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Abandoned Ward Cemetery

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The Ward Cemetery is an abandoned burial site on the ranch of Mrs. Eula Kelley, and the late Gorman Kelley, approximately 1 14/ miles southeast of Wardville. The site contains several vault-like structures made of native rock, but is in a heavily wooded area which is open to livestock, and is in very poor condition. Mrs. Kelley and her nephew drove us to the site in a jeep which is the only means of reaching it other than on foot. It was canvassed November 11, 1980 by Ruth Williams and Gwen Walker. On that date we located 15 marked graves. There may have been some unidentified ones which were obscrued by leaves and overgrowth. Wardville purportly was named for Samuel Ward who was buied at this site in 1877.

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B., Handmade Stone

Bowen, L. A. Handmade Stone


D. M. J. Handmade Stone

Davidson, L. G. Handmade Stone


Ennis, L. G. Military Stone OK PFC Co. 1, 137 Inf. WWII
Ennis, Mr. L. S. Handmade Stone
Ennis, Mrs. L. S. Handmade Stone


Rhyne In Memory of M. T. G. J. & Joel Beloved Sons of J. w. & C. B Rhyne


S., W. E. - Handmade stone

Walls, M. - Handmade stone

Ward, Ed - Handmade stone

Ward, H. A. - Handmade stone

Ward, Samuel - Handmade Stone

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