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Atoka County Marriages

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Month Day Year
Ruth Adams CHARLESTON, Martin ?, Susan Atoka, ca. 1878
Ruth Adams KENNEDY, D. C. VAUGH, M. L. 11 April 1887 in Stringtown, I. T.
34 ABBENLY, W. George BROCKMILIER, Annie  Oct. 6, 1897
53 ANDREWS, E. A. WALLACE, Nellie Dec. 1, 1897
77  ALLEN, Carlos WALKUP, Ethel Jan. 9, 1898
78 ASHLEY, A. W. M. SMITH, Josephine Jan. 1, 1898
91 AUSELIM, Nigelio AUSELINS, Hureaka Jan. 18, 1898
98 ALLEN, Ron  ROGERS, Maggie Jan. 18, 1898
142 ALEXANDER, Sam DUNFORD, Emma Mar. 11, 1898
Jimmie Finch WRIGHT, J. T. PERKINS, Letha March 17, 1898
126 ALLISON, Lee CONTUREE, Beula Feb. 24, 1898
191 ANDREW, W. John WISE, Maude May 17, 1898
220 ABLES, B. W. BUCKHANAN, Ninia June 19, 1898
285 ANSALEAR, Frank AUSRLENE, Catherine Sept. 8, 1898
310 AWRAY, ? SALMON, Alice Oct. 12, 1898
317 ATTAURAY, C. L. BRODY, Susie Oct. 19, 1898
357 ARNOLD, W. J. BAKER, Malinda Dec. 12, 1898
475 APPLE, J. H. COLE, E.C. June 6, 1898
484 ALLEN, Douglas GENTER, Lizzie June 21, 1899
524 ALLEN, G. W. BUTLER, Ida Aug. 12, 1899
578 ALLEN, Adrian RAIDABRADY, Rbady J. Oct. 09, 1899
594 ALLEN, H. R. HARRIS, Alice Oct. 31, 1899
561 ASHURET, Jo BREUSES, Mary K. Sept. 27, 1899
599 ATWOOD, Charles SMALLWOOD, Josie Nov. 09, 1899
619 AXOADDUS, John MORROW, Florence Dec. 04, 1899
628 ARMSTRONG, E. Thomas LONMAN, Grace T. Dec. 15, 1899
1899 Indian Citizen, Atoka I. T. INGE, Jasper SUMMERVILLE, Nellie April 1899-Ceremony perfomed by goom's grandfather
811 ARRINGTON, Nash COREKER, Ellen Aug. 30, 1900
823 ANCIERS, J. M. DRAKE, Willie F. Sept. 18, 1900
857 ALLISON, J. T. HUND, Tommy Oct. 15, 1900
895 ALDERSON, Madison MORROW, Julia Nov. 19, 1900
905 ADAMS, W. R. TRACY, Rhuog Nov. 29, 1900
672 ALLEN, J. M. FARRIMOND, L. A. Jan. 24, 1901
999 ABENGTON, C. R. HILLMAN, Lula May Feb. 25, 1901
1001 ADAMS, M. T. DODD, Lula Feb. 26, 1901
1023 AUSTIN, B. MCHANEY, Belle Mar. 20, 1901
1040 ANDERSON, Clem KNOX, Ethel Apr. 8, 1901
1120 ALLEN, J. T. FARRIS, Katie July 3, 1901
1158 ANALETUBBLE, Henry BAKER, Mattie Aug. 6, 1901
1176 ABLES, John MAURIEL, N. J. Aug. 6, 1901
1186 ABLES, D. Wm. BREWSTER, Caroline Sept. 3, 1901
1191 ALTEN, C. Ben ELZEY, Ida Sept. 4, 1901
1199 ANTHONY, Jay JACKSON, Odelia Sept. 4, 1901
1210 ALNEY, O. Jim PAYNE, Eddie Sept. 21, 1901
1223 ANGLIN, J. H. HURR, Martha Belle Oct. 7, 1901
1262 ADAMS, W. E. SIMS, I. R. Oct. 26, 1901
1282 ANANTS, T. W. CLINTON, Gillie Nov. 14, 1901
Ruth Adams YOUNG, Samuel J. COOKSEY, Julia Ann Mar. 31, 1901 at Atoka
1422 ADKINS, J. M. WRIGHT, Mary Mar. 1, 1902
1432 AMES, Frederick Wm. POWERS, Alice Mar. 4, 1902
1453 ATKINSON, J. P. AMONDY, Vonn Apr. 1, 1902
1465 APPLE, P. Charley RICE, Myrtle Apr. 10, 1902
1469 ANDERSON, W. P. GARNER, Texanna Apr, 14, 1902
1530 ADAIR, A. W. PETTY, Alzadir Jun. 20,1902
1545 ALLEN, C. J. WARD, C. E. Jul. 3, 1902
1563 ARRINGTON, Leroy WALL, Mandy Jul. 19, 1902
1612 AUBREY, Charles TALKINGTON, Lily M. Oct. 1, 1902
1626 ALDRIDGE, S. Silroner DAVIS, Clara R. Oct. 18, 1902
1682 ADDINGTON, W. A. WRIGHT, Alice Dec. 22, 1902
Carl Phillips MENDELL, Albert BETTS, Lula Henrietta Mar. 9, 1902
Angie Jenkins Long RHYNE/RYNE, Sam (23)Herbert MARCUM, Janie/Jonie (18)Cairo Oct. 12, 1902-Atoka, C. N., I. T.
1741 ALLEN, J.E. MORGAN, Annie Feb. 25, 1903
1778 ADERHOLTZ, Albert PHILLIPS, Moredy Apr. 14, 1903
1779 ADKINS, J. COX, Eliza Apr. 16, 1903
1905 ARBUCKLE, Cliff DORE, Alice Sept. 5, 1903
1916 AUSTIN, J. A. YOUNG, Lula Sept, 16, 1903
1997 ANSELMI, Peter MARCHETTI, Angela Dec. 11, 1903
Carl Phillips BETTS, Charley A. YORK, Ora Lee Sept. 9, 1903
2034 ADAMS, R. Stanley CRAGON, Margaret Jan. 2, 1904
2058 ANDERSON, James STEAMS, Lula Feb. 1, 1904
2130 ANDERSON, T.W. MILLER, Mary Apr. 14, 1904
2146 ALDERSON, John MORGAN, Eliza May 3, 1904
2274 ADAIR, P.S. ARNN, Cora Sept. 13, 1904
2327 ADDISON, R. T. BATTONFIELD, Becky Nov. 12, 1904
2366 AGISLAR, John BASKIS, Tacemda Dec. 9, 1904
2385 AKERS, T. M. ROSENBACUM, Eva Dec. 23, 1904
2386 ACKER, Frank UNDERWOOD, Mary Dec. 23, 1904
Angie Jenkins Long RHYNE, Sam C. LAMBERT, Verdie M. May 02, 1904-Atoka, C. N., I. T.
2449 ALLEN, Earl BOUCHARD, Nora Feb. 14, 1905
2522 ADAMS, W. F. MADDOX, Scottie May 15, 1905
2523 ALLEN, E. A. CARPENTER, Lou May 16, 1905
2538 ARNAME, John MCDOUGAL, Francis May 31, 1905
2579 ALDERSON, Ezekel PATRICK, Betsie Jul. 8, 1905
2624 ATTAWAY, W. H. GARDNER, Amelia Sept. 22, 1905
2643 AKERS, G. L. YOUNG, Lottie Sept. 23, 1905
2662 ANDERS, Ed ANGLIN, Effie Oct. 5, 1905
2678 ANGLIN, James ANDERS, Vessie Oct. 19, 1905
2729 ARMSTRONG, Losie MCBRIDE, Elma Dec. 2, 1905
2743 ANDERSON, Thos. LORIES, Lizzie Dec. 16, 1905
2755 ALLIN, A. B. PITCHLYMS, Leonia Dec. 23, 1905
2829 ARMSTRONG, R. A. CLEVENGER, Mattie J. Feb. 26, 1906
2934 ARGULAR, Martin MINCHAIR, Andrea Jun. 7, 1906
2935 ANDEREGG, Edward MCADAM, Maybell Jun. 9, 1906
2972 ASLIN, S. A. LENTON, May Jul. 17, 1906
2986 ADCOX, H. L. BRINSON, Nannie E. Aug. 2, 1906
3002 ALLEN, J. S. GRAFA, Ethel Aug. 2, 1906
3042 ADAMS, T. E. MARLOW, G. M. Sept. 29, 1906
3046 ASHLEY, W. A. VICKEY, Carrie Oct. 6, 1906
3061 AMBURN, W.D. CARROLL, Minnie Oct. 23, 1906
3065 ADERHOLTZ, D. William GOOCH, Cardy Oct. 30, 1906
3132 AMBURN, R. L. DAVIS, Ora Dec. 18, 1906
3159 ANDERSON, Charles CLAY, Jincy Dec. 29, 1906
3181 ALBRET, William ABELS, Jane Jan. 1, 1906
Ruth Adams BUCKHOLTS, Robert E. RAVIA, Orpah Elizabeth Dec. 05, 1906
Lic.#2911 CONNER, S. H. GRIST, Murle 5-20-1906 Atoka, Book 3 Page 238
3080 - Marriage Book #3 Page 322 McCOWN, D. C. (Daniel Cole)-25, Lula, I. T. KELLEY, Minda-15, Lula, I. T. Nov. 11, 1906 I. T. Central District E. J. Fannin, Clerk J. D. Castell, Deputy, Minister: R. S. Baker
Angie Jenkins Long JENKINS, J. J.    (22) MARCUM, Pearl (19) Oct. 14, 1906,Cairo-Grparents of Angie Jenkins Long.
3187 ALSTON, Henry NIXON, Bulah Jan. 1, 1907
3231 ASHLEY, Louis ELLIOTT, Mary Mar. 6, 1907
3255 ATTEBERY, Frank BEAR, Martha Apr. 9, 1907
3279 AILEP, Dick MOFFETT, Cordelia May 4, 1907
3365 ABERT, J. L. MORRISON, Ina Aug. 10, 1907
3379 ALEXANDER, Geo. HOPKINS, Katie Aug. 21, 1907
3468 ABERNATHY, Tom ROBINSON, Idell Oct. 28, 1907
Ruth Adams CROWE, C. C. MUELLER, Hazel June 6, 1907-Methodist Church Atoka
Ruth Adams GOLDEN, James Frank SAMPLE, Betty Jun. 05, 1909 Caney
Caney Leader-1910 MADERE, Edd AIRINGTON, Allie Jul. 10, 1910-Rev. McCabe
Ruth Adams WITHROW, Claud Gilbert SWINDELL, Adell S. Aug. 27, 1911
Jimmie Finch HOLLON, John A. GREEN, Effie L.  
Caney Leader-1912 HENDERSON, D. D., Dr. MITCHELL, Lacey Apr. 6, 1912-Rev. C.J. Ralston
Caney Leader-1912 KNIGHT, Mr. INGRAM, Myrtle May 6, 1912 at Caney
Ruth Atteberry Adams STOWERS, James M., 23 ATTERBERRY, Mae, 18 May 12, 1912 in Atoka; Rev. A. C. McKay, Missionary Baptist, Kinfick, Bryant Co., OK. Witnessed by: J. W. Mason-Lehigh, OK and Ham Chester-Atoka. C. M. Neal Co. Judge & Clerk Co. Court. W. H Parker, Deputy Clerk.
Caney Leader-1912 ROBERTSON, E. L. MILLER, Luvena Aug. 7, 1914-Rev. H. R. MORRIS officiating
Caney Leader WEISENDAUGER, Paul SUTHERLAND, Viola Jun. 13, 1914
Scott Harvard QUAID, Burt Arron LASTER, Pearl Maude Dec. 10, 1915 at Bentley
Ruth Atteberry Adams ABLE, Arthur Evans, 28 COUCHMAN, Leona, 19 Apr. 12, 1916 in the home of Rev. J. T. Lowry at Standing Rock, OK. Witnessed by: Mrs. J. T. Lowry,Standing Rock, OK, Claud Umstead and Amace Able all of Atoka. The applicant for the license was S. C. Umstead. That is probably why the bride's name is incorrect. It should read Leora.
Ruth Atteberry Adams ATTEBERRY, Jim D., 24 CHESTER, Alma Betty, 19 Oct. 15, 1916 at the home of J. T. Lowry, Missionary Baptist Minister, Standing Rock, OK. James H. Gill Court Clerk, Russell Telle Deputy. Witnessed by: Amos Able and Alph Chester.
Ruth Atteberry Adams ATTEBERRY, Otto, 21 CARNES, Bessie,    21 Nov. 15, 1916 @ Boggy Depot by G. W. Swaffer, Baptist Minister. Witnessed by: C. D. Layton, Boggy Depot, and J. A. Carnes, Atoka. The ages are incorrect Otto was 18, and Bessie was 19. James H. Gill, Court Clerk Russell Telle, Deputy
Ruth Adams THACKER, Walter Raymond REEVES, Ollie Belle June 4. 1916 in Atoka
Jimmie Finch WEAVER, Asher F. GREEN, Minnie M. July 15, 1916
N/A FITZGERALD, Martin S. SHIELDS, Janie May June 24, 1917- Atoka Couty, OK
Ruth Atteberry Adams JONES, Leslie, 27 Atoka FRONTERHOUSE, Virgie Mrs., 20 Stringtown Aug. 22, 1918 in Atoka. T. B. Murphy Minister of the Gospel, Stringtown, OK. Witnessed by: Tom Teer, Stringtown, & L. B. Harp of Stringtown. Otis H. Presson Court Clerk, Russell Telle, Deputy.
Ruth Adams REEVES, Henry Duncan SMITH, Flora Mae December 14, 1918, at Boggy Depot
Jimmie Finch LINDSEY, Cecil C. GREEN, Lettie Iona 1919
Ruth Adams ALLEN, William T. McGILL, Nora Mae Dec. 21, 1919 in Atoka, Rev. Henry Goss officiating the ceremony.
Ruth A. Adams ADAMS, Alfred, 21 ARTERBERRY, Bonnie, 19 Aug. 5, 1919 in Atoka. Rev. Ben Arthur Mitchell (License App. shows Alfred Brown as applicant. Witnessed by: Ed Sillers and Minnie Richard of Atoka.)
Ruth Adams PHELPS, James Audie PERKINS, Mary Aug. 24, 1919 at Farris, OK.
Ruth Adams GABBART, Ted (Louis Earl) ROWLAND, Josie March 1920 in Atoka
Ruth Atteberry Adams ATTEBERRY, Charlie, 36 BURRETT, Dovie, 29 Feb. 15, 1920 in Atoka @ House of Bill by J. T. Lowry Bapt. Minister. Witnessed by: Baxter Stanphill, Atoka and Stafford Tudor (ex-husband), but certificate of Marriage shows "X wife", Lehigh, OK. Floyd Peck, Deputy and O. H. Presson, Court Clerk
Charlotte Peebles SIMPSON, Richard Chester OWENS, Bessie Nov. 17, 1920-Bentley, OK
Dale Standifer LOWE, Marion FAULKENBERRY, Maggie May 4, 1920
Jimmie Finch BOGGS, William P. WRIGHT, Letha [Perkins] August 21, 1920
Julian Gann GANN, James Avery HALE, Dora Ellen Aug. 06, 1921
Jimmie Finch WRIGHT, William J. SWAFFAR, Alpha D. March 25, 1921
MEAD family member MEAD, Calvin W. SWENDELL, Ruth Ann Dec. 24, 1921 At Atoka
Ruth Adams MEAD, Charley Franklin JOTT, [SHEFFIELD], Edna C. Apr. 24, 1921
Ruth Adams WILSON, Noel J. PEELER, Starlie Jul. 2, 1922 at Lane
Ruth Adams FRENCH, Henry S. Chavers,May November 03, 1922 at Bentley
Ruth Adams FRAZIER, Andrew J. TONEY, Alma Florence Nov. 28, 1922-Atoka
N/A PARHAM, Curtis HOUSER, Pearl V. December 23, 1922 in Caney
Ruth Adams CAMPBELL, Crawford C. ECHOLS, Maudie Marie May 09, 1923
Jerry Dodds Frank Benefield Doris Virginia Singletary May 23, 1923 at Caney
Carl Phillips PHILLIPS, Wm. Hartwell WILLIAMS, Beulah Florence Aug. 23, 1923
Ruth Adams FRAZIER, Commodore F. RAINS, Sallie E. Dec. 3, 1924-Atoka
Ruth Adams NICKELL, Roy ALLMON, Ada G. Jul. 24, 1924
Frances Tate McGILL, John SNOW, Doshie Bell Oct. 11, 1925-Daisy, OK
Ruth Adams FINK, Tommy TOMLINSON, Ola Ethel Dec. 23, 1925 in Atoka
Ruth Adams GANN, William A. PRICHARD, Poncahontus July 29, 1925 Atoka
Ruth Adams INGRAM, Robert L. ENDSLEY, Bonnie B. Nov. 21, 1925 Caney
Ruth Adams VAUGHN, Burnis E. HOOD, Ruth May 15, 1926 in Caney
Ruth Adams SILVERS, Earl LOGAN, Alice M. Oct. 21, 1926 in Atoka
Ruth Adams FRAZIER, Andrew Jackson TONEY, Alma Florence Nov. 28, 1927 in Atoka Co.
Dale Standifer HEMBREE, Marion G. HOUCHIN, Ella Mae Aug. 3, 1927-Farris
Ruth Adams POOLE, Amos H. COOPER, Johnnie O. Sept. 19, 1928-Atoka
Ruth Adams POOLE, Amos H. COOPER, Johnnie Otha Sept. 19, 1928 at Atoka
Jimmie Finch WRIGHT, Tom M. GREEN, Nova E. December, 26, 1928
Ruth Adams STANPHILL, O. C. "Buddy" BARRIS, Iva Ruth December 29, 1928 in Atoka
Ruth Adams MAYO, Ernest UMSTED, Verna M. Jul. 22, 1929 at Atoka
Ruth Adams ADAIR, Carl McPherson, Frances L. Dec. 24, 1929
Ruth Adams HEARD, J. T. EVANS, Ollie M. Oct. 29, 1929 at Midway, east of Stringtown
Ruth Adams McININCH, Jesse Lee BUTLER, Ruby Bell February 13, 1929
Ruth Adams MARLEY, Ray MITCHELL, Ruby Oct. 24, 1929 at Atoka
Ruth Adams MARTIN, Bill HALL, Wynoma Blanch Dec. 1929 at Atoka
Ruth Adams RAINS, R. C. HOGAN, Ruby Vay Oct. 20, 1929 at Bentley
Ruth Adams EMERT, Wallace ADAIR, Ruby Catherine Jan. 22, 1930 at Atoka
Ruth Adams GOFF, Rufus Lester ALLEN, Irene April 27, 1930 Harmony
Ruth Adams MOSER, Ralph Isaac ANDERSON, Anna Mae Dec. 24, 1930-Atoka
Ruth Adams ROBERTS, James Francis FURR, Mary Edith Mar. 30, 1930 in Stringtown
Ruth Adams SAIN, Ray C. JONES, Gladys Sept. 24, 1931
N/A MAYO, Henry Ferman GRAY, Ophelia Dec. 19, 1931 in Atoka
Ruth Adams LANE, Paul H. ???, Opal Sept. 20, 1932 at Atoka
Dale Standifer STANDIFER, Roland Asley HEMBREE, Mary Jane May 15, 1932-home of Adam Eberly, J. P. Atoka
Ruth Adams WITHROW, Clyde BLACKBURN, Beaulah M. September 24, 1932 in Harmony
Ruth Adams MOSER, Ralph I. ANDERSON, Anna Mae Dec 24, 1932 in Atoka
Ruth Adams RHODES, Melvin HICKS, Frances L. Mar. 24, 1932
Ruth Adams VOTAW, Herchel TURNAGE, Hazel June 2, 1932
Ruth Adams WINTERS, John R. MALONE, Mamie December 12, 1932 in Atoka
Jimmie Finch GREEN, Toney T. WRIGHT, Katie A. January 01, 1933
Ruth Adams ROBERTS, Owen Lee MOORE, Clara Lorene Jan. 22, 1933 in Atoka
Ruth Adams MERRITT, James L. McBRIDE, Beulah Mar. 11, 1933 at Caney
Faye Swinney GUNTER, William M. BLANKENSHIP, Cora Leona Jul. 23, 1933 in Atoka
Ruth Adams YATES, James A. PEELER, Della Mae Jul. 29, 1933 at Lane
Ruth Adams BELCHER, Flois P. RUSHING, Dessie Nov. 07, 1933
Ruth Adams MAYFIELD, Lee Ray MEADOWS, Hazel Nov. 19, 1933
Jimmie Finch GREEN, Johnny Jason CHILDERS, Ethel [Ingersol] December 23,1933
Ruth Adams CHAPMAN, Clarence WILLIAMS, Jewel E. Oct. 3, 1934 at Atoka
Ruth Adams HOKETT, Joseph D. JOHNSON, Willie A. Jan. 25, 1934 in Boggy Depot
Ruth Adams MAYO, Harvey L. CALLICOAT, Florence Thelma Nov. 15, 1934
Ruth Adams MOBBS, Jess L. JORDAN, Artie Dec. 24, 1934 in Caney
Ruth Adams PHILLIPS, Orval Henry TOMLINSON, Stella Jul. 29, 1934, at Tushka
Ruth Adams POOL, Ervin Lee LITTLEJOHN, Jennylynn Jun. 17, 1934 at Redden
Ruth Adams WOODS, C. W. ???, Irene Jun. 4, 1934
Ruth Adams DAILY, John R. ARTHUR, Frances D. Nov. 2, 1935 at Caney
Ruth Adams KIRK, Charles EVANS, Esther Jan. 20, 1935 in Stringtown
Ruth Adams LEUTY, Lester Z. SMITH, Lola Bell Mar. 22, 1935 at Bentley
Ruth Adams WILSON, Walter G. WISE, Valentine Mar. 10, 1935 in Harmony
Ruth Adams REECE, Hiram EAVES, Della Jan. 10, 1935 at Standing Rock
Ruth Adams WOOD, Porter HABERMAN, "NANNEY", Lela Mattie 1935 in Atoka
Ruth Adams WILLIAMS, Larnce WALKER, Georgie Ellen 1935 in Atoka
Ruth Adams WILLIS, Jewell GLASSCOCK, Lorena Mae July 20, 1935 at Redden
N/A UBER, Gailor D. WITHROW, Louise Adell DEC. 29, 1935 in Lane
Ruth Adams HAMES, Virgil Otis MAXEY, Margaret Elizabeth JUNE 27, 1936, in Atoka
Ruth Adams WITHROW, Orvel W. RAINS, Clara E. Feb. 22, 1936 in Lane
Ruth Adams CALLICOAT, Lenard T. TOMLINSON, Deana Mae Atoka 1936
Ruth Adams KADLE, Alvin H. YATES, Lanry January 6, 1936 at Stringtown
Carl Phillips PHILLIPS, Homer W. SNOW, Lucille A. May 30, 1936
N/A WOODARD, Claud BELL, Erma J. Aug. 4, 1936 at Atoka
N/A ALLEN, Carl PHILLIPS, Edith C. Mar. 3, 1937 at Caney
Ruth Adams LAGENDORF, Virgil J. HOWARD, Dora Nov. 27, 1937
Ruth Adams PAYNE, Horace Elzie DAVIS, Leta Leola Jul. 19, 1937 in Atoka
Ruth Adams - Family info STOWERS, O. C. SULLIVAN, Inez Aug. 03, 1937 in Atoka
Ruth Adams PARKER, Athny E., Jr. ROBERTS, Ruby Pauline 1938 at Bentley
Ruth Adams MITCHELL, Lebern COLE, Dora March 8, 1938 in Atoka
Ruth Adams TOAZ, Harold Alvin BAKER, Healion May 14, 1938 in Atoka
N/A SIPES, Buenos A. O'QUINN, Virginia June 15, 1938 in Caney
Dale Standifer HEMBREE, Harmon SHATSWELL, Hazel Beatrice Sept. 17, 1938-Farris
Jimmie Finch LINDSEY, Raymond A. BOGGS, Dortha Inez September 29, 1938
Ruth Adams McGINTY, J. D. YATES, Edith Lorene Jan. 24, 1939 at Lane
Ruth Adams REASOR, Fulton R. ABLES, Pauline Mar. 22, 1939 in Atoka
Ruth Adams FOX, William L. POTTS, Ida Belle June 03, 1939 at Caney
Ruth Adams AINSWORTH, Woodrow W. WALLACE, Julia Mae Jun. 25, 1939
Ruth Adams FARMER, Lonnie Ray WILSON, Odessa Oct. 21, 1939 in Atoka
Ruth Adams HALL, James Henry WHITE, Goldie Irene Nov. 11, 1939 at Atoka
Ruth Adams MOSLEY, Lee W. WELCH, Clara November 25, 1939 at Atoka
N/A ANDERSON, Thomas M. McGINTY, Selma Martha March 25, 1940 at Bentley
N/A WEBSTER, Raymond YORK, Lucille Mar. 30, 1940 at Atoka
Ruth Adams LEE, Marion P. DARBISON, Lera Jul. 8, 1940-Bentley
Ruth Adams STUCK, Alva E. MAXWELL, Floy Maxine Sept. 8, 1940
Ruth Adams FISHER, James WILLIAMS, Janie September 16, 1940 at Bentley
N/A WILSON, Walter S. BARCUS, Mattie Oct. 13, 1940-Lane
Ruth Adams BLACKBURN, Floyd KEYLON, Stella Mae Jan. 18, 1941 at Atoka
Ruth Adams HEARD, Grant L. GABBART, Kathryn E. Oct. 17, 1941 at Midway east of Stringtown
Ruth Adams MARLEY, Granvil E. HOLSTINE, Lillian Dec. 30, 1941 at Stringtown
Ruth Adams ROY, William R. BRAUDRICK, Ruby Pauline December 13, 1941, in Atoka
N/A BURUM, Frank SUMMERS, Josephine May 31, 1942
Ruth Adams FISHER, John B. WALKER, Jocie Lizbeth Aug. 5, 1942 in Atoka
Ruth Adams PORTER, Leonard Ray DARST, America Maye Jun. 1, 1942 in Atoka
Ruth Adams WADKINS, Ramie LOLLIS, Pearl L. Jan. 23, 1943
Ruth Adams WILLIAMS, Orville Ray PROVENCE, Maggie Dec. 25, 1944 in Atoka
Ruth Adams LOWE, Kenneth ALEXANDER, Lois J. April 21, 1946 in Atoka
Ruth Adams GRIFFIN, Thomas O. YOUNG, Aleathia Aug. 17, 1946
Ruth Adams MEAD, Roy Leon MILLS, Ida B. Atoka 1947
Ruth Adams PHILLIPS, Grover F. LUCK, Azzelee Jul. 26, 1947 in Atoka
N/A EVANS, Edward J. McKINNEY, Alpha O. Nov. 01, 1949-Atoka
Jimmie Finch FLOWERS, Billy Dale WEAVER, Johnnamae May 05, 1950
Ruth Adams NEWBERRY, Lee R. THOMPSON, Ruby May 1951
Ruth Adams SANDERS, Ernest C. PRIVETT, Alean Jun. 23, 1951-Atoka
Ruth Adams RECTOR, Mart H. HEARRELL, Vera Jun. 25, 1952
Ruth Adams WOODS, Elmer COOK, Alpha E. Jun. 27, 1953
Ruth Adams GRIST, Jesse E. BRANOM, Martha Nov. 14, 1954
Betty Kennedy MEAD, Charles E. STANFILL, Jean Jun. 03, 1954 in Atoka
Ruth A. Adams THOMAS, James Marcus PROCTOR, Margaret Sue Jun. 06, 1954-First United Methodist Church Atoka
Ruth Adams HILBURN, Joseph Samuel McGRAW, Doris Lavonne Feb. 4, 1956
Ruth Adams ESTEP, Floyd Don MOBBS, Virginia May 11, 1957
Shelia Trimble Batchelor TRIMBLE, David Walter-Austin, MN HARBISON, Lilly Belle-Farris, OK Jan. 06, 1957 in Atoka
Ruth Adams VIETTA, Eugene HYATT, Dorothy L. Sept. 29, 1957 in Atoka
Ruth Adams GARTON, Richard L. ARMSTRONG, Jewell L. June 1, 1958-Bentley
Ruth Adams ALLEN, Gary H. SPARKS, Mary Estell Sept. 08, 1961
Ruth Adams HAMMOND, Robert Thomas DAVIS, Sandra D. Aug. 31, 1963 at Lane
Ruth Adams GEORGE, Russell W. HILL, Ellar Feb. 02, 1964
Ruth Adams SANDERS, Joseph M. Peeler, Shirley Mar. 7, 1964 Ironstob Pentecostal Holiness Church
N/A WALLER, Orville E. TAYLOR, Mary K. May 26, 1966 Atoka, OK
Ruth Adams HAYES, Robert H. CATHEY, Eddie L. Mar. 05, 1970
Ruth Adams COLE, Irvin SCOTT, Norma R. Jun. 20, 1970 in Atoka
Ruth Adams KELLEY, Jack FRAZIER, [RAINS], Sallie E. Jul. 11, 1971-Atoka
Ruth Adams DILLINGHAM, Robert WOOD, HABERMAN, "NANNEY", Lela Mattie 1972 At Atoka
N/A SURRELL, Robert E. DEAN, Greta Nov. 11, 1972
Ruth Adams GUDGEL, Johnnie L. COX, Thyra Alice May 27, 1972 at Atoka
N/A DAVENPORT, Loyd W. NEWTON, Mary E. Sept. 5, 1973
Ruth Adams DAVENPORT, Loyd W. NEWTON, Mary Elizabeth Sept. 05, 1973
Ruth Adams CALLICOAT, Lenard Troy SEIFERMAN, Jane May 23, 1975-Atoka
Ruth Adams DOOLEN, Andy THOMAS, Linda F. Jul. 24, 1975 in Harmony
Ruth Adams ATTEBERRY, Charles Leon SILVER, Patricia Ann Mar. 28, 1977
Ruth Adams GIBSON, Rickey D. WELCH, Vickie Lynn Jan. 03, 1977
Ruth Adams ROSS, Bruce Allen SPEERS, Sherry A. Apr.23, 1977 in Atoka
N/A NEAL, Terry SUTTER, Lottie Kay April 14, 1978 in Tushka, OK
N/A WALTERS, Frank MADDEN, Ruby J. Apr. 23, 1987
Ruth Adams ATTEBERRY, Jimmy B. BARLLETT, Shelia A. Jul. 11, 1980
N/A HUTSON, Randall J. POOL, Nageala S. Nov. 30, 1984 in Atoka
Ruth Adams REED, Raymond PARKER, Reba L. Sept. 12, 1987 in Atoka
Ruth Adams ROSE, Carl James WILSON, Rachel 1989 in Atoka
N/A AARON, Donald L., Jr. HOPKINS, Ledra   L. Oct. 19, 1990 in Atoka
Ruth Adams DENNEY, James L. PETERSON, Barbara April 11, 1992-at Farris
Ruth Adams CAMPBELL, Robert James THOMPSON, Carrie September 05, 1993 in Atoka
Ruth Adams DEVINEY, Roy WELCH, WOOD, Mildred F. Sept. 04, 1993 at Atoka
Ruth Adams FINCH, Prentis W. WILLIAMS, Dianne Jan. 01, 1994
N/A JONES, Raymond L. HILL, Lucille Jan. 8, 1995 at Atoka
n/a PETERS, Larry J. WILSON, Debra L. Nov. 14, 1996-Atoka
Ruth Adams ATTEBERRY, Lina DARBY, F. M. Dec. 6, 1906
Ruth Adams ATTEBERRY, Tena, 20 JONES, Frank,
Dec. 17, 1916 At Nelson Chaple Methodist Episcopal Church, South of Caney. Rev. Henry T or I Bruce. Witnessed by: Emma and J. T. Nelson of Atoka. All spelling as shownon Marriage App., Lic. and Certificate.
JOHNSON, Arthur G. Dec. 23, 1916
Ruth Atteberry Adams JONES, Leslie, 27 FRONTERHOUSE, Mrs. Virgie, 20 Aug. 22, 1918 at Stringtown by T. B. Murphy Minister of the Gospel of Stringtown. Witnessed by: Tom Teer and L. B. Harp each of Stringtown, OK.
Jan. 27, 1920
1 CLARK, Eva F. HARELSON, J.O. Jun. 11, 1897
7 CALLAHAN, Mary CHRISTOPHER, Silas Jul. 6, 1897
30 COUGHSON, Martha E. EDWARDS, John D. Sept. 27, 1897
43 CRUMMLY, Dora MOCK, S. W. Oct. 22, 1897
68 CRAFT, Hannah CLARK, Robt. Dec. 28, 1897
85 CARSON, Rebecca HILLIARD, Nelson H. Jan. 11, 1898
88 CARTER, Lucinda HAWKINS, Gomaels Dec. 6, 1898
96 COLBURT, Clara BAILEY, Jacob D. Dec. 17, 1897
97 CHATMAN, Winnie TAYLOR, S. G. Jan. 12, 1898
102 CANTRELL, Belle WINCHESTER, Fillmore Jan. 19, 1898
113 CORR, Emma WILLIAMS, Andy Feb. 1, 1898
118 CLARK, Holby SMITH, T. H. Feb. 5, 1898
126 CANTUREE, Beula ALLISON, Lee Feb. 21, 1898
156 CARSON, Hattie WILLIAMS, Sterling Mar. 29, 1898
190 COOPER, Lou WATKINS, J. W. May 16, 1898
194 CHANEY, M. A. RIDDLE, J. M. May 17, 1898
197 CARRIKER, Lana PEPPIN, W. A. May 21, 1898
203 CARPENTER, Josephine BISIOUX, Frank May 28, 1898
208 COLEMAN, Cloy Ida SPROWLES, Walter T. May 31, 1898
212 CARTER, Ellen SPARKS, J. W. Jun. 6, 1898
245 COLBERT, Evaline TRIPLETT, Otha Jul. 23, 1898
Info: Penny Gardner SISSON, Mary Elizabeth WALKER, Payton H. Feb. 4, 1899
Info: Stan Ward WARD, Bertha Alabama TUCKER, John Eden Sept. 6, 1905 (Stringtown, I. T.)
Info: Penny Gardner LOVETT, Alice FRONTERHOUSE, Charles G. Jan. 18, 1908- Double Wedding of two sisters
Info: Penny Gardner (Gr.dau. of Mary Lovett) LOVETT, Mary SISSON, Lark Reno Jan. 18, 1908
Info: Stan Ward TUCKER, [WARD], Bertha Alabam LOWRY, Houston Mar. 30,1910 (Atoka)
Info: Penny Gardner FAULKNER, Nellie SISSON, Lark Reno Feb. 23, 1921
Ruth Adams IGLEHART, Carmen BROWN HUNTER, C. P. Mar. 2, 1956, in Atoka
Susie Turner Kilpatrick TURNER, Susie KILPATRICK, Rickie April 21, 1973 @ the home of Rev. Ernest Sanders in Atoka
Ruth Adams HUNTER, Carmen BROWN, IGLEHART REEVES, Robert March 2, 1986, in Atoka

If you did not find the name you were researching, try this url for "Atoka County Marriages From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterlies." July 4, 1899 to Dec. 31, 1900 Marriages