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Bentley Indian Cemetery

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This cemetery is located three miles east and nine miles south of Atoka, OK, and across the street north from the Baptist Church. This cemetery adjoins the Bentley Cemetery, with the exception, this cemetery is not fenced. Residents refer to it as "The Indian Cemetery". It is still in use today. I canvassed this cemetery in 2004, at that time it contained 107 graves with six unmarked plots. Please check under the U; if you can identify any of the names; it would be appreciated.


Allen, Joefiene: B. 1930 D. 1977; Atoka F. H. M.
Allen, James: Dates missing


Baker, Funnanda Joye d/o Adam and Annie Mae "Phillips" Betsey
Barcus: Benny: 1996, Atoka F. H. M. Barcus, James [FATHER]: b. Apr. 2, 1935 - d. May 27, 1990; Loving Memories
Barcus, Ruby [MOTHER]: b. June 20, 1922 - d. Feb. 03, 1988
Bertis: Joyce Faye: Hand carved stone; dates are illegible
Betsey, Adam b. June 25, 1922 d. Nov. 19, 2008; son of Preston and Francis WILLIS Betsey: For complete obituary see: Browns Funeral Service

Betsey, Jessie: b. 1902 - d. 1984; Atoka F. H. M.
Billy, Anthony R.: d. 1962; Atoka F. H. M.
Billy, Kevin M.: Brother and Son; b. Aug. 23, 1966 - d. May 31, 1992; In Loving Memory
Billy, Ruby Janell d/o Ben and Louis(?) LeFLORE; Billy; b. Apr. 05, 1942 - d. May 11, 1995; The Best Mom
Billy, Samantha Elizabeth: d/o Ruby Janell Billy; Jul. 18,, 1977 - d. Sept. 27, 1997; Our Baby Sister
Berbis, Delois Faye - Handmade Stone
Bertis, Richard: b. 1941 - d. 2004, Atoka F. H. M.
Bertis, Richard, Jr.: B. Nov. 12, 1963 - d. Mar. 09, 1985; In Memory of Love
Boggs: Orville Claude: SN US Navy - Korea; b. Jan. 20, 1934 - d. Oct. 01, 1989


Culberson, Jim R.


Daney, George R.
Daney, Richard A.: L. Cpl. US. Marine Corps; b. Nov. 11, 1960 - d. Sept. 4, 1981
Davis, Jimmie Ray: b. Jan 12, 1951 - d. Jun. 08, 1973
Davis, Larnie Military Stone: Oklahoma PFC HQ Co. 254 Infantry WWII BSM
b. Aug. 18, 1917 - d. Jul. 2, 1961
Davis, Marie Mae [MOTHER] b. Mar. 22, 1933 - d. Sept. 22, 1978


Fireshaker,Douglas C.: U. S. Army; b. May 13, 1960 - d. Jan. 20, 1994
Frazier, Rebecca: b. 1951 - d. 2004; For complete obituary see: Browns Funeral Service
Fulsom, Bobby Joe, Sr. s/o Thomas and Minerva BARCUS Fulsom; b. 1955 - d. 1994
Fulsom, Thomas: No dates; Stake painted white displaying the words GRANDPA
Fulsom???? Stake painted white displaying the words GRANDMA; Could be Fulsom, next to Bobby.


Gipson, Willie S.: Military Stone - PFC. U. S. Army World War II; b. Nov. 10, 1919 - d. May 8, 1987


Hall, Eva
Hamilton, Janie BETSEY: 1950-1985 Atoka Funeral Home Marker


Jim, Given Name Missing: b. 1950 - d. 1978 Atoka F. H. M.
Jim, Anderson Military Stone: Oklahoma PFC 180 Inf. 45 Inf. Div.
WWII b. Apr. 19, 1919 - d. Jul. 10, 1943
Jim, Clemins s/o Simpson and Eliza Jim; b. Feb. 26, 1893 - d. Sep. 18, 1913, 19 Yrs.
Jim, David E.: b.1957 - d. 1978; Atoka F. H. M.
Jim, David: b. 1964 - d. 1995 Atoka F. H. M.
Jim, Eliza Lou: 1957 - 2002; Brown's F. H. M. See obit: Browns Funeral Service
Jim, Mary BONAPART: B. Jun. 10, 1908 - D. Jan. 08, 1964
Jim, Mary FISHER: b. 1890 - d. 1945
Jim, Simpson: died Mar. 25, 1917
Jim, Rena "Sexton" d/o Sheppard and Martha "Jim" Sexton
Johnson, Frances [WILLIS] BETSEY: Oct. 18, 1905 d. Mar. 04, 1986


Lee, Sue Ann: 1946-1993 Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Lee, Michael Cheyenne: Oct. 3, 2001-OCT. 3, 2001
LeFlore, Louisa: b. 1926 d. 1980
Lewis, Addie (In Loving Memory): b. Nov. 26, 1905 - d. Sept.25, 2002; Forever In Our Hearts. Browns Funeral Service
Lewis, Sampson Johnson: UNCLE: b. Mar. 4, 1910 - d. Feb. 4, 1980


McClure, George: b. 1905 - d. 1981
McDaniel, Minerva Navie d/o Bob R. and Lena Mae "Betsey" Barcus
McDaniel, Rev. Robert: b. 1914 - d. 1989; F.H.M. Illegible
McKinzie, Mary Jane: b. Jan. 10, 1910 - d. Dec. 29, 1979; Our Beloved One
Mitchell, Myrtle: 1924-1982, Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Mitchell, Robert: Dates and Funeral Home missing from marker
Motley, Timothy W.: b. Oct. 11, 1975 d. Oct. 22, 2001


Peters, Larry J. h/o Debra Lin WILSON Peters, s/o James Charles and Thelma [Lillard] Peters Peters, Virgil (Given name could be Virgil or Virgie):1912-1969, Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Phillips, Joseph [GRANDFATHER] b. 1902 - d. Jun. 14, 1969


Ramos, JoAnn Mae: b. 1938 - d. 1999; Brown's F. H. M.; For obituary see: Browns Funeral Service


Sexton, Edna D.


Taylor, Alene Letha: b. 1937 - d. 1999; Brown's F. H. M.


Unknown, Mary Jane: b. 1915 - d. 1991 Atoka F. H. M.
Unknown, Naomi Ruth...All other info missing from F. H. M.
Unknown, Darrell W.: d. 1983
Unknown, John E.: dates missing


Wallace, Agnes: b. Sept. 26, 1912 - d. Apr. 27. 1985; In Loving Memory
Wallace, Newt: b. 1903 - d. 2000; For complet obituary see: Browns Funeral Service
Ward, Alice: 1924-1997, Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Williams, Nannie [JIM]: b. Sept. 8, 1917 c. July 4, 1981
Willis, Mary: b. May 13, 1912 d. Feb. 11, 1981
Williams, Durant Main: s/o Main and Cora Blue-Eye Williams. He was an AL-Coushatta Indian
Wilson, Mattie: 1917 - 1978
Wilson, Raymond Lee: b. 1940 - d. 1990; Appers to be (LeGranth Funeral Chapel Marker) city unknown
Wilson, Walter S.: Military Stone - PFC. U. S. Army World War II - b. Mar. 4, 1916 - d. Dec. 31, 1993 (s/o Isaac and Lizzie ALLEN Wilson)

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