Atoka High School Seniors 1986

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Lori Hearrell Pres. David Grimsley Vice Pres. Shawn Birchfield Reporter Sharla George Stu. Co. Rep. Jeff Grissom Stu. Co. Jody Kellogg Stu-Co. Pres.

1986 Seniors

Baca, Lora
Bailey, Shana
Baker, Karen,
Batts, Ronald
Bettis, Cheryln
Bicknell, Jacky
Bolin, Tersa
Bond, Sean
Bond, Valleri
Brinkley, David
Burnett, Donny
Callicoat, Amy
Carlile, Todd
Chittum, Staci
Claterbos, Jane
Cook, Sandra
Cooke, Tamara
Cops, Linnie
Crowley, Rob
Curtis, Stan
Darling, Cheryl
Deaton, Russell
Deaton, Sandra
Dwiggins, Glen
Eastman, Jim
Erickson, Shari
Fisher, Cheryl
Fomby, James
Gabbart, Rebecca
Glover, Lisa
Greenwood, Joe Bill
Griffin, Gary
Griffin, Stephanie
Horn, Sheila
Hunt, Rhonda
Ingersoll, Wendy
Ingram, Connie
Ingram, Michelle
Jackson, Andrea
Jackson, Shane
James, Dewayne
Johnson, Paul
Johnston, Tony
Justus, Brent
Keeler, Stephen
Kennedy, Dennis
Knapp, Steven
Larason, Dalan
Leuty, Laura
Lewis, Doug
Lloyd, Sandra
Loftis, Leslie
Martin, Bradley
Maxey, Joe
Mays, Charles
Mead, Michelle
Metz, Padgett
Miller, John
Miller, Ronda
Miller, Shelly
Mitchell, Shelley
Moore, Shelley
Moreland, Brian
Moser, Greg
Perkins, Melva
Powell, Michael
Reasor, Shannon
Rector, Beth
Roberson, Chad
Roland, Vernon
Rowe, Aaron
Scott, Mickey
Silvers, Teresa
Snead, Thom
Stallings, Louis
Sumner, Thomas
Sutter, Yalanda
Tenequer, Michael
Tree, Angela
Turner, Cheri
Walker, Karen
Westervelt, Stacey
Williams, Jenetta
Yamauchi, Massayuki