry McCarroll, Dennis Millis, Jasper
Nanny, Michele Noah, Peggy Nutt, Sandra
Nuttall, Brenda Pippin, Linda Powell, Dennis
Powell, Teresa Praytor, Darla Rawlins, Cheryl
Ray, Steve Ray, Valerie Reed, Mickey
Ridgeway, Greg Rounsaville, Mike Smith Deliah
Settlemire, Michael Sheffield, Troy Sides, Darrell
Staneart, Cheryl Stark, Debbie Sutter, Phillip
Swift, Mary [Campbell] Trent, Paula Turner, Robert
Vietta, Butch Walker, Traci Waller, Lawanna
Wallis, Lynn Whittington, Mark Witt, Mark
Wolery, Brad   Yates, Cheryl