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Welcome to the "Atoka County, OK Mailing List." I would like this to be a friendly, relaxed list for everyone. So grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and sit a spell, while discussing your genealogy pros and cons. I truly hope this list will be beneficial to all who join, and each of you will look forward to returning daily.

One requirement before joining this list. Please have an up to date Virus Protection Program, and keep it updated. This is for the benefit of all members.

Please follow these GROUND RULES:

1. No Flaming (We don't "even" go there).
2. No Profanity.
3. Please Do Not Discuss Politics. Genealogy Only.
4. If you have a problem, please send a private e-mail to me,


Only subscribers may post to the mail list. The list will not accept attachments, HTML messages or GedComs.


To subscribe to the Atoka Co., OK mail list send an e-mail (leave the subject blank) and type the following:

For List mode:
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For Digest mode type: subscribe OkAtoka-D

If you wish to leave your signature file on, then type the word end after your e-mail address. Example: subscribe OKAtoka-L end

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To send an e-mail to the list not to the request address!


Unsubscribe send a message that contains the word unsubscribe OkAtoka-L or unsubscribe OkAtoka-D and NOTHING ELSE, in the body of your e-mail (leave the subject line blank; turn off your signature file). Send e-mail to:Click here

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