1955-56 Atoka High Sophomore Class

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The classmates I remember at a glance are: Nick Charles Keith, Luther Jones, LaFray Stackhouse, Rob Surrell, Judy Davis, Marilyn Case, Alice Withrow, Mary Forrest, Kathleen Henson, Raylene McNeil, Connie Owens, Elouise Richardson Bettis (deceased), Carol Hill, Jimmy Cole, Maurice Jackson, Alan Christi (deceased), Wanda Murray, Delores Cerrotti, Joe Powell, Jody Sherrill, and Jimmy Brown, Billy Woolbright, Sidney Farquar (?), Sandra Theil. I thought I would always remember the names of each of these students, unfortunately, over the years the names have faded from my memory.

If anyone knows how to reach Jimmy Brown, please contact me. He is the only classmate that has not been located.