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Please note: Not all cemeteries are online. I am trying to get them typed and uploaded as quickly as I can. To locate a surname in each cemetery, open the cemetery page and press, "Ctrl F" when the box appears, type in the surname. If the name is located on that page, it will be high-lighted.
Note: The dates are not posted on the list, but if you will contact me, I shall try to get a date for you.

th_blt_cem000b Abandoned Ward
th_blt_cem000b Abandoned Cemetery Daisy, OK
th_blt_cem000b Armstrong Picture added May 30, 2002
th_blt_cem000b Balls Chapel
th_blt_cem000b Bentley
th_blt_cem000b Bentley Headstones-Owens Family
th_blt_cem000b Bentley Indian
th_blt_cem000b Bera
th_blt_cem000b Bethany
th_blt_cem000b Bethel
th_blt_cem000b Bethel Cemetery Headstones
th_blt_cem000b Boggy Bend Cemetery
th_blt_cem000b Boggy Depot Cemetery
th_blt_cem000b Buffalo Indian Methodist
th_blt_cem000b Butler
th_blt_cem000b Cairo
th_blt_cem000b Caney (New addition is named Caney Stewart) Updated 09/14/2003
th_blt_cem000b Caney Hill or Cane Hill Updated 09/14/2003
th_blt_cem000b Center Hill
th_blt_cem000b Coal Creek Church
th_blt_cem000b Cremations
th_blt_cem000b Crystal Cemetery
th_blt_cem000b Double Springs
th_blt_cem000b Dulaney Chapel
th_blt_cem000b East Allison
th_blt_cem000b Farris
th_blt_cem000b Farris Cemetery Head Stones
th_blt_cem000b Folsom Cemetery
th_blt_cem000b Goodland
th_blt_cem000b Green Meadows
th_blt_cem000b Green Hill Cemetery
th_blt_cem000b Harmony
th_blt_cem000b High Hill
th_blt_cem000b Hogan Family Cemetery
th_blt_cem000b Leader Family Cemetery NEW
th_blt_cem000b Limestone Gap
th_blt_cem000b Lone Star Indian
th_blt_cem000b Macedonia Indian
th_blt_cem000b Macedonia Negro
th_blt_cem000b Maytoy
th_blt_cem000b Maytubby
th_blt_cem000b Mt. Olive
th_blt_cem000b New Zion
th_blt_cem000b Nix
th_blt_cem000b Old Buffalo Cemetery
th_blt_cem000b Perkins
th_blt_cem000b Redden
th_blt_cem000b Redden Cemetery Head Stones
th_blt_cem000b Simpson Family Headstones
th_blt_cem000b Standing Rock Cemetery
th_blt_cem000b Stringtown
th_blt_cem000b Stringtown Unnamed
th_blt_cem000b Turnbull
th_blt_cem000b Tushka
th_blt_cem000b Wards Chapel Cemetery Photos
th_blt_cem000b Wardville
th_blt_cem000b Wardville Headstones
th_blt_cem000b Wells Street-Stringtown
th_blt_cem000b Wesley
th_blt_cem000b West Allison
th_blt_cem000b Westview Cemetery Partial List Updated Oct. 13, 2003
th_blt_cem000b Whitehall

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