Bentley Cemetery


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The Bentley community is located three miles east and nine miles south of Atoka, OK. The cemetery is located across the street north of the Baptist Church, and contains two sections. One section is not fenced, and is referred to by residents as the "The Indian Cemetery". It is still in use.


Allen, Floyd (Bob)
Allen, Sally Homemade Stone
Anderson, Harold Dale S/o Wash and Inda D. "Dodd" Anderson
Anderson, Jimmy Don
Anderson, Johhy Fon
Anderson, Mary E. w/o Rev. Wyley S.
Anderson, Thomas M. Military Stone - Oklahoma PVT U.S. Army - WWI
Anderson, Wash W. - Masonic Stone
Anderson, W. L. Handmade Stone
Anderson, W. N. - Grandfather - Handmade Stone
Anderson, Rev. Wyley B. h/o Mary E. Anderson Masonic Stone
Armstrong, Ella
Armstrong, I. L.
Armstrong, Jeffrey I. (Coffey Funeral Home Marker)
Armstrong, Leonard - Military Stone PVT U.S. Army - WWI
Armstrong, Leonard W. - Military Stone Oklahoma PFC 13 Infantry - WWII
Armstrong, S. E. w/o I. L. Armstrong
Armstrong, Sherl Kay
Armstrong, Violet Carolyn - Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Ashford, Ola
Ashford, Double Stone - William F. and Lydia B.


Banks, James M.
Beal, A. P.
Beal, E. B.
Bench, Otis A.- Daddy
Blankenship, Cyrus Paul - Son
Blankenship, Spencer
Block, Double Stone: A. A. & Sarah Ann
Boggs, Naomi Ruth (Wallace) - D/o Newt and Agnes "Barcus" Wallace
Bonham, Ida O., w/o O. C. Bonham
Branch, Davis Dawson
Branch, Double Stone: Davis Dawson & Mary Evelyn
Branch, Garland G.
Branum, Cynthia L. w/o W. J.
Branum, Monroe
Branum, Myrtle
Branum, William J.
Broughton, Oather (Atoka Funeral Home Marker)
Broughton, Sherry Lynn (Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Brown, Double Stone: Lonnie and Eathel


Callicoat, Double Stone: Eathern R. and Minnie Mae - Married: Nov. 2, 1919
Callicoat, Double Stone: Joe and Addie
Callicoat, Lenard Troy S/o Eathern Russell and Minnie Mae "Prater" Callicoat
Callicoat, Madge D.
Callicoat, Doule Stone: W. E. (Gene) and Ida M.
Callicoat, Willard L. Military Stone- TEC 5 U. s. Army - World War II
Callicoat, Zelda Lavel
Carroll, J. O. - Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Carroll, James Dean; S/o J. O. and Hazel ARMSTRONG Carroll
Case, Billy Joe - Military Stone TEC 5 U. S. Army WWI
Case, George W. - Military Stone PFC U. S. Army - WWI
Case, Jack L. - Military Stone SGT U.S. Army - WWII
Case, Mary Belle
Case, M. M.
Case, William T. H/o M. M. Case
Cole, Daeril Gordon son of Niel and Marie Cole
Cole, Marie w/o Niel and mother of Daeril Gordon Cole; Informant: Nina Cole
Cole, Niel; h/o Marie Cole; Informant: Nina Cole
Cole, Double Stone: Perry A. and Annie L. Cole
Cook, L. D.
Cooper, Baby Funeral Home Marker
Cooper, James Kenneth, Jr.
Coyle, Double Stone Masonic Emblem: James R. (Son) and Mary A. (Mother)
Coyle, Mary Alyce Handmade Stone
Crossland, John A.; Son of Charles and Bertha (Kelly) Crossland
Crossland, Zela


Danderson, Double Stone: Thomas F. and Opal
Dandridge, Della F. w/o Robert E. L. Dandridge
Dandridge, Gracie D. d/o Robert E. L and Della F.
Dandridge, J. Early
Davis, Double Stone: Ivy pearl and Sandra Jean Mobbs
Dawson, Double Stone: Joseph F. and Rebecca F.
Dawson, R. B. S/o Joseph Francis and Rebecca Francis "Dollar" Dawson
Dixon, Clarence D. Military Stone: Colorado SERGT Be Regt. Coast AVT Corps.
Dodds, Gusse
Dodds, Sarah Elizabeth - Married Samuel J. Dodds 1885 in Wise Co., TX
Drake, Thomas A.
Drake, William H.


E., R. Handmade Stone
Eaves, Lavern "Hogan"
Estep, Billy Mike
Estep, Floyd Don S/o Floyd Granville and Mollie Evelyn "Williams" Estep
Estep, Floyd G. - Father
Estep, Kennety Earl b. Mar. 4, 1935 d. Jun. 29, 2001 Baytown, TX. Son of Paris and Eva Mae WILKERSON Estep
Estep, Mollie E. Mother ( Mary Evelyn Estep)
Estep, Double Stone: Mack H. and Dorothy M


Forkner, Cent? (Last part of the following first name is illegible: Mother- Handmade Stone
Forkner, James Ellington - Father - Handmade Stone
Forkner, Odus Daniel - Brother - Handmade Stone
Franklin, Emiti I.
Franklin, Harry - s/o L. A. and M. A. Franklin
Franklin, Henry
Franklin, Isaac A.
Franklin, Luvine Myrtle
Franklin, Mary A.
Frazier, Commodore F. - Daddy
Frazier, James Thomas
Frazier, Robert N. Military Stone Oklahoma S1 USNR - WWII
Frazier, Virginia Lee
French, Double Stone: Amos A. and Dora
French, Dorthy May
French, Double Stone: Earl E. other side of stone is blank
French, Elvin; b. Sept. 3, 1931 Bentley, son of Everette Earl and Settic Sara PRATER French; h/o Daisy Irine CALLICOAT French; d. Dec. 29, 1991
French, Harvie LaVon h/o Margaret Alleene DOHERTY French; s/o Earl Everett and Settie PARTOR French
French, Henry Steven - Daddy


Gallop, Henry
Gammon, Carl - Handmade Stone
Gammon, D. L. - Handmade Stone
Gammon, Lewis
Gammon, M. S. Handmade Stone
Gammon, Paul Irving
Glover, James Bart
Glover, Lue
Glover, Luetta
Gresham, H. J. - W. O. W. Stone
Griffin, G. G. George Graham..Handmade Stone..Half brother of Mary E. Kingston Kelly. (Correction made 06/08/2009 by...Marian Ladd)
Griffin, Joellen - Sister
Garton, Jewell Loretta (Armstrong) D/o Otah Truman and Verlie Jane "Leeper" Armstrong


Hall, Stephanie D. (Funeral Home Mrkr. reads Stephanie Dianna Hall and also a permanent stone which reads Stephania Diannia Thomas
Hames, Ed
Hanvey, S. T.
Hogan, Wilmer N.
Hooper, Edward A. - Military Stone: Oklahoma PFC 1991 SC Comd. Unit WWII
Hooper, F. Myrtle - Momma
Howard, Beatrice (Key) D/o Charles and Tennie Key
Howard, Ernest Dalton - Military Stone U.S. Army - WWII
Howard, Floyd
Howard, George - Handmade Stone
Howard, James M. - Daddy
Howard, Double Stone: John E. and Dallie (Funeral Marker at this grave, reads Martha I. Howard
Howard, Judy M.
Howard, Loyd
Howard, Robert M.- Oklahoma PFC H&S Co 606 engr. CAN Co.
Hunt, Nora w/o A. M.


James, Doris Louise
Jones, Mary - Handmade Stone
Jordan, Clairie
Jordan, Clara F.
Jordan, Ernest Elmer S/o Oliver Francis and Pollie Ellis "Gunkel" Jordan
Jordan, Herschel G. Military Stone: Oklahoma SGT U.S.Army - Korea
Jordan, John D. - Father
Jordan, Oliver Francis
Jordan, Polly - Mother


Keeth, Charles H.
Kelley, Aili Sophia
Kelley, Calvin "Bill" - Father
Kelley, Double Stone: David A. and Mary E. [KINGSTON] GRAHAM (half-sister to G.G. Griffin-George Graham Griffin. (Correction made 06/08/2009 by...Marian Ladd)
Kelley, Sallie Edith (Rains) Frazier D/o Henry Isaac & Sarah Margaret "Barton" Rains


Lee, Lera S. (Darbison) D/o James Albert and Hanna Bessie "Kizer" Darbison
Leeper, Grady W. s/o John Westly adn Louise "Pelham" Leeper
Leeper, Hank
Leeper, Double Stone: John W. and Louisa E.
Leeper, Ollie L. Military Stone- Oklahoma PVT U.S. Army - WWII
Linville, F. M. Handmade Stone
Linville, Onie Handmade Stone
Linville, F. M. (Baby) Handmade Stone
Linville, F. M. (Baby) Handmade Stone
Livingston, Tab Vernon (Texas)
Logan, Double Stone: Homer Virgil and Martha Wilma- Married: Dec. 23, 1923
Lovelace, I. A. W. O. W. Stone


Magby, Mershel C.
Maynord, Silas
Mayo, Harvey Lee "George" James Dorsey and Stella "Steward" Mayo
Mayo, Maysele Mary SISSON, For a complete obituary see: Brown's Funeral Service
McGinty, Double Stone: Earl T.; Father - Mollie D. - Mother
McGinty, T. O.
McGinty, Toney H. "Our Darling"
McGinty, Virgle L. Military Stone: Italy SGT 28 AF Air Base GP WWII
McGinty, Zudia Bell
Miller, Double Stone: John C. and Rose L.
Miller, Walter D.
Mitchell, Bessie - d/o H. and Annie Mitchell
Mobbs, Artie Lea (Jordan) w/o Jess Lee Mobbs D/o Oliver Francis and Polly Ellis "Gunkel " Jordan Mobbs, Clyde M. - Daddy
Mobbs, Cora - Mother
Mobbs, Emma
Mobbs, Fred W.
Mobbs, Jess Lee h/o Artie Lea Mobbs S/o Fred and Emma "Palquitz" Mobbs Mobbs, Double Stone: Sandra Jean and Ivy Pearl Davis
Mobbs, Susie B. (Childs) D/o Robert Taylor and Dail "Roberts" Childs
Moore, Boi? this stone is broken only the first three letters of the first name remain.
Morris, Fred W. - Military Stone PFC U.S. Army WWII
Morris, Jewell M.; S/o Columbus and Opera May PORTER Morris
Morris, Liddie Bell (Howell) D/o Floyd and Elsie E. Howell Morris, Vernon - Military Stone PVT U.S. Army
Moser, Anna Mae (Anderson) D/o Wiley Sherman and Mary "Rains" Anderson


New, J. H. s/o W. F. and M. R.
Newby, C. D. (There are two more gravesnext to this one with identical funeral markers, but the names are gone.) Crouch-Moore Funeral Marker
Nichols, Tim E. - h/o A. L.
Nixon, Infant Son of N. t. and Joella
Nixon, Robert T. s/o Joella and N. T.


Owens, Bettie
Owens, George G.
Owens, Ibby Caroline
Owens, J. F. - Our Father
Owens, Laura - Our Mother
Owens, Lloyd
Owens, Maggie w/o L. W.
Owens, Robert L.


Pack, Paskel
Payton, Joseph N. Military Stone: PFC U.S. Army - WWII
Pemberton, Isaac N. W. O. W. Stone
Pemberton, Matilda w/o W. T. Pemberton W. O. W. Stone
Petty, Mary E.
Poe, Nora Mae
Powers, Monte Ward s/o James Ward Powers and June "Callicoat" Dyson
Powers, Thurman E. - United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners
Prater, Double Stone: Jim L. and Estelle C.
Prater, John - Handmade Stone
Prater, Lillie Jane
Prater, Lois and Marlene
Prater, Tom
Pruit, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Pruit
Pruit, Mary Ellen - Mama
Pruit, Willie Leon h/o Ruby "Estep" Pruit (wed 12/23/1941) Columbus McKinley "Buck" and Mary Ellen "Rains" Pruit
Pruit, Willard Wayne h/o Louise (Steinfelder) Pruit Columbus McKinley "Buck" and Mary Ellen "Rains" Pruit


Quaid, Lula w/o J. T.


Rains, henry I.
Rains, John Thomas Handmade Stone
Rains, Martha A.
Rains, R. C. "Bob" s/o Henry Issac and Sarah Margaret "Barton" Rains
Rains, Sarah M.
Rains, Verda
Ray, Emma "Walker" Funeral Marker at this grave reads Emma Pelts
Rinehart, Martha J. d/o C.M. and Betie Rinehart
Richardson, James Thomas S/o Eddie General and Ollie Marie "Clement" Richardson
Richardson, Thomas Ray S/o James Ray and Arlene "Horton" Richardson
Roberts, Bud - Handmade Stone
Roberts, Levi V. S/o Frank Richard and Ora Orean "Reynolds" Roberts
Rogers, Double Stone: Jim R. and Ada B. Our Beloved Parents
Rogers, William H.
Russell, Fannie (Wood)d/o Harrison and Maude Elizabeth "Sipes" Wood


Sam, Gladys Mae (McGinty) d/o Thurlow Oscar and Zudia Bell "Pond" McGinty
Sanders, Double Stone: Charles I. and Pearl
Sanders, Ernest Calvin, SR. S/o Charles Irvin and Clyda Belle "Fitzpatrick" Sanders
Sawyer, Katherne
Scott, Double Stone: Perry O. and Ida Lee
Simmons, Nora Viola (Bench)W/o Tom Simmons D/o James and Susie "Musgrave" Bench
Sinclair, Berniece Lee (Scott) D/o Perry O. and Ida Lee Scott
Sisson, Pearl BENCH] w/o Ralph E. Sisson; mother of R. L, Dob, T. J. , Marzell & Maysele.
Sisson, R. L. Our Daddy
Skelton, Gladys M. d/o J. H. and J. C.
Skelton, J. H.
Smith, Georgia Loretta (Boydstun) [Richardson] D/o Clarence and Florence "Scalf" Boydstun
Smith, Irmenen
Snell, Mrs. Josie G. w/o E. B. Snell
Speaks, Raymond C. s/o Sam and Ethel "Harris" Speaks
Stanphill, W. T. h/o M. M. Stanphill
Stephen, Ron Handmade Stone
Stewart, Mardella A. (Blanford) d/o Tom and Marcella "Lancaster" Blanford
Stewart, John Robert s/o William Carl and Bessie Sabina "Hengel" Stewart
Stovall, L. T. (enclosed by a wrought iron fence)


T., J. Handmade Stone
Tate, James Kindred Military Stone: Oklahoma TEC % 107 MECZ CAV REcon SQ WWII
Tate, Lena
Tate, Raymond s/o T. T. and L. R.
Tate, Tilman
Tate, Vernon
Thomas, Benard J. Military Stone: Oklahoma PFC 1125 Mil. Police co. AVN WWII (Middle name Joseph)
Thomas, Frank
Thomas, Ralph
Tomas, Stephania Diannia - Funeral Markers read Stephanie Dianna Hall the other Stephanie D. Hall
Thornton, Marvin L. s/o D.L. and A. J. Thornton
Tomlinson, Hessie
Tomlinson, Jesse
Tomlinson, Double Stone: J. N. and Pearl
Tomlinson, Monroe
Tucker, G. W.


Vaile, Liddie B. d/o W.A. and Lillie Vaile
Vaile, Ruby e. d/o W. A. and Lille Vaile


Watkins, Carl E. S/o Willie and Susie "Willis" Watkins
Walker, Henry Thurston
Wallace, Prof. W. W. Masonic Stone: h/o A. e. Wallace
Walker, Ruby Faye (Callicoat) d/o Eatheren & Minnie "Prater" Callicoat
Walker, Steven Ray S/o Patricia Powell grandson of Ruby Faye CALLICOAT Walker
Warren, Emily w/o P. H. Warren
Welch, Mattie Marie (Broughton) [Tomlinson] [Mobbs] d/o Miles Wright Broughton & Ida Ivy "Trevathan" Broughton
White, John D.
White, Myra L. Handmade Stone
Whitehead, Albert L. Military Stone: CPL U.S. Marine Corps WWII
Wilhite, William E. Military Stone: Oklahoma Cook HQ Co. 7 Infantry WWI
Williams, Alice Lea
Williams, Durant Main (An AL-Coushatta Indian s/o Main and Cora "Blue-Eye" Williams
Williams, Edgar
Williams, Fannie Belle - Mother
Williams, Elbert
Williams, Harold Odell "Slim" S/o Edgar G. and Fannie Belle "Taylor Williams
Williams, Howard C. Military Stone: Oklahoma PVT 863 ENGR AVN BN WWII
Williams, Scottie e.
Williams, Thelma May d/o Jessie and Maggie
Williams, W. W.
Winborn, Robert Lee S/o Benjamin and Oma Ganell "Austin" Winborn
Winkle, Jerry s/o t. c. and L. C. Winkle
Winkle, Double Stone: Thomas C. - Father; Lucy C. Winkle - Mother - Married Jan. 10, 1904
Wood, David h/o Majorie "Carroll" Wood S/o Harrison and Maude "Sipes" Wood
Hattie Joan-Handmade Stone
?ton, Thelma
Garry ????

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